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Thursday, June 23, 2011

It took two languages to describe how much I love Verizon FiOS

A lot of exercise equipment has lived, died, and been freecycled at my address.  I buy it with all good intention but the story always has the same ending; I give it away after a few months of looking at it covered with dirty laundry.  

 I got a Wii Fit several years back because, Finally! A piece of exercise equipment I will use!  My son has photographic evidence to commemorate the hour I used it back in oh-nine.   I don't know where the pictures are but I'm sure they will show up on his blog when he needs a new car.

Until I got Verizon FiOS the Wii's function was the same as everything else categorized as exercise equipment;  a way-station for dirty laundry.   Thanks to FiOS my Wii went from laundry dumping ground to, Get the popcorn! Mommy's picking the Netflix movie tonight!

Or TV show in the case of  Tuesday night.

Tuesay was the day I cleaned the pipes in my kids bathroom. I was shaking, People - And in need of some industrial strength soothing.  


I love old sitcoms; they make me happy.  I plunked my glazed-over self in a chair and thanks to FiOS watched hours of The Dick van Dyke show until my frazzled eyes were able to look at the world through Doris-Day-colored-glasses again.   

My family makes fun of my love for these shows (And shrieks of, OH! LOOK AT THE PYREX LAURA PETRI HAS! ) but this time I noticed we were all watching together.  I loved every second of it and even managed to forget the horror of the pipe thing for a second or two.  

There's so many reasons I ♥ FiOS.  It will take more then one post to list them but here's a few to get the ball rolling.

1.  The  Netflix Widget ...   Love.

2.  When my phone rings Caller ID comes up on my TV screen...  Passionate Love!

3.  I can begin watching a recorded program on one TV, stop it, go upstairs, click 'resume play' and it starts again in the same spot I left off.  Yes! On another TV....    And with Flex View you can watch rented or purchased things on computers and mobile devices....  Love!

4.  Their customer service department has been a dream and that's huge to me.


'nuff said.

5.  I turned my iPhone into a Remote Control with FiOS mobile which is more fun then a mother should be allowed to have.   Try this, hide the regular remote and then change the channel on your kid; you'll see what I mean...

 Thanks to Verizon FiOS Mobile I'll soon be even for every time I heard, Gross! around the dinner table.   Je  t'aime, FiOS.

I know, that was French but love in English wasn't nearly enough for that last one.  

Check to see if FiOS is available in your area here.

"Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a brand team campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Verizon FiOS. Verizon will send me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate."


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I give Affresh a dishwasher full of clean, fresh smelling dishes up!

A year ago March I called my dishwasher ratty and old  in a post about cleaning it with a cocktail of bleach, vinegar and Astronaut Juice.  It was an involved three-wash process; the ultimate verdict being it smelled better once with no lasting benefit.

 That my dishwasher doesn't work well continues to haunt me, but I also noticed my garbage disposal reeks, road kill lives inside my washing machine, and my bathroom sinks keep brackishly backing up but -  Why?   I've put enough drain cleaner down them to melt the polar caps.

Recently, Mom Central asked if I wanted to try Affresh because  "All brands of dishwashers and garbage disposals have the potential for odor if not properly cleaned especially when dishes sit in the dishwasher for multiple days or when food particles are not completely rinsed away."

I started thinking about that "not rinsing away part', got a wrench, and began to take off the bendy pipes under the bathroom sinks.

Oh, yes I did.

I took apart the bathroom plumbing because I can't disconnect the garbage disposal and Affresh cleans what "I can't get to in the pipes and hoses, etc".  I wanted to sort of see what it was up against - Plus I figured, it's just a test - What could be going on in the bathroom?  It's not like I clean chickens or throw three day old mac and cheese down  those sinks.

Reckoned I'd  find some  toothpaste cement and a hair, or two.  And also the plumbings interconnected; cleaning one pipe will help another plus, How gross could it be, I figured.


You. Have. No. Idea.  As bad as this looks the smell is ten thousand times worse - I can't even make a joke. There are no words for...


This cacophony of  feculence

And I know these are a little blurry, but taking that picture was challenging - It took all I had not to keel over from the smell.  Every sink was this bad.

And yet after facing the belly of the beast there was still no improvement in the dishes.  Is there no justice?

I was all but begging to try AFFRESH.

... and Mom Central was merciful.  Besides the issue of my dishwasher being a year past old and ratty, it's not souped up.  The directions say to use the heaviest cycle with hot water and since I don't have a heavy cycle I turned my water heater up.

Affresh is very easy to use; it's all up to my dishwasher. Which is a nice change because mine normally does, well pretty much nothing.

 I think using very hot water compensated for my dishwashers lack of anything but a putt-putt cycle because   the dishwasher smelled like oranges days after using Affresh.

 And the dishes are cleaner now.  I don't know how many times I've said, Pre-wash or you'll be eating yesterday's dinner, to my family.  Gross, right?   It's better after using Affresh but I think I'll keep that  to myself.

It's fun watching my kid do dishes, he hates it so. 

 The garbage disposal didn't keep the citrus smell as long but it's got a neutral smell now and neutral is as good as a garbage disposal gets most days so I'm fine with that.

I give Affresh a dishwasher full of clean, fresh smelling dishes up!

“I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of affresh and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


Monday, June 20, 2011

To anyone who shares the road with teen drivers...

This post is for anyone who is a teen driver, parents a teen driver, pays the car insurance for a teen driver - or soon will, or shares the road with teen drivers - So pretty much...  Everyone.

Bridgestone, you know them...  They make tires - is sponsoring a $10,000 scholastic for teens (US or Canada).   Teens can upload  a short (see details at the  Safety Scholars site)  video on driving safety until June 24 so get your kid to visit the website for details.  

Auto accidents claim the lives of more 16-21 year olds than any other cause. It is so important for teens to feel empowered, and we can help by encouraging them and their peers to avoid distracted and other dangerous driving behaviors. This contest is a great way for teens to be positive role models, share positive messages with their friends and compete for some great prizes at the same time.   Have your kid go check out  Safety Scholars

Look at it this way - Even if your kid doesn't make a video, the 2010 video winners are there and something may 'click.' 

 A-ha moments come in the most unexpected places, even links their moms sent.

P.S.  Why is Bridgestone doing this?  They say,  "Auto accidents claim the lives of more 16 - 21 year olds than any other cause. Your video can help us change that statistic. "  Having a teen between 16 and 21 I'm feeling a giant warm, fuzzy about them and want to buy  tires from a company like since I need tires at the moment.  Because yes, yes my digital alarm system is flashing 2 low tire pressure warnings - AGAIN.


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