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Monday, January 2, 2012

Filofaxes and Pens, you can point and laugh if you want...

I'm not getting very far in my set up for 2012.  I'm still waiting for my year on a page calendar from Pens and Leather (I've been waiting since November).  

I don't use the year on a page as my main-main calendar, I use it as an overview; the cherry on my organizational Sundae.  One look tells me everything I need to know.

travelers notebook

I had one last year and no matter what planner I used; Portland personal, Midori Traveler's, Moleskine...  The list is pathetically endless -- I moved the year on a page with me.  I didn't know what kind of planner I'd use in 2012 but I knew I had to have another one of those puppies.  

My basic daily calendar set up is a week on two pages with  # 250186 pages in between as to do sheets.  They are  available in Europe although I found one US seller and ordered.  Hopefully they are the same.  

It's working like a dream.  Perhaps a page per day could work   but I don't need that much room most days and these sheets are sturdier, thicker (then dated pages), and I like that.

As far as the sections go I don't have that much set up; the Filofax being kinda-sorta new. Plus, I don't have tons of extra inserts since I just got an A5.  Most of the (few) inserts I have are personal sized but you know...

personal size

There's something to be said for using personal sized stuff in an A5.  It's not bad seeing behind them, all 'stepped' and everything.  

craft page

I did add one new section; crafts I must try.  

My Filofax obsessing seems to have escalated my general stationary zeal (Washi tape post upcoming)  and this week I've spent an excessive amount of some time with my pens to the amusement of my family.  

Since they glaze over when I try to discuss the merits of ink with them and point and laugh at me while I'm deep into pen thoughts, I'll just talk about my forays into ink here and save myself some self-esteem. 

Ah! The Zebra Sarasa Push Clip Gel Ink Pen in 0.4 mm ( a mouthful)  is available in lots of colors and widths; $2.2o at  Jetpens.

sansara pens

They write almost as smooth as a baby's butt (although the thinner the less smooth, I think) and the colors are a tutti-frutti fest!  There are no issues on the back side of pages (at least with the colors I've tried) and they are just -- fun.  

I've not had any problems with skipping or dragging.  I tend to highlight with colored pencils and it works well with these.  Sansara pens are great for people who love skinny, skinny lines and they have pens that go as small as 0.1 mm which must produce crazy-teeny migraine inducing print but what ever floats your boat!


The Bic 4 color  runs about $4; it can be found at a lot of drug stores and many places online.  It's a fair all around low-cost ball point but it drags on paper for me.   The ink is pretty, no doubt about it --all easter eggy and girly and the writing looks nice but the act of writing is kind of 'meh'...  

As something fun and portable to carry with you I think it works but there are pens that make the act of writing much nicer.  Every time I use this I find I want to like this a lot more then I do.

The Cross Edge is  $40 (from cross) and is a sleek pen, really polished looking.  It feels solid too; like it will last forever.  The edge writes smooth as a martini and is as cool as someone who drinks them.    The Edge would make a great gift, FYI.

It has a nice weight and balance.  My hands are small and it fits well but it might be awkwardly sized for people with large hands.   You might want to hold this before buying.

lamy safari

My Lamy Safari in Aquamarine with a 1.1 nib is a peach .  With the Lamy ink cartridge I've done fine using Filofax paper; no problems with bleed through.  The pen runs around $30 ($28 from Goulet pens).   It's sveltely  ergonomic and lightweight.  

♥ Lamy pens.  They write well beyond their dollars and make putting pen to paper worthwhile.  Your handwriting will love you for it.

As you can see there is very little of anything coming through the backside of the Filofax paper with any of the inks...


Since I use my pens mostly on a Filofax the big question is do they fit in the pen loop?  

Nope, none of them. But I seem to carry the two Lamy's anyway.   The Lamy safari and Lamy joy (a calligraphy pen) which improves my handwriting like nobodies business.   I clip them somewhere or toss them in my purse (and hope for the best).  

It would be nice if I could find pen-loop sized inky love but for now Lamy seems to be the pen I reach for most often.  

Point and laugh if you must...  I'm kind of used to it.


Lin 1/2/12, 10:34 PM  

Can you please do a post on Ginger? I have seen every freaking pen on the market, but not ONE holiday photo of Ginger....or Tazzy. I need to start the year off right, Tracy.


Lynette 1/3/12, 12:47 PM  

Dang it on those fat pens....need to put them on the Nutrisystem program don't we!

LJ 1/7/12, 1:14 AM  

Why don't Filofax make all the pen loops with the additional stretchy bit so that you can put whatever pens you want in them *sigh*...

Anita 1/7/12, 6:51 AM  

No pointing or laughing from me as I'm right there with you :)
I'm loving my pink Lamy safari too & bought a Leuchtturm pen loop, but it was too fat for that! I agree (LJ)as I could fit any pen in the Kendal pen loops.

Susanne Namdar 1/9/12, 3:18 PM  

Not laughing at all. I toss approx 13 pens in my purse every day. Still my favorite is the Pentel, Energel 0.5

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