The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2011-09-25

Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm scaping the bottom of the barrel

I don't get table-scaping - Or any scaping for that matter.   I have five Pottery Barn and two Ballard Design catalogs that I pour through almost daily hoping that interior design genius will come to me by osmosis.

So far it's not happening; knowing what to put where - with a decorative flair -  must be a gift.

I'm contantly redoing this shelving thing I have by the door.  Today's version is not -- Awful.

It's not overly interesting; but it's not awful either.  

It's where I keep my cookbooks.

And some random vintage doodads.

The clock was a recent find at an estate sale.  It works if you plug it in but I'm too paranoid about electricity to use old plugs.  So it falls under the category of non-working even though it does.  

These salt and pepper shakers are recent too.  I was going to sell these but I kinda love 'em. 

These are not recent but sigh...  I love them and every time I see them they make me squeal a little.   I found the Blue Heaven bowl... but the Pink Pyrex I owe all to Miss V who sent them to me.   I don't know what I did to deserve such good Karma but I smile every day when I see them.  

And the aqua beauty on top is from Miss V, too.  She's too good to me.   

I wish I was good at the whole scaping thing - I am so jealous of people who throw a few sticks and twigs on a table and VoilĂ ! - A forest scene straight out of a movie!  

How do people do that?


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sloshing my way to a dream board

This is part two of last weeks  Nutrisystem   post on recommitting and it couldn't come at a better time because I'm retaining enough water to, well ....   I'm sloshing, folks.

I didn't have to strength to hop up on the scale and look down this week.... Just nope.  Have you ever been where I am ladies?

 One day you look down and your right hip is in a different zip code then your left... And you're supposed to weigh in?  I totally weenied out and do not want to know what I weigh.  Knowledge may be power but today, eh...

I'm saying a big ol' esoteric 'Ommmmmmmm' and imagine thin until this tide of bloat goes out.

I didn't see the point in torturing myself because it's not like I'd consumed mass quantities of well, anything so I expect when the hormones go, the water will.

In fact I think the whole envisioning idea is really good so I'm going to do a THIN vision board with reminders of things I have to do everyday like:






Stay tuned for pictures of my Dream THIN Board!

Oh!  By the way, my graph was wrong last week, I've lost 18.5 pounds not 16.5 ....    Since I'm not getting on the scale this week here is the corrected ticker.  Isn't 18.5 pounds lost pretty?

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*This post was sponsored  by Nutrisystem who is providing me with the food and program materials in exchange for blogging.*


Monday, September 26, 2011

Filofax reorganizing, retro lamps and dog beds

Have you noticed, all the new calendars are out? 

This time of year is torture for a planner/ stationary/ organizing/ office supply junkie like myself.  I can't pass anything dated 2012 without envisioning THE (best ever) solution for making my life work!

 This weekend I caved and bought some bits and bobs.   I didn't go crazy but I did get some 2012 pages for my very stuffed (Portland Personal) Filofax...


....because  there are things I need to schedule but can't schedule now.  The dates were written on post-its but it was time to move them to a permanent locale.

Standing in the planner aisle at  Staples was a bit of a sad affair.  For me planner pages are like, I dunno, Crack - And the planner aisle was pretty bare.  Staples has a venti-jillion kinds of optical mice (including some totally covered with rhinestones) but there was like one of only several types of planner pages, no real options.

If I didn't want the Day per Page they carry for my size, Tough Beans - That's all they had.  And it's a good thing I wasn't looking for the cover, cheap and cheesy about covers it. The cover section had more Pleather then the wardrobe department at an Elvis concert.

I hardly even salivated, which is rare when I'm facing planner pages.  I found some Day-Runner inserts; Week on two pages and to-do sheets that work nicely (if yawningly) for this task.

next year todo

This is inside the 'Dates' section and I've marked the page with a hot green flag.

While I was working on my Filofax, I cleared it and my Midori Travelers Notebook out.  Oh! And for all you Midori people I found a GREAT new place for Midori inserts - Baum-Kuchen - She has a great selection plus great other stuff!   I got a fabulous Japanese Home magazine called Come Home!

The quality of Japanese Magazines is just spectacular.  Period.  

Here's a bit of my reorganizing...  Decided I need another clear zip pocket.

filofax personal portland

This is my Filofax Year on a page calendar, 2011.   This has been great and yes, there is limited room but for at-a-glance checking things and notations it's the best thing ever.  It can't replace something with more room but I can't imagine not having one every year.

filofax year on a page

I keep all my sticky thing on the clear vinyl separator sheets that come with planners.  It works perfect for me.

filofax clear sheets

I got these too, Day Runner Planner Pouches; strange name really.  More of a half slot thing but they work great for things like my Eames Chair Stamps.  


And speaking of organizing and rearranging because I said I'd post a picture of these probably two weeks ago - I got new lamps for my bedroom!

new lamps

They have a retro look that appeals like crazy to me! I got them in TJMaxx and they were $35 each which I thought was pretty great.  They also take 100w bulbs which I also thought was pretty great, my last lamps only took 40w bulbs so with these it's like, Hello! Sunshine!  

P.S. Do you notice Ginger sleeping in her mirrored cubby?  Wait here's a close-up....

ginger sleeping

That's her favorite sleeping spot.

ventura's bed

Ventura, on the other hand has decided to sleep next to my side of the bed.  And between Ginger's steps and his giant pink fluffy dog bed, two retro-aqua pillows, plush blankie, his long legs and big body...  I now have to slip out the foot of he bed if I need to pee at night.

Which I try not to do if at all possible!


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