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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reasons to adopt a greyhound

Because sometimes life happens when you have other plans it took twelve years before I got my sweet Vee.    

If you are thinking of adopting an ex-racing Greyhound realize they are a bit different from other dogs and you should read up.  They were raised on a track so they've never seen things you'd consider mundane  and it takes some adjustment on their part and patience on yours.  

Things like tile floors, plate glass windows, stairs (especially stairs) and any breed of dog (besides a greyhound) are all new to them.  Most things in a home they've never seen.  And if you think oh no, too active a dog they aren't really.  Some sleep most of the day, some are more active but when I meet people on the street they assume he's constantly in motion; being a greyhound.  

I'd say Ventura is more in the middle, he'd love to run around more then he can because of his injury.  If he could have one or two nice runs a day he'd be very happy.  But by runs I mean sprints, greyhounds are sprinters - He would run a minute and a half and then lay down.  Literally lay down on the lawn.  

He has to be satisfied with walks and he loves to go in the car.  I take him somewhere at least once a day.

They also lived a very regimented existence on the track and they like knowing when things will happen, it makes them feel secure. When all of a sudden everything is new and different, it's stressful.    

There are a thousand reasons to adopt a greyhound but here's a top couple o' few.

A Greyhound will sit quietly while you read; just happy to be near you.

And they can love the most challenging among us to even like...

 Sometimes on a walk Ventura will just stop because he doesn't know what I want him to do.  He's afraid of garbage cans, my grill, and loud noises.  I don't know what the track was like but I don't think there was a lot of hugging, comforting or comfort.

He loves to hug, I think he's making up for lost hugs.

There is something sweetly, peaceful about the greyhound countenance that eases my ragged edges.

And when all else fails...

A greyhound can make you laugh just being himself.

According to website How to adopt a greyhound Every year, over 26,000 greyhounds are registered with the National Greyhound Association.  Many don't race, the one's that race don't normally race for more then two or three years.  

It's likely more then 26,ooo greyhounds a year are looking for homes.  There are organizations in all states and many countries; my sweet Vee came from Greyhound Friends of New Jersey.  The adoption page is here but if you go...You may not be able to help yourself, just sayin'...


rivernan 1/17/12, 9:01 AM  

greyhound...and looky at the white mug of ginger....oh my

Tracy Reinhardt 1/17/12, 9:01 AM  

OOOOH! Yay... LOOK whos here!

Lin 1/18/12, 8:55 PM  

That's my favorite photo--Venture and Ginger hangin' together. :)

It's amazing how they have the power to love after just being money-makers for people. I can't imagine their lives before a loving home. Ventura is very lucky to have you (and vice versa). :)

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