The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2011-07-31

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jeff was hanging off my screen door this morning

At age nineteen, Ginger doesn't much like flies.  I can't say she ever liked 'em; they always annoyed her.

But at her age they startle her.  She doesn't know they are there until they dive-bomb her and I think it freaks her out.

But I've never seen her as freaked out as I did this morning. 

ginger looking out the back door1

I saw her standing by the sliding doors, I thought she had to go out.  But as I got closer I saw she wasn't waiting as much as she was riveted.  

Ginger looking out the back door 

I looked over at the door and saw the biggest fly I'd ever seen.  The body was at least two inches and it's wings extended past that.


We just looked at each other....

I'm wondering what that thing is, Ginger's figuring it's a good day to peepee in the house.

I went out back and took a video.

And believe me I looked way more freaked then Ginger did without some glass between that bug and my person.   My theory is it's some sort of Cicada


It's not going away so I have to walk Ginger out front.  Godzilla's been here for hours.... 

Cicada on my screen door

I named it Jeff Goldblum.


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