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Friday, January 20, 2012

Tickle me, Filo

The Year On One Page insert is a very important part of my Filofax though my main calendar is a WO2P (I talked about my main set up here).  I started using the YO1P  in 2011 and it followed me though several binders; I even taped it to my Midori Traveler's Notebook

Terri at Filofax Fixation posted about nearly missing a deadline because of the way the page folds and I hear you, Terri; been there, did that, and had to pay the doctor even though I missed the appointment.

 I made this (Yo1P)  insert efficient using color and tabs.  The color-coding and stickers form a tickler system and one glance gives you an overview.  

Terri seems very organized but for me, AaaDeeDee is my middle name. If my grey matter doesn't see it, it's not part of the known Universe.  

The days run vertically with a (very) narrow line for info;  the week ends are gray because Filofax has something against weekends.  There isn't  room for multiple lines of information; it almost functions as an overview... or index of the year.

As you can see from the picture I use post-its and that's what makes this work so well; without them (for me) it doesn't work at all.  

I use these...


And these...

It's the combination of tabs, flags, arrows with the insert that works.   

I have two top tabs; Find Out and Remember.  If what I need to find out or remember is buried behind a fold the tabs acts as a tickler.   These top tabs could be dated as well for crucial dates.

The small tabs I use over individual dates and they have a clear section. I can write on or under them; depending on whether I think an appointment will change.

 Sometimes I write on the colored section but really, do whatever you need to do with these.  There are many versions of tabs you can read through and that's the important part, you need to see through them.  But beyond that use what ever kind of sticky cherry makes your Filo Sundae complete.

*FYI not all pens are ideal for tab writing but most work.

The arrows - in the top photo - and their use varies, usually something I need refer to again, long-term.  For example, I had a physical this month and I'll put an arrow over that date so I can find it for next years scheduling.

I use the Filofax clear sheets for sticker storage.  Wouldn't want to be in need of a post-it and not have one,  I mean pass the Xanax,  right?  

As a sort of aside, but still on topic enough not to be a non sequitur; I notice a lot of people use top tabs.  Once I started doing this it was hard to find my Filofax ruler.  I found a solution.

I added a top tab ON TOP of my ruler and since the thing was stickered to within an inch of  it's straight little life  already you don't notice that I added even more stickers to secure the top tab.  

Now the ruler keeps my place and it's is a breeze to find because there's a  little birdie  sitting way, way up above all the other top tabs, saying hiya!  


terriknits 1/21/12, 4:54 PM  

What a great post, Tracy! I did mash up a month-per-page so that will work for my "work" A5. I do use the Post-it flags you have as well and they're great.

Shanananana 2/4/12, 4:33 PM  

I started copying a tip I saw online who knows where, and making 6 x 7 (wide) table cell calendars in MS Word, so I have a six-week to view calendar on the fridge... peeps I copied it from said they "fell off the end of the month" every month on a conventional month-to-view flip calendar. Only used it about a week but that flip from January to Feb already went easier!!

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