The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2011-11-27

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mr. Malden gets a sex change

Switching from Miss Finch to Mr. Malden has been great from a space perspective; that extra 5 millimeters in the rings gives me scads more room for the insane miscellany I desperately feel the need to carry with me from room to room.    

Granted a Filofax (let alone two Filofaxi) is probably better suited to someone who  actually leaves her house but it's one of those strange  things about me; I just love these  ringed wonders and carrying it from room to room makes exquisite sense.

 Holding my Filofax, I dunno.... I feel complete and writing in one makes me feel like life isn't a bunch of loose threads waiting to wrap around my ankles and knock me to the floor.

Plus owning a Filofax makes me feel like an adult although -- I admit -- owning several makes me feel  like some sort of weird stationery groupie and oddly stalkerish.   I take solace in reading Filofax blogs and knowing I'm far from alone in this (If you don't believe me check out Philofaxy)

The only issue I have with Mr. Malden is his level of testosterone.  Look how uncomfortable he looks placed on my pink chenille bedspread.

malden a5 edge

It's partly his color, dignified gray.  

to do list malden a5

And partly that I add all kinds of girly frillage inside; pink highlighters, washi tape, pseudo fru fru handwriting ...   Since that isn't stopping, I decided to girly up Mr. Malden.

sticker goodness

I have a lot of stickers.  Not nearly enough because stickers... (purses, nail polish, and lip gloss...) you can never have enough of. 

Mr. Malden cried manly tears when I came at him with the stickers.

malden a5 side view tabs

But I did it anyway.

Malden A5 information tab

I'm starting slow...

malden a5 to do list tab

I didn't use Hello Kitty on him...


The Nutrisystem Gratitude Project, join me?

Yesterday, I was thinking about all positive ways my life has changed since I started Nutrisystem and I thought I'd make a gratitude list.    According to Happy Life U:   

"Research shows that making a gratitude list everyday for just 7 days increases happiness for more than a month. Developing gratitude is one simple key to happiness that anyone can access at anytime."

Now that I have two Filofaxes there's no excuse not to make a gratitude list a day for seven days.   My plan is to make seven lists, seven different subjects, seven items a piece.

I'm calling it my Nutrisystem Gratitude Project because that's what started it all but  join me about any subjects near and dear to you.  You could commit to blog (or write) a gratitude list of your own for seven days, seven subject, seven items.   

Here we go!

1.  Even though I have many non-scale accomplishments, the scale's downward movement is something I'm grateful for!  

Yes, two more pounds!

2.   This morning I put on a denim vest and buttoned the middle button.  For months I've just been buttoning the top one or leaving it open.  As I write this the middle is buttoned... And I feel svelte like no bodies business because of that button. 

3.   I'm grateful my for a shift in attitude.  Recently I had an opportunity to go to a Holiday Party, which I guess I do every year....  but this is the first time I've said, Yes!  

In Week 9 of the Mindset Makeover I learned:  Part of a realistic, long-term approach to losing weight is realizing that your eating won't be the same every day. This is especially true at special events and holidays."

But you know, the point of that might even be that Nutrisystem thinks it's good to go to a party!  They don't say avoid life until you're at some magical weight...  They say learn to live your life.  

They even say I'll have a good time:   "Social situations are manageable—and enjoyable—if you go into them with a plan."  (And if Nutrisystem say's I'll enjoy myself, I believe it.)

4.  I' m grateful for my stash of food, ready for me when it's meal time.  I love that a months worth of food is always here.  It would be more of an effort to go off my plan then to stay on it...  And I'm very grateful for how easy it is.

5.  I'm grateful for my  Nutrisystem Low GI Cookbook because well, Yum...  Plus you know I love cookbooks plus it gives me a chance to play with my food!

6.  I'm grateful for all the support available on the site, on Facebook and Twitter.  It's the easiest plan ever but I have a teen with teen friends and when there is a house full of them and accompanying Nachos it helps to be able to boost my resolve.  I get weak in the knees over cheese sauce.

