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Friday, December 16, 2011

Get a Filofax and tighten up your loose ends

A Filofax keeps my propensity to be a giant loose end in check.

Flat out, I'm scattered.  I thought I was unorganized for the longest time but after giving this (way too much) some thought, what it really feels like is my brain is a minutia-sieve; dribbling out the small but essential details like pasta water from a colander.

Hence my notebook obsession.   It's comforting to have a place to drop tidbits that one second are firmly planted in grey matter; the next floating near the ceiling.

Over the last few (decades) years I've logged tons of mileage on notebooks.

But I always come back to Filofax.

V2cig and filofax

In large part it's the customizableness of rings and inserts (and that I can add whatever with the punch of a hole) but there's something else I can't quite define; there are other binders with rings after all.  I think it works better for me because I want to use it.  I want to carry my Filo with me always, hold it, open it in the morning, give it it's own baby mini, and I want to discuss these things with other people who feel the same way.

Because who else would?

Filofaxes, for whatever reason and I've stopped trying to figure it out, tug at their users in a way that other binders don't. Period.  

 It's this quirky affection for the Filo that assures I make time to plan my day.   And a sheet of A5 paper assures room enough for all life's loose ends.

A5 filofax to do list

To be thorough in my post, and not leave a loose end, the sheet that's working is this one.

But here's the thing about that perfect sheet. It must have come in the Finchley because they are available on Filofax Sweden, not Filofax USA.  I'll need to pay considerable postage to keep me in to-do lists which could sound refreakingdiculous.

 Only look how great they are!

There's lots of room, a date or subject box at the top, and tons of little squares for me to color in because everyone knows that's a critical element for a to-do list.  

I use them for more then one day; anything undone I continue on the same sheet (below the washi tape).  I just redate.

And I keep the sheets between week on two pages calendar pages.

That works for me.  If I don't do it this way I don't look at the calendar pages and miss appointments.

This works for me and Mr. Malden brilliantly; I haven't missed a Doctor's appointment since starting this. Perhaps ordering to-do sheets from Sweden sounds nutty but it's not really and I have a feeling  someone who has their own love affair with a Filo going, won't think this is the least bit nutty either.


Natural Balance Winner is

Babes Rockin' Mami!

Email me your addy honey so I can forward it to Natural Balance!

PS -- Sorry I'm a day late with this.  Ventura has been having a very hard time with his leg, he'll be having another operation next week and it's all I can do to keep up with everything.

Thank you everyone who entered (via email and online comments) I've loved reading about everyone's pets, I wish everyone could have won!  And thank you Natural Balance for sponsoring this!  Your food has been the best thing for Ventura's digestion ever.  You have my eternal gratitude.


Monday, December 12, 2011

December Favorites - Gift ideas #1 Holiday Coffee Noms...

 Because I can never have enough coffee or antioxidants, I like to start my day with both.

And it doesn't hurt that it comes from people who really know their chocolate.

I mean antioxidants.

Godiva's description makes me want to go brew another pot:

Our Chocolate Truffle Coffee features melt-in-your mouth Godiva chocolate flavor with a medium-bodied roast. Godiva carefully selects the finest coffee beans in the world for exceptional quality and taste. (12 oz.) $10

I just tried this one...

So. Good. 

Godiva has a great brewing guide and I'm going to include it because brewing coffee is somewhere between a recipe and an art; and I love hints and tips on making great coffee


Use freshly drawn, filtered cold water for best taste. Bottled water should be used if unusual flavors are present in your tap water.

We recommend using 1.5 tablespoons of coffee to 6 oz of water but encourage you to adjust based on your own taste and preferences.

Allow the coffeemaker to complete its brew cycle before drinking the coffee to ensure that the coffee is as close as possible to the desired strength and flavor. The first coffee to pass through the filter is the most concentrated, and coffee at the end of the brew cycle is more diluted.  
(Aha! this explains a lot about my coffee! Thank you for letting me know this, Godiva!)
Feel free to complement your coffee with cream, sugar and even flavored creamers–make it your personally customized cup of coffee.

Drink your coffee right after brewing for optimal flavor (just ensure the temperature does not burn your mouth!)

Avoid leaving brewed coffee on the burner for more than 15 minutes or it may develop a scorched taste. After this time, store any leftover coffee in an airtight thermos or carafe.  (yeah, this also explains something about my coffee...)

I've given (and received) coffee as gifts and it's something that's always appreciated.  If you're stuck for a great gift a coffee drinker would love one of the ones I mentioned...

Or this...

*Godiva sent me some coffee to try.  It's a brand I buy regularly and drink frequently*


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