The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2011-08-28

Friday, September 2, 2011

Ventura's surgery and an almost Elvis sighting

This morning Ben and I drove Ventura to the vet to have the pin removed from his leg.  Here he is on the way looking mopey.  But with a piece of metal poking out a leg bone I think he's entitled to look  tweaked.   

Ventura going to the vet

It went much quicker then I expected and we returned to get him at 10:30.  Here's the spike they pulled out of him next to a pencil; HUGE, right?

Venturas pin

Now he's resting all comfy and cozy, Ginger made sure of it.

Ventura sleeping it off

Oh! And speaking of Ginger,  ever hear of people seeing Elvis in everyday things?  Well this next thing is kind of like that.

Ben calls me,  Ma, C'mere...  You gotta see this!  

So I go and look and yep Ben's right.

gingers stiletto

While we were gone Ginger peed a Jimmy Choo.

peeking ginger

That's one talented mini pin....

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ventura's Broken Leg

Ventura's road from racer to pet started with a broken leg in February.  Once a dog doesn't race well or is injured badly (and assuming they are very lucky) a rescue organization arranges to get them.  I don't know all the logistics but it involves a long truck ride for the dogs - And many human volunteers.

Ventura's career ending broken leg wasn't treated in February. And not in March or April either.  His broken leg wasn't treated until mid-May when he got to New Jersey.   No one is sure what happened exactly but when he arrived in May he had a three month old break in his right back leg.  He didn't walk on it and I was told it was twisted and really a mess.

They took him to surgery ( Not all Greyhound Rescues take dogs with medical issues but Greyhound Friends of NJ does) and put in some pins and screws.  I know, I saw them all on X-Ray.

Yesterday I took him for his first vet visit and talked about that whole area because it's just not healing well.  In fact, it was kind of open and draining.

Ventura's Vet said one of the pins (that was actually a screw) would have to come out soon and was looking into today.  It would have been easier if it backed out on it's own but he was going to consult the vet who did the surgery and someone who does orthopedic surgery in his practice and call me back...  In the interim I waited... and Ventura waited.

Here he is  this morning waiting in a Sun Spot....

This afternoon I'm upstairs and Ben calls me to come look at his leg.

And hm, worse...

Definitely worse.

The head of screw is now coming out.

It's easier to see on bigger versions but I didn't want to make these too big for people who don't want to see them big.  This last one is a big much.

I called the Vet and he said it has to come out.  Tomorrow - Oh, heavy sigh.  I have to bring him in tomorrow morning for surgery.  I've gotten so attached to him in this week and now I have to drop him off for surgery.  

  I can't believe I have to drop him off for surgery in the morning.  


Winner of the Dooney!

The winner of the Dooney is Kelly K (Kgkiml @ yahoo dot com) as drawn by random.

Kelly, if you're wondering which entry got you the purse it was comment #23! That's your lucky number today!   Email me, Girl!


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesday August 31, 2011

Catching some sunspots

Ginger and Ventura catch some rays


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nutrisystem was right about exercise all along, go figure....

One of the great things about  Nutrisystem is they are active on social media.  And I don't just think it's great because it's so 21st century, although that have that covered - I think it's great because they are THERE FOR YOU!

Say, you're having perfectly marvelous day. A day where everything zips.  And I don't mean your purses, I'm talking jeans.  No effort, no laying down... No seam drama - And you want to share because that's never happened before well...

You can!  Or on the flip side maybe you just bellied up to an All - You - Can - Eat  FryTastistic Buffet and need to talk about it...  Give them an S.O.S on Twitter.  Or do a What's on your Mind (or laying like lead on your stomach) via  Facebook because Nutrisystem is very active on Facebook.

Plus they keep everyone up to date with what's happening on the main site (recipe contests,  nutritionist chats, etc), field questions and sometimes ask them.  Everyone shares their triumphs and concerns and Nutrisystem come up with weekly challenges for us.

This was last weeks (Click anywhere on the image to go visit them on Facebook!)


I took that challenge (with some motivation from my friend Ventura) and it helped me lose two pounds this week!

And I'm finally down below when I gained some back after being in bed for two weeks, and man, I was beginning to think that was never going to happen although I bet Nutrisystem knew....  They know better then me about all things pertaining to sweat.

Visit Nutrisystem on Facebook and try a challenge or two, it will do your body good!

If you want to lost weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem click HERE! or call 1-888-853-4689

*This post was sponsored  by Nutrisystem who is providing me with the food and program materials in exchange for blogging and who it turns out was right about exercise all along... Who knew?


Monday, August 29, 2011

So the hurricane...

I woke up to this. 


Can you see it?


It stopped raining just in time because that evil water bubble was about to bust all over my living room.   Someone's going to call me back about it later but until then I can't  look up, can't even think about it.

 I know I'm going to lose the ceiling over this.  

Let's take a deep cleansing breath and think about other things...  Calming things, relaxing things.

Fuzzier things.

Ginger and Vee1

Ginger and Ventura took a little snooze together the other day.  It was so cute.  

Boys and dogs

Woke up to a living room full of teens today.   Ventura yawned a great big Good Morning!  to Ben's friend Justin, it was pretty adorable.  


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