7.  I have a physical coming up and I'm so grateful that when my doctor asks me if I'm doing something about my weight I can grab her by the shoulders and yell, YES!

And if she doesn't call security at that point I'll tell her about Nutrisystem, how much I've already lost and that I eat oatmeal almost every morning...  Doctor's like to hear you eat oatmeal!

 I hope everyone will join me, if not on Nutrisystem (although check them out they have some specials new things coming up!), at least with a gratitude list.  Gratitude is something we can never have enough of!

If you want to lost weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem click HERE! or call 1-888-853-4689

*This post was sponsored  by Nutrisystem who is providing me with the food and program materials in exchange for blogging and who has my eternal gratitude!*


Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Filofax has a Muffin Top

With my recent  abundance of spectacular  Filofax Karma I had to pick  one to use because for a few days it felt like the Universe was raining Filo's (... And what a wonderful world THAT would be!)  

 I know some people can use multiple binders but my life's not that interesting --- So  trying to use two A5's would be like trying to live in two houses at once. 

I set up the Imperial Purple Finchley because, flat out, it got here first and patience isn't my thing. 

A week in, my Finchley looks like she's been binging on too many high caloric inserts. 

finchley a5 full to busting

Note to self:  If a Filofax could have a Muffin top this is what it would look like.

filofax finchley a5

But why?  

filofax a5 card holder

I went through Miss Finch to see what I fed her and noticed I have a lot of business cards; some because I  love the art, some that would be better served kept in my house ( But where?)  And some because they are appointment cards I haven't noted in the dated section.  

You know....It's entirely possible that  six business card holders, stuffed to busting,  might  be excessive.  

filofax a5 zip pocket fun

I also have three zip pockets with a variety of things that make me happy rather then things I 'need'.  This one has mainly stamps; stamps to  use (that is if I can ever bring myself to use the Eames Chair stamps) and stamps that came on envelopes but have such major coolatude I want to keep looking at them.  

Plus, do I really need the year- old Broadway tickets in there?  

I vote yes.

meeting tab

I use post cards as interim dividers; something that sub-divides main sections.  This Cape May postcard is in the back of another section and behind it are phone numbers specific to this section.  A main contact section doesn't work for me; this does but it does add bulk.

greyhound post card

And I noticed I throw in post cards for no rational reason, like this Greyhound Craft Show  card I went to recently, just cause I like Greyhounds.  And craft shows...  And post cards.

I'm clearly out of control and my poor Miss Finch is paying the price.

Filofax finchley A5 first page with menu art

And the front cover, whoa.  She's got some serious cleavage spilling out...

This morning I remembered something; Steve from Philofaxy reminded me to check the Malden ring size when I got it because he'd had an issue ....

 And then it occurred to me;  the Malden A5 might have bigger rings and I looked it up.  Yes, seems Miss Finchley's rings are delicate flowers at 25 mm but Mr. Malden's rings are a whopping, manly 30 mm...


malden a5 edge

My excessive ridiculousness   fit's in Mr. Malden.

I need to reevaluate my Filofax needs, wants and desires.  Decide what is critical to keep and see if there is something best kept somewhere else.

But for now, Mr. Malden, has plenty of room for all my  Filofaxean nuttiness and being the strong silent type he says nothing  beyond a crisp, satisfyingly snap at the end of each  session.



Thursday, December 1, 2011

Natural Balance Alpha Dog or Cat food Giveaway!

***  Update ---  If you entered but the entry hasn't shown up, email me your comment.  For some reason some multiple comments aren't posting.   Because of this I will also accept comments sent to mom (at) crazysuburbanmom (dot) com as a means of entry****

My dogs make me smile   They don't have to try , just being their doggy selves brings me joy.

Greyhounds look so sweet, dignified and regal...

Unless their upside down, tongue stuck to a carpet.

