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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Prepare to be Krispy Kremed

Be forewarned!  Those of you who glaze like a doughnut when I wax on about Filofaxes, pens, to do notes and flipping adorable stickers;  prepare to be Krispy Kremed. 

 All addictions have unintended consequences; branches off the main compulsion, I guess.     Filofax addiction sprouts it's own little baby obsessions. Of course, everyone isn't jonessing for the same baby.  

Some Filofolk can't get enough (quality) paper, others get weak kneed and giggle like a six year old girl over pens; for some it's the stickers.  Some people want a little (or a metric poop ton) of everything.

While most people contemplate a new year by asking, "How should I diversify my financial portfolio?"    Oh no, not me.  Starting in October I was in a chicken with my head cut off panic over Wo2P?  Wo1P? Something better?  Something -- Custom?  

Even though I know that falls into the category of Get a life, I can't help it.

But something else has reared it's ugly head and in addition to the benign pen/paper/sticker/ thing, I have developed a more sinister addiction; fine leather goods.  

My Gustto Clutch Wallet

Around the time I began cavorting with Miss Finch and Mr. Malden I inexplicably developed an irrational obsession with a Gustto fold over clutch wallet.   I goggled it daily looking for a better price ($315 retail, I mean. Really?).  

Two hundred ginormous bucks was the best I found and I wasn't going there; clearly I wasn't totally off the leathery deep end but I couldn't let my dream go.  I visited Miss Gustto often  and we had tea and chatted.  Well, okay I had tea and she promised to be a good little wallet if I'd order her.

Around the holidays, armed with gift money, I made a search and this time she was on sale with free shipping.     I got the whole beautiful, leathery shebang for one-oh-seven which is um - Pretty insane for a wallet.  But there are worse things to love then fine leather goods.

Plus Mr. Malden made me do it.  He loves her you see...

Cute as a leather button, aren't they?

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SNARLing: 1/15/12, 2:51 PM  

heh heh. i think the 2 go hand in hand - leather goods and filofaxes. i have also been obsessing over new wallets lately - a couple of mini filos and then my new love seems to be continental wallets. i'd LOVE to own the Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Single Snap Long Foldover or the Classic Q Slim Zip... but yeah, don't want to fork out the cash. i did manage to get a michael kors astor one at tj maxx and then a couple of months later from nordstrom rack i got the rebecca minkoff benjamins wallet - both were priced at $50. i'm not used to big wallets but of course i like them skinny so these are both great long and skinny wallets for me to carry. the astor one is fun because it snaps so when i open and close it, it has that nice resounding SNAP noise. heh heh. i also like the benjamins one since it's a nice simple zipper pouch and it fits all my stuff including receipts after purchases.

heh heh. i was waiting to hear about the krispy kreme. i love krispy kremes! unfortunately the one shop we had here closed down before i had a chance to take my kid there. boo

Tracy Reinhardt 1/15/12, 3:43 PM  

Here's the thing about Krispy Kreme donuts, when I was doing weight watchers a few years ago, I did the points for one and it would have taken every last point I had for the whole day to eat that donut. You don't forget a thing like that...

I tried. I just can't

And I love Michael Kors bags, OH! how I love them.. Even at TJMaxx they are pretty high.


Lynette 1/16/12, 10:16 AM  

No donuts....aww you know how to tease a gal. But dang the bag is too hot for I forgive you.

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