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Friday, January 27, 2012

Organ!zed: Pyrex

Over the last few years some okay, a lot of Pyrex has come into my home. At first my family didn't mind, we didn't have enough serving bowls.

Green pyrex  SCORE! 

But the bowls continued to show up.

pyrex addiction

I loved my concentric stacks of colorful love.  My family didn't understand the obsession and resented their circular glass rivals that now covered all horizontal surfaces.   The second to the last straw were the fridgies.  

"Who wants little square bowls?" they asked. 

pyrex addiction

This tall, red tower was the last straw.  

They didn't get  my "performance art"explanation. 

"They came with the lids", knowing that had to be a tipping point for any rational being.   "Who would not buy them, tell me.  Who?"  The blank stares told me all I needed to know but they continued, "Get rid of those stupid things."

Faced with Pyrex annihilation I started using them.

Salad on the side in pyrex

And it was the perfect solution.  They make great salad bowls.

What's in my pantry?

Marinating in zip bags is perfect but I still need to put the bag in something; leaking poultry sets my OCD's teeth on edge.   A big Pyrex bowl is the perfect size for marinating an entire chicken (in the fridge,please).

pyrex as storage

Next,  I starting organizing with them.   I store things that need to be out; shallots, onions...nanners...

But the best thing happened the day I almost dewormed myself.

It was obvious I had to find a way to separate the dog meds from my meds and everything from my vitamins.  

pyrex as storage

VoilĂ  y'all!

All of a sudden my family was oh!  So happy with me!  There was nothing on the counters, everyone could find what they needed and I got to keep most of my Pyrex.  

And okay, I still have a few pieces considered fine art that my family can only admire from afar.

But at least I've stopped buying lamps.  They have to give me that...


Josh 1/27/12, 10:03 AM  

You and my partner Juan need to meet up. Love your pyrex collection!

Victoria T 1/27/12, 12:25 PM  

Love, love, love your pyrex collection. I understand, if I found square bowls, they would come home with me too. :-)

Lenore Webb 1/27/12, 4:43 PM  

Fridgies are the bomb!

SixBalloons 1/27/12, 7:07 PM  

Haha, I love it, especially the big stack of red fridgies.

Sir Thrift-A-Lot 1/27/12, 10:22 PM  

Funny post! The same thing that happened at my house. Boyfriend didn't mind the bowls at first, but now that they are everywhere, every cupboard & every horizontal space, & I can't leave doubles or triples of my beloved patterns behind.

We're trying to get it under control. Trying.

Gabriele Agustini 1/28/12, 1:02 AM  

I LOVE Pyrex, bowls, any shape or size! Perfect for all the stuff I use in my raw kitchen. And I dare anyone to have a problem with 'em!! :)
I need to buy some blue ones. Sooo pretty!
Sending hugs ~

terriknits 1/28/12, 11:55 PM  

I love your Pyrex collection. My granny had a ton of this stuff. If only I could go back 35 years and nab it all! Love the square ones. Are they butter dishes? That's what my granny used it for.

Babes Mami 1/29/12, 9:39 PM  

Love that you were able to make them work for you instead of against you.

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