Ginger, she makes me smile too.  I love the way she sleeps wrapped up in anything soft.

Or hot laundry.

She loves hot laundry better then anything, more then me I'll bet.  

Because they take care of me, I take care of them.  Ventura has been limping again on the leg with all the pins; the one that he broke racing.   I took him to the vet yesterday and...

He's in a cast again.  

After a week of immobilization the vet will reevaluate; he might need surgery on that leg again.  

They both eat Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Venison Limited Edition Diet and are doing great.  I went through a lot of foods when I first got Ventura because digestion...Not his thing.  

He threw up an edible dog bone plus everything he'd consumed that day the first night I got him and for a few weeks I thought diarrhea was normal greyhound doody.  And don't even start me on the gas thing...

 I was talking about all of this on the Greyhound Facebook page because, where else? And a woman who fosters Greyhounds told me about Natural Balance.

She told me she feeds all  her foster's Sweet Potato and Venison and hasn't ever had an issue with "The Big D".    Since I'd tried at least four other foods and seen nothing but the big D, I ran out and got a small bag.  

It worked so well I switched Ginger over too (and there is hardly ever any gas around, which is Whoa!  Really nice).  It used to be frequent plus always when he had to go in, "Ventura has to go out, he smells really bad!"

I thanked Natural Balance via their Facebook and Twitter accounts because I was so impressed (not to mention grateful.  Got any idea what it's like picking up after a 75 pound dog with 'the big D'?)   Natural Balance wrote and asked if I wanted to try their new Alpha line and give some away.  

About Alpha:  When dogs roamed the earth they hunted for their meals in the wild, pursuing the nutritional balance they crave. Natural Balance® has created ALPHA: a grain-free blend of multiple, high quality proteins, fruits and vegetables. We’ve balanced your dog’s nutritional needs with a formula that goes back to the grain-free benefits of the wild.Complete and balanced for all breeds, from puppies to adults.

MODERATE PROTEIN LEVELS: We use a unique combination of proteins combined with the novel source of garbanzo beans to provide a balanced diet for your dog’s overall well-being.

COMPLETELY GRAIN FREE: Grain-free carbohydrate sources, like sweet potatoes, provide the energy your dog needs to thrive in their natural form.

HEALTHY DIGESTION: PREBIOTICS: Prebiotics feed the beneficial bacteria that reside in a healthy digestive tract so that your dog can maintain optimal digestion.

UNIQUE: FRUITS & VEGGIES: In addition to the legume garbanzo beans - an excellent source of fiber and protein - we have also added blueberries, zucchinis and apples to help your dog achieve a harmonious balance that is both healthy and delicious.

Natural Balance sent me (well, Ventura and Ginger) some samples of Alpha dry and both of them snarfed it down without a shred of dignity.  I can't say Ventura's picky, he eats pretty much anything but Ginger's not that easy and she ate it to the last piece.  

Afterwards there were no gastric catastrophes in any form of matter; solid, liquid, or gas.   Seems the brand just agrees with their tummies big time which I kinda already knew because I've fed them both the treats and the Dog Food Rolls.

The giveaway is for 10 pounds of Alpha Premium Dog or Cat food (voucher sent to the winner by Natural Balance directly).  

This is open to the US and Canada.

The contest will run for two weeks and you can comment once a day.   

Maybe tell me what your pets do that makes you smile?  Or something unique about them.  Or tell me how much you need to try it, digestively speaking....  Ventura would like to know he's not alone in the delicate tummy department.  

You can also get two more entries: One by following Natural Balance on Facebook (here) and one by following them on Twitter (here) please use a separate comment for these so I don't get confused...   but the only one that is mandatory is a comment to this post.

The contest will run until December 15, 2011 9:00 pm eastern time.  


I have a Dog Food Giveaway coming soon!

Make sure you check back because if you have a dog you'll want to enter.

Here's a hint...


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