The Crazy Suburban Mom: Filofaxes, clutter and no wonder my cortisol level was through the roof

Friday, January 6, 2012

Filofaxes, clutter and no wonder my cortisol level was through the roof

Because it's the  New Year I'm decluttering; not that I don't declutter at other times -- But this is a big one. I took a break from my  dusty falala to surf around and found something  interesting about clutter from The Riley Group:  "Did you know clutter actually impacts your health? In addition to stress, clutter leads to weight gain, fatigue, and depression."

Weight gain really got my attention, not that stress, fatigue and depression don't interest me but when my jeans won't zip nothing good will come of that day anyway.

They went on to say, "The reason clutter affects so much is simple. Clutter causes stress; stress causes increased cortisol production and excess cortisol impacts health. When your body makes extra cortisol, you tire quickly and crave sugar. You also store more fat. Combine these factors and clutter actually makes us gain weight."

Okay.  Wow.  

Visual clutter is a huge issue for me.  It bother's me.  It bothers me a lot but.. It works for me too, as a tool.  I'm not on par with a hoarder; I don't have tons of junk packed away in drawers and a back yard full of stuff waiting to go to a storage bin but I  leave things out and I've been giving that (flaw) some thought.

I think I do that because I can't (won't, don't) depend on my memory.  I keep everything out like a trail of bread crumbs.  An effective and concrete, albeit messy, to do list... 

If I put things away I'm afraid I won't remember to go, and do, to cook, and buy, to mend, call, pay, look up, schedule, and  generally care for the details of my life. 

Here's where my Filofax comes in...  

I've had a personal sized Filofax for decades.  I've tried to make it work but it never did.  Once I got an A5 everything clicked; my todo lists got long and random; artsy, fun and colorful.   They include everything from things I need to do and schedule to things I'm just tossing around and even things that I need to do days away.

Today I included things I need to do on Sunday,   I'll add it to tomorrow's list and then Sunday's list because I advance what isn't done.  This works for me so well because when I remember something randomly days away I just tack it in and move it up until it's the day.     

What I've noticed is I used a Wo2P as a calendar but my primary way of keeping daily track is these todo sheets.

They remain in the Filofax as reference and I love the squares and title box at the top.  For a while it seemed I was going to have to order them from Sweden but then I found (what I thought was) them at Fahrney's Pens.  These are the one's I just got from Fahrney's.

 They are almost identical to the ones I got from Sweden.

You can't tell from the picture but the Swedish ones  have  elongated holes and I think the paper is thicker which means I can play with ink  without major drama or damage.

The sheets I  received today feel like the weight of the Filofax planner pages.

I ordered two packs of the US version ($13.95 inclusive of shipping)  and I'm going to try and work with them because it will be so much easier and cheaper if I can deal with these but if not -- 275 Swedish Krona ($37 with shipping), here I come.

Yes, it's expensive but if it keeps my counters clear of junk and my cortisol down and lets me draw pretty pictures in what ever ink I want...  I'm thinking it's a bargain at twice the Kronas.  

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Lynette 1/6/12, 4:57 PM  

Doodling is the sign of an active mind. Better watch out. It may get up and moving before you do!

Lin 1/6/12, 6:51 PM  

The only time I make lists is when I'm feeling overwhelmed. I love that ability to scratch off accomplishments with one fell swoop. Ahhhh!

If I don't make a list, I start sleepwalking. Isn't that weird? If I write it down, it's like it's off my mind.

Rori 1/6/12, 7:30 PM  

I LOVE the way your lists look! Hmm, I wonder if I could make the A5 work...nah--still can't use fp's :o(

I love this post though, I love to see what works for people.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh 1/8/12, 4:18 AM  

"The Crazy Suburban Mom" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.

LJ 1/14/12, 1:37 AM  

My clutter is no longer as bad as it used to be so I've been ignoring it - reading this has made me think I should spend some time de-cluttering cupboards and throwing stuff out, will write in my Filofax today and then work out when I will do it :o)

Amanda (from Paper, Pens and Ink) 1/14/12, 7:06 AM  

Love this post! My to-do lists look so boring now!!
@Lin - I sleepwalk when I don't write lists too! Glad it's not just me!

Tracy Reinhardt 1/14/12, 9:28 AM  

Rori, You mean you can't use fountain pens? It's kind of something you have to get the hang of - angling the pen and all. You just have to keep at it. You get addicted after a while not that thats a good thing. One doesnt need one more addiction! LOL

LJ -- Clutter just keeps accumulating. Don't know what it is, when ever I think its not bad I look around and omg, its here again!

Amanda! Thank you! I just find if I make my todo lists fun I'm inspired to keep doing them -- its juvenile but it works for me :)

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