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Friday, June 3, 2011

Saying good-by to pounds... Kindly

*This post is brought to you by the letter I for insight, which comes at the oddest times and from the oddest places*

 Would anyone look at two plates of food; one broccoli, one pralines à la mode and say, Slide those pralines this way because those puppies'll advance me in the direction of zipping my jeans without a crowbar?


  I know the right answer but the pralines are winking at me, all flirty and come hither.  Believe me, I'm reaching for the  broccoli and then my mind starts wandering in other directions... (It's a special occasion.  This place makes them so good.  I'm on vacation.  I just weighed in.  I don't want to offend the person who made them.  I already spent the money.  I'll have to throw them out.) ...and I cave.  

 I've been on Nutrisystem for a month trying to figure out, What's up with the self-sabotage because really... It's a ten foot tall stack of queen size pantyhose worth  of counterintuitive.  If putting my pants on is an aerobic activity why is something that makes that worse so appealing to me.

I've been working with the Mindset Makeover and have a clue what it could be, youse'all.

 Youse'all:  the Jersey version of y'all.   

If you take deliciousness out of the equation and I know that might seem like an odd thing to take out but here's the thing : There are a lot of things that I feel like I can't resist when I eat them, like the pralines in the example, but they aren't even in the top 25 things I love.

 What I'm saying is, I act like OMGotta HAVE THAT!  but if I could have everything I love in one dinner; pralines wouldn't even be on the table.

I can also take away hunger because my reactions to food choices have very little to do with that.

Habit is what I was left with; I react the way I've always reacted.

Doing away with habits is tricky because you can't just be done with them, you have to replace them with another thing. Check.  Working on that.  It also takes time, at least a month of doing the new thing daily.  Longer if you're slow.  Check.  Much longer for me.  And you have to make peace with the whole habit to begin with.

Habits don't form in a void.  They serve a purpose; they are like friends.  In an odd way so are excess pounds.  And just because I'm done (Oh, so done) with the weight doesn't mean it's ready go yet.  It's kind of like having a party where you've invited a ton of people.  And it was grand soirée; a good time was had by all! One by one the guests left except this  one friend who doesn't notice the party's over even though you're sitting in your pajamas.

Finally you get up, walk your good friend to the door, " I love you." You say, "I know I can count on you." And send him off with a hug for always being there.  Albeit a little to long this time.

I thought it was a good idea to really absorb that whole thing because for me, that's all very true. Weight and food have been good to me in a lot of ways.  For all the bad,  they are comfort to me and without acknowledging that I can't move on.  And while I say I'm trying to get rid of them, I've done everything possible to keep them right here with me.  No wonder they never leave.  No wonder I can't let them go.

It's time for them to go now, but gently.  Kindly.  So this week I'd like to walk  Meredith (the pound I lost this week) to the door and tell her, Thank you for coming to my party   It wouldn't have been the same with out you!  

From now on l will send the pounds away like old friends...

But go they will.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pant Muffins

This morning I was looking at a cookie recipe in a fun community cookbook. Fun because it was old and wildly non-specific.  A  little bit wacky, a lot dated. 

I stopped at that one because it was odd, as those are wont to be, but that's not what got me thinking so much about it.   It was the serving size that got me thinking, 'dozens' it said.   It wasn't the word that got me, it was that the recipe didn't seem all that big to me so I started looking in other books and know what I found?

Serving sizes are way askew these days. And yes yes, that's not exactly - OMGreen Beans! Call CNN! Because intellectually I knew that (Hello, every restaurant I've been to in the last decade, I'm talking to youse all!).  You only have to eat anywhere to know that but I never saw it in print before.

Here's a few examples...  Most old drop cookie recipes have you drop a teaspoon of dough.  In  new recipes you drop (this does vary) a rounded tablespoon.  And pies used to serve  nine (or more) people; now they serve six to eight.

 No wonder people used to eat dessert without muffins coming out the top of their pants.

Serving sizes stayed pretty consistent until recently when they exploded along with us.

*Interestingly if you go back to the early 1900's  protein serving sizes are much smaller - The uncooked weight for beef per recipe seemed to be 2.5 to 3 ounces a person.    And that's BEFORE  cooking. And even soup portions were smaller in general at less then eight ounces.  Which explains why both vintage dishes and pants seem small to me*


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

10 Random Things...

1.  When I was eighteen the entire plan was to get a degree in biology and own a car with gull-wing doors.  Lily Tomlin once said, "... I always wanted to be somebody. Now I see that I should have been more specific."

That pretty much sums up how the plan's going..

2.  My son got the chicken pox when he was about a year and a half old.  From me.

3.  Every car I've had (or drive on a regular basis) didn't have, or soon after I start driving it doesn't have, air conditioning.    I must be paying a karmic debt related to sweat.

4.  When my son was born I lived in North Carolina.  In a trailer.  Picturing that amuses my son to no end.

5.  I love cryptograms.  People ask me how I do them and I have no idea.

6.  No one will go to the movies with me because I know the end at the beginning.  (Ditto, TV)

7.  I have really good hearing; like bizarrely good.  I could hear my parents whispering at the other end of the house which was kind of useful.

8.  The flip-side of my X-Men hearing was lousy vision because really, doesn't every nine year old girl living in the tropics want glasses, frizzy hair and white legs that won't tan?

9.  I have Morton's Toe; where your second toe is longer then your thumb toe.  And it's the cherry on the foot sundae because it just makes my feet weirder then they already are; being able to pick stuff up with them and all...

10.  I made it all through school without reading a single required book. Hence my complete lack of the classics.    My best guess on how is I'm a great skimmer, with a photographic memory and my teachers had a fondness for essay questions.  Give me an hour and I could convince them I read that book and all the sequels.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Today's flowers

I was doodling last night and realized I haven't made time to do that in forever.

Midori doodles

The dust will still be there tomorrow.

I need to take some time to draw today's flowers.


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