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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Naturopathica, Age Defense in 30!

Back in May I tried some of Naturopathica's products and my skin is at it again.  This time around you can join me at a great price.   Naturopathica has new Regimen Kits made especially for your skin type; Normal to Oily, Normal to Dry or Age Defense.

 The all-inclusive regimens cost $65 and contain a morning and evening cleanser, a daily moisturizer and a full sized Plant Stem Cell treatment ($48 on it's own and a pore-shrinking miracle that I wrote about here ). 

I started last week and yep, still love the Plant Stem Cell treatment.  

It's the best thing for my pores since sliced bread. Um, not that sliced bread is something I use on my pores...  That's just a figure of speech.

Combined with the other products (that I've not tried before) a week-in I'm very happy with the results.   It's too early for the age-defense part but my make-up is going on better, like a lot-a lot better.   

I'm not sure if it's the oat polish that is smoothing away the dry flakes...

 or the Stem Cell Treatment with the Vitamin C Revitalizing Complex that makes everything go on so smooth.

Or the combination of the entire regimen. 

But things are going much better in the putting on my make-up in the morning department and my make-ups going on much, much better.  Plus I'm not using a primer so that is really impressive!  

Updates to follow!

Join me in the #30DayNaturopathica natural skin care challenge. Buy a Regimen Kit and
TWEET on the results- have fun!

*Naturopathica sent me the age defense kit to try for 30 days, my skin's opinion is it's own.*


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