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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

For Auntie Lin

I haven't posted about my dogs in a while so this one's for you, Lin.

We met Ventura in August of this year at his Foster-home.

He was wearing a muzzle.

Ben fell hard and fast.  

Inexplicably, Ginger liked him and he came home with us that day.

Like all Fairy Tales a little evil must befall a Prince and Princess...

In this story evil takes the form of florescent casts... Day-glo green.

White, and PS he hates that coat. I think I'd have to put him on Prozac to get him to keep it on.  

Sky blue.  Here he is groggy from a surgery and Ginger is checking him out.  There was a red cast somewhere in this mix but he hated that one and chewed at it so much I took it off and a Christmas green one I lost track of.   

And last, and I hope it is last, sea-foam.    This surgery was the worst one; they called in an orthopedic vet to do it and it was a complicated surgery, besides.  

This picture was taken after I got him  home, he was really  ooogy and in pain.    

When the cast came off his leg was very red, still is a week later and swollen.  He's lost considerable muscle too and is just starting to put the leg down when he walks and stands. 

 He was doing so well with the PT exercises we got at North Star Vets and I think he's not where  he was at that initial (Halloween) appointment. 

Plus I don't know if that joint is stable, it's now just his bones.  All the rods are gone.

But Miss Ginger here loves him rods or no rods. 

My old girl  can't find enough pillows to suit her.  

But at nineteen I mean, can you blame her.  

Ventura's only four and he's got the pillow thing down already.

They are a funny team.  When he's not around she sleeps on his bed and when she's not around...

He curls up on hers.


Lynette 1/4/12, 11:28 AM  

Looks like they will always be fast friends. Thank God for you to have rescued this wonder of nature.

Lin 1/4/12, 11:36 AM  

Okay, now my New Year is off on a good foot! (get it? foot???) Hee! Hee!

I LOVE these two (and Tazzy the Wonderbird, too)!! They are so silly.

Thanks for the smile today, Tracy! This beats a Filofax by a CABILLION! ;) (Just know I love Filofaxes)

Tracy Reinhardt 1/4/12, 1:21 PM  

Lynette, I feel like the lucky one :) to have them

Lin, I needed to do a furry post, you were right. It made me feel a cabillion times better. PS venturas urine is fine

Lin 1/4/12, 7:56 PM  

Hooray!! I'm glad he's fine. :) I'll take every bit of good news. I'm glad you are feeling better too.

Ruth 1/5/12, 8:48 PM  

Wow, Ventura's had a lot of surgeries! Do you have to pay for all of it or does the foster agency you got him from help?

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