The Crazy Suburban Mom: It's National Handwriting Day so...

Monday, January 23, 2012

It's National Handwriting Day so...

Go write something!

Every January 23rd the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association sponsors National Handwriting Day  in conjunction with John Hancock’s birthday. "Hancock was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence and is famous for his large, bold signature,"according to the WIMA.

Go right out and celebrate the day by buying a pen (and, for reals.... a  Filofax  couldn't hurt either).

  You remember pens don't you? They are styluses with colorful, liquid centers.   

Here's my wish list:

Pilot Fountain Pen  18K Gold Fine Nib in Dark Green

Pilot Capless  Fountain in (swoon) Champagne Pink

The Lamy Dialog 3 in Palladium...

Although when it comes to the Yard-O-Led stuff... I'm kinda jonesing for them all...


Now go write someone a letter instead of texting. It will freak the bejebbers out of them but they will love it... Everyone loves mail without the e-


Josh 1/23/12, 7:35 PM  

Oh my god, I've been mailing people letters and they do totally go all wacked out. Wish someone would bloody well write back, though. Aparently no one owns pens or paper or envelopes or stamps anymore. Typical response to a letter? A text message saying "thanks for the letter, made my day!" Um, that letter had questions in it. I think people don't read or write anymore, just send brief text messages in shorthand. Unbe-fricking-lievable

Lin 1/23/12, 9:43 PM  

I love handwritten letters and getting mail! It's so sad that nobody does that anymore. :(

The Natural State Hawg 1/24/12, 7:31 PM  

No one wants to be subjected to my handwriting. Trust me on this -- a few of my former college professors will likely back me up.

Still, it's nice thought. I used to write a lot of letters (typed, of course) and that is (sadly) becoming a lost art form.

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