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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thrifing is all that and a bag of rat doody

Today I dropped Pandora off for service and while out I did a little thrifting.

I had to leave her there so I'm driving Lance in the interim.

Lately thrifting isn't all that thrifty so I combined car service with it so I won't waste gas finding nothing.   And I know I've made this claim before so this time I brought my camera.

 Bottom line, thrift shops, garage sales and Yes! even estates sales should charge under (way under) retail prices.  I know some of these places are charity-run but please, the prices you charge are for the people you serve.  And I didn't see a single  Bravo Housewife from Anyplace when I was there so besides the odd person buying to sell on eBay we all needed cheap.

This trip is just one example of gouge-worthy prices but I haven't been to a thrift shop, garage sale or estate sale in over a year that shouldn't be ashamed.

  Today is the perfect example of  why resale isn't retail. 

If I was a bettin' person no one noticed I took these pictures because they were all focused on the big rat brouhaha.  Major drama ensued as they fished it out of the drop down ceiling followed by tense moments locating enough bags for the unexpected (Unexpected, really?) doody.

And also there were big doings after because it sounded like there might have been a pool and most employees thought it was going to turn up a raccoon.  

Based on all that doody I think there's a bear still up there.

Back to my opinion on second hand places - If people are swearing to a deity and running past me two-fisting bags of rodents and doody, does this price tag make sense to you?

pyrex tag

I can get one cheaper at Walmart.  

Wait, make that Macy's AND Walmart.

And I can pretty much promise that an employee won't run past me with a rat and a bag of doody at either place.

If you were wondering what the ugliest mug in the world cost at a thrift shop near me.

ugly mug

It's a dollar more then it should be.

ugly mug price

They did have something a schooch less ugly...

ugly mug

But do you know how many two buck mugs there are in places where I don't have to see squirmy tails peeking outta grocery bags?

Well, do ya?

I find these little metal trays a tad appealing, truth be told...

little trays

If they didn't look like they'd been rattling around in the back of a '73 Gremlin for decades...

little trays tag

Well not for75 ¢  each.. But, Ha...Ha. Ha.  That's a good one...

This plate helped me figure out how they charge.


It $5.50 and really ugly.


I figure they charge by the ugly.

And if you were hankering for a bottle shaped like a fish...

fish glass 

  four bucks.

fish glass price

If you kicked yourself for throwing out that vase that came free from the florist.

blue vase 

Stop kicking yourself and rush here to get it for three.


And if you need a birthday present for a friend named Roy who smokes, and likes frying pan shaped stuff..

roy tag

That will set you back three dollars.

There was a fair amount of Pyrex today.

Another way to say it would be Holy crap! There was a crap ton of crappy Pyrex today. The common denominator being the word, crap.


Never saw this pattern before but...

eagle pyrex

$8.50. Try as I might I could not get the picture to reflect it's crappiness. Pass.

I know the Pyrex appears good, it's not.  The best pieces looked like they might have been used as spittoons.; the worst - Litter boxes.   

This creepy thing is perfect for one thing; a Secret Santa at work for that guy you can't stand.  You gotta spend less then ten bucks and it's $2.25. 

Now  that I think of it, that's probably how bathtub man ended up here....

There were more pictures from there, but I can't go on... 

The only thing I found worth buying today,  I didn't buy there.....


I've wanted one of these printer's trays forever and it was only $8.50 and I didn't get it from there.  Now that was a good buy (I thought).


Monday, June 27, 2011

Ginger's birthday is coming!

Ginger's birthday is coming soon.


 We don't know her real birthday because she lived four other places before we got her so we gave her an easy date to remember.  Independence Day seemed to fit.   That's what the flag hat's all about.

She hates the hat but it works for us.

Hat aside she loves July; she waits all year for it.

ginger screen door

She has her own pillow and loves the feel of the sun on her little body.


If you don't believe me...


Tell me that dogs not smiling...


What about that week in oh-nine when I gained point two pounds?

I'm trying to learn new ways of thinking on Nutrisystem because truth be told, I'm my own worst enemy in the food department.  This week I worked on a few things but mostly how not to get bogged down on the weekly ups and downs of the scale.

A.   I will follow my plan until it's my lifestyle.
B.   I will follow my plan until I'm at a maintainable weight which makes me, my doctor, and my zippers happy. 
3.   I will remember that no one loses every week, no one.  (Absorb that one, Tracy)  There are pounds up weeks, pounds down weeks and those wild, crazy weeks when the scale moves in points of twos (or not at all).   

What is important is my downward trend in weight over time. 

D.   If I eat something that isn't on my plan, it was my choice; I wasn't bad.  Nutrisystem isn't my mommy. 

Someday soon I'll reach my goal and my zippers'll yell, Yahooo!  and throw confetti out the front of my pants.  That's when a friend I haven't seen in a long time will say, Wow!  You look great, how much weight have you lost?  

And I'll bat my eyelashes and hear my zippers snicker as I say, Oh a pound here and there!    My friend will say, That's wonderful!   And I'll say, Yeah - Feels great.

The thing is, it's the total loss that matters in the end.  I will not say, What about that week in oh-nine when I gained point two pounds? 

Three years from now that week will be long forgotten.  So today I promise myself not to get derailed on weeks when..... I did every thing right! How can that have happened? and gained four pounds. 

It happens.  

If want to want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem click the picture below.  It's last night's dinner. 

Or call 1-888-853-4689

*  This post was brought to you my lungs, that can make it up the stairs without complaining.    Nutrisystem is providing me with the food and program materials in exchange for blogging.* 


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