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Sunday, January 15, 2012

What's in your planner?

A while back I started a group on Flicker called, What's in your planner?
It's like the What's in your purse groups. There are groups showing the
 inside of journals but they are planner specific; Midori only, Filofax,
 handmade beauties, etc.  But I couldn't find a catch-all group
and a lot of people have more then one kind of planner.

And in truth after years of trying to make a binder perfect the thing ends up
being a conglomeration; a Frankenbinder if you will.  So I just created a group.

I added stuff and when I ran across something way too cool for school I
sent an invite.  

This is a randomly generated sample, clicking any picture will take
you to the image.

 To go to What's in your planner  click here.

Their Stories, Your Life Kindle 3moleskine reward TNFilofax first week in reviewTN
Messy Markers!Quoting in my FinsburyX-tra Storage - 05X-tra Storage - 04Moleskine Cover 2.01Moleskine Cover 1.02
chronodex in useJan 3 4 2012Traveler's Notebookplanner 2011TNHappy New Year!
craft pagepersonal sizeLate Registration照片 005照片 805Almost ready...

There's now 388 pictures and it's a lot of fun. 

 I was looking at it this morning and thought I'd link to it since I hadn't done that.

Give it a check out if the insides of binders blow your skirt up!


Amy 1/15/12, 7:07 AM  

Love it! Don't know if you've tried them, but I just bought myself a set of Millennium pens. They are made for scrapbooking and drawing, but I use them for my journal and I'm sure they'd work great in your Filofax!

Tracy Reinhardt 1/15/12, 7:10 AM  

OHHHHH Amy! You enabler!! LOLOLOL.... I just looked them up and they look wonderful.

I'm a stationary-a-holic

Lynette 1/16/12, 10:18 AM  

No planner here. Instead a wipe off calender in front of my puter. Love wiping off what is done. Hate seeing it fill up again.

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