The Crazy Suburban Mom: Filofax changeover leaves whole house spent

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Filofax changeover leaves whole house spent

I took a few photos of Mr. Malden Friday night whilst we were belting back Green Tea Lattes at Starbucks.  After posting them to Pinterest  I told Mr. M, "Getting a bit paunchy around the old rings, eh?" 

first page of my filofax

Upon further inspection they weren't even rings but 30 mm love handles.

BeFunky Warming on iPhone

I  carry more then I need because there is room and it's time to take Miss Finch off the shelf for a work out.  

BeFunky Original on iPhone

First, I assessed the situation and no, I don't need to-to sheets back to the beginning of time no matter how pretty they are.

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I took a metric poop-ton of months out. 

Next I took out the clear sheets where the flags, tags and arrows sat armed and ready for organizing battle...

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I do need my little post-it soldiers so I found a smaller solution.

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This is a used up SIM card card and...

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... this is a used up gift card.  One is punched higher and works as the top tab for my Year on One Page calendar.  They each hold enough tabs for emergancy on-the-go   postitting.

The Vacation postcards went, some will probably go back but this was a brutal cut. No room for sentimentality this round.  

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The clear envelopes...

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This one went TTFN.

 I kept the rest in, even though they amount to entertainment, so much for brutality.

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I didn't know what to do with the overview calendar but ended up leaving it in.  Maybe it will be useful.

BeFunky Warming on iPhone

I made a new section recently for crafts and I left that in.  I wanted everything I've collected so far.  It seemed like a good start on a valuable section.

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And I left the business cards in too.  I have a lot ( too many ) and if push comes to shove some  may have to go when I make my  Nutrisystem    section.

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I don't like the back mesh pocket but it's a pocket and I. Must. Have. My. Stickers. With.  Me. At. All. Times.  That's a given.

 And I left the other clear zip thing in not that there's a thing in there that meets the 'need' category.

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Mr. M is storing my old sheets and probably my unused sheets when I get around to putting them in.  I'd forgotten how much more leathery Miss Finch feels as opposed to Mr. M's  distinct   Naugahydiness. 

 He feels like this wacky neon orange sofa of dubious, plastic origin I once knew in the 1970's.

 Ginger was underwhelmed by the whole transfer and slept through it.

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Ventura bolted  from the room twice during the change over.  The sound of Filofax rings opening and closing sends him running.  I have no explanation for why that noise frightens a 75 pound dog out of a sound sleep. 

BeFunky Warming on iPhone

All I can say is he's spent from the stress of it.


Josh 1/29/12, 4:11 PM  

Naugahyde! Brilliant. Another comparison (From SNARLing post, I believe) was to Tyvek house wrap, and was particularly accurate in a bizarre way. Your filofax is much more interesting visually than mine. Maybe I should get a bit more creative and colorful!

Rori 1/29/12, 8:03 PM  

I can't tell you how much I love to see all the stuff in your Filofax! :D

terriknits 1/30/12, 8:12 PM  

Tracy, this is a FAB post! I'm settling into my A5 as a personal filo. And Ventura? He's in good company because Apollo will leave the room whenever he hears that snapping sound. He gets really nervous when my husband gets ready for work and loads his 9 mm. Poor dog. I don't want to know how he recognizes the sound of a round going in the chamber.

Tracy Reinhardt 1/31/12, 6:57 AM  

Josh, I've seen her post I think. And I saw you thought the same thing - I was happy not the be the only one who found the malden leather dubious.

Rori, You're so sweet! Thank you :)

Terri, That's too funny, I thought it was him but looks like that sort of noise freak greyhounds. It has to be reminiscent of something negative....Hope it's not a 9mm, wow.

lifeconsidered 2/5/12, 6:56 AM  

Lovely post... lovely, lovely filofax.I was afraid my love interest in the filofax was waning, because I hadn't read Philofaxy for about 3 days straight. Your post brought it all back. I wish my love handles were 30mm

Cruz Johnson 5/25/13, 8:00 PM  

I LOVE your photographs!

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