The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2011-09-11

Friday, September 16, 2011

Lessons you learn from dog vomit

I once had a dog who was a marvel of digestive evolution. Sky was your typical junkyard Pit Bull  and looked every inch of it.  The fact that she would eat anything stopped surprising me soon enough but that she could pass anything, never did.

Her greatest food hits were an entire ice cream cake caught mid-air after it shot off the counter when I tried to cut it before it was soft enough, a box of uncooked Bisquick, a can of International Coffee...  And an area rug...

But the most amazing thing was the day she ate a tape dispenser - Complete with tape - And pooped it sans fanfare right there on the front lawn.

I never got used to stuff like that.

Cut to Ventura who is not a marvel of digestive evolution.  I read somewhere that a greyhound's lungs take up a lot of room so there's not much gut space.  That's in my own unscientific words and not the explanation I read but the gist is their bodies are heavy on all things muscle and respiratory because they are athletes. And that doesn't leave much room for anything else.... Here's a picture of him laying on a few dog beds that  shows what I mean....

ventura's new bed 1

The big circle is chest area, the small one is tummy...

Maybe because of this he doesn't digest things well. In fact - I'm still trying to find the right dog food for him.

 The first night I gave him a bone I thought  he would just chew... Wrong.  He glommed that thing down.

 A few hours later it came horrifyingly back up.  

I find Ventura about as cute as can be, I mean...  Look at him sitting with a toy on his head...

 But staring into what a seventy-five pound dog with weak digestion suddenly finds unpalatable was more then I could stand at one in the morning.  For real, I couldn't even stand cleaning up after Ben like that if he yakked up from bottles so this....  Well, you can imagine how I felt seeing two dinner size plates of undigested doggy vom.

My first thought oddly or not was I wish I had the forethought to buy that stuff, you know that stuff....  The stuff you just pour on vomit and it turns it to...  Well, not vomit.  I wasn't thinking clearly at that moment but that stuff restaurants have around.

The next day I figured it out, what I wanted is called a Sorbant... And why is isn't sold in stores, got me because who wouldn't want this stuff?  I found the company that made it and tweeted them  (Enpac on Twitter...)

And they heartily agreed with me and said  not only do they sell to companies - but to individuals.  Before I had a chance to Whoo-Hoo! They offered to send me some Ensorb !

They were not offended when I thanked them profusely but said I hoped I never needed it.  Actually they totally see their products as things you want to have always 'just in case' but hope you never have the occasion to use.

Ensorb is something I wish I had about a thousand times before because like all bad things you cross your fingers and hope for the best about, vomit happens...

 Check out Ensorb for spills - HERE  the revolutionary odor eliminating absorbent! Effective and environmentally safe, this rapid-action Spill and Odor Killer is safe to use around kids, pets and virtually anywhere!

No masking agents here! SOK's patented non-chlorine formulation chemically traps and destroys odor-causing molecules. This convenient SOK Shaker is ready and waiting to be your handy fix for all spills.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The mad hatter

(click for a bigger version)
I've never had a dog that liked squeaky toys, much less liked 'em as hats.


Monday, September 12, 2011

A sucker for a cuddle

It's been a busy week.

Ventura had a rod taken out of his leg....

Venturas pin

 And I had all kinds of work done on the house; the most major thing being all of my bathrooms were painted at once (pics soon).

Some of the more minor goings are new bedroom lamps (Retro Fabulous Lamps!), the search for new towels commenced (new everything for all the bathrooms actually), and the bedroom curtains are finally hung (after having them two years, GAH!)...

Also, the back door's painted, the screen door was maintenanced...  the weather-stripping's stripped...  Getting an estimate on the Hurricane ceiling leak...  More then that even but...

Ginger and Ventura slept through anything that didn't involve a Snausage.

Ginger and venturasleeping

Which was pretty much everything as far as they were concerned.

Ventura enjoying his two dog beds

Oh and Pee Ess, Ventura got another muffin this week, his are much bigger then Ginger's as you an see.  When we showed him this gigantic pink one he grabbed it with his teeth (I kid you not) and pulled it over to the brown one so he could stretch his whole body waaaaay out...

b and v

Or invite a friend for a cuddle.

ben ven

Like Ben, for example.

... Who's a sucker for a cuddle.


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