The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2011-07-10

Friday, July 15, 2011

Nutrisystem is tangible support wrapped up in a big warm, fuzzy

 That herniated disk in my lower back slunk back to where ever it's goes when it's not torturing me.

 I'm not in (a lot of) pain anymore and officially (Today!) am back to feeding myself full time instead of being at the mercy of what my family carries up to me.  Hopped myself on the scale a few mornings ago, horror show that it was, but C'mon...  Really?  ...up 5.8 pounds?  I shouldn't be surprised because how many calories of random can you burn turning a heating pad on and off  for two weeks? Even if I add the caloric burn from incessant whining ...

I've been here before and quit.

But not this time.

What I'm doing with Nutrisystem isn't a diet; it's my life.  What I see on the scale isn't my mother telling me I was bad, it's my life.

So, okay stepping on the scale this week was about as much fun as stepping on a rusty spike, but eh, that's what putting a mental period in your life and moving on is for.  

I know moving on is hard but that's where support helps and  Nutrisystem excels in that department, there's so much support and I don't mean just other people doing the program; I mean Nutrisystem itself.  Nutrisystem is on Twitter and Facebook and, of course, at their own site at the forums.

And then there are those Nutribears...  I got one this week.


I  had a total weenie-meltdown when I opened the package.  When I was nine I lost my best friend and security blanket, a stuffed brown bear.

 He was (cough) 'left' in a hotel across the country. When I realized he was gone, I begged my parent's to write the hotel but they said the hotel already threw him out.  My theory is they were more then glad to be done with my ratty bear because (at nine years old) I still sucked my thumb but only when I had my bear.

I checked the mail every day for a long, long time because he had to come back.  He never did.

So getting my Nutribear brought all that stuff back but in a kind of good way.   I can stop waiting for my bear to come in the mail because today Pound came.

The Nutribears
come when you reach certain milestones and getting this one made my inner nine year old really happy.  Pound is tangible support wrapped up in a big warm, fuzzy and he came on the perfect week. 

 Sometimes the little things pack the biggest wallop   

If want to want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem click the picture below.  It's last night's dinner. 

Or call 1-888-853-4689

*  Nutrisystem is providing me with the food and program materials in exchange for blogging.* 


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vintage button SCORE! thunka-thunka-thunk....

Last night I saw an offer come through Freecycle for a 'bag of buttons' and I was on it like well, I was going to say like Ginger on a new muffin but I got her a fabulous new AQUA soft-as-a-bunny muffin last night and she's having none of it...

gingers bed

Doesn't even want to touch it.

She prefers the one I pulled a tick off last week. So I was more on the button post like Ginger on an old muffin.   

I wrote back asking for them, never thinking I'd get picked - But I did.   Reality set in and I didn't want to get my hopes up because I've driven pretty far  for  something called  'a bag of buttons' only to find a snack-size ziploc containing 17 shirt buttons and a tiddlywink sitting on a porch.

But....   I also got a button box once; the genuine article.

004 - Copy

I posted (here) about getting it oh man,  more then a year ago, I think.  And that kind of SCORE! makes taking a chance so worth it.

When I  saw the bag this morning it was like the Heaven's opened up and buttons fell out.  No lie.

 Look down at the buttony love crammed  in a humble grocery bag....   

freecycle button SCORE!

Could ya die?

Or at least have a string of heart palpitations ... thunka-thunka-thunk....  that would leave you breathless for an hour?

 I did.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And so I was crowned Queen of the Fruitcake people...

1.  Pandora - She's still in the shop for a little freshening up.  This time struts and a new radiator, at least.  Yet again, for anyone who thinks extended, expensive and all inclusive warranties on used cars are the height of STOOPID! because it's only the dealer who benefits, Ha! I say for the thousandth time.   Pandora's repair costs exceeded the price of the warranty in less then six months and she's still falling apart....


Thousands of dollars at a time.

2.  New car - We now own a brand new baby Prius.  No pictures because like many new babies she showed up in the wee hours after many hours of painful labor and I was too tired to look.

3.  Lyme - I've been obsessing about Lyme Disease this week; like I was up all last night feeling-my-pulse-kinda crazy.  I don't know what to do because, Do I have  symptoms or I'm being a hypochondrical fruitcake.

On my way to the store this morning I stopped at my Doctor's office to run the fruitcake vs. Lyme scenario by them and fortunately they were out to lunch because nothing drives the last candied cherry nail in the fruitcake  coffin like asking if you're one.


I think doing that make you Queen.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And then the bumper fell off....

My back's not killing me anymore; now my cars are.

I could stop right here.

1. My Back -  Over the last few days my back decided to quit the really loud howling.  I haven't taken anything for pain and I am slowly making my way through two weeks worth of undone house cleaning.  After cleaning it's hurts a little more but it's not worse overall, if that makes sense.


Ginger is confused by all the cleaning and thinks the world was a much  nicer place when we were laying around in the big bed.  Yeah me too sorta but look at what was on the floor.

libman wood

Ginger doesn't much care about filth, she found that floor mighty tasty.  I went outside and hosed my feet off after realizing what I'd been stepping on.  

ginger on chair

Ginger didn't want her feet washed..

2.  The Printer's Tray -  I've wanted one of these forever and finally found one the day of the giant rat doody hoopla (here) at a thrift shop.   Yesterday I cleaned it up and found a spot for it.

printers box up

I think it will be okay there...  Undecided.  My big fear is it will get knocked over and a million teeny things will fall out.
printers box
I've got a few shells and Cape May Diamonds * (explanation at the the end of the post!) in the cubbys.

ptinters box1

Love the color of the wood.

ginger at window

 Ginger wasn't interested.

3.  The Cars -   One's in the shop not getting fixed; a $4500 repair for a car with 150,000+ miles is about $4400 too much.  And Pandora - Well, she's in another shop.  She was the designated car shopping vehicle yesterday and about two seconds after driving into a Toyota dealership and seeing how many MPG a Prius gets she wet herself silly.  

  That big ol' van peed like a nervous Yorkie. 

So had her sorry self towed to the dealer last night.  

One car left and it's my kids car; he had to get his front bumper put back on last week - The thing was hanging by a rusted nut or bolt or something and my son had no idea why, one day it just fell off.  

And that car's the best one we got.... 

* Cape May Diamonds  are quartz crystals found on the beaches of Cape May, New Jersey. You can find them by sorting through rocks and bits of washed-up this and that.

Cape May diamonds are quartz crystals that originate in the Delaware River.  The  rapid river currents tumbles and smooths them.  The best place to find them is Sunset Beach and there is a gift shop there if you want to check it out, Sunset Beach Gifts.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Gonna toss a lunch monkey

We have three cars; a Chrysler Town and Country named Pandora, a 2002 Subaru with 150,000 miles that needs $4500 in repairs and currently  sits at the dealership because that amount of work on a car with *air quote* decent air conditioning *air quote* is so not happening,  and an Altima that just this week had the front bumper hitched back on.

Pandora was out and about car shopping this evening when she, I don't know, took umbrage to a Prius.  

Maybe they traded car insults....  Maybe the Prius made her ass look fat, who knows what cars talk about when your trying to get a sale person to take eight thousand off the top. 

On the way there I heard some high pitched whining and high revs; the next thing I know  Pandora yaks all over the Toyota Dealership. 

 And no.  I'm not kidding.

Triple A's coming to drag her sorry radiator to the dealership.   

How can I own three cars and need three cars?


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