The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2011-05-22

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Long Memorial Day Holiday Weekend Round-Up, Garage Sales, Nutrisystem, iPhone case, Travelers Notebook

1.  I just ordered THE cutest iPhone case.  I couldn't find one I liked anywhere so I tried etsy and found one at a shop called Asecinc

It's made out of felt and there's just something about it that rings my bell - I wanted it on sight.  BAD!

2.  My second shipment of Nutrisystem food arrived yesterday.  A month and twelve pounds down.   I've gained insight into a mistake I make every time I try and lose weight.  Sometimes when I'm hungry I start thinking, "I'm going to eat (something not on my diet, fill in the blank)"   for, say lunch.

In the last month that happened a few times but I [figuratively] slapped myself upside the head, went to my pantry, picked a green (lunch) box, ate and went on with my day - Perfectly content.

With any other plan I had  something not on my diet because - here is the problem -  it is just as easy to eat something not on my diet as it is to stay on.  (An a-ha moment to be sure)

The extended a-ha was that it's just easier to stay on Nutrisystem then it is to go off which can also be stated thusly ( for the mathematically inclined )

For the non-mathematically inclined  (me) that has something to do with Newton's Laws on motion and how objects - That would be me - doing things at a certain speed in any direction - say, a diet -will continue  doing it at the same  speed in the same direction - like towards a goal weight.

Unless - Something pushes the thing - that would be me - to change its direction - In my case towards a mega-burger with everything and a side of another mega-burger.  And since my food is here there's nothing pushin'...

The short version is success on Nutrisystem  is Physics, man.  And it's the Law.

Newton's anyway.

3.  NO! Not another planner entry.

travelers notebook

I talk about planners too much so I'm not even going to get into it much expect to say it's the Midori Traveler's Notebook and there's a lot to Squeee! about.  Not the least of which is a.  The leather and b. The paper which is so wonderful you can do all kinds of artsy things with ink.  The paper stands up to ink like a champ.  There are some great inserts for customizations and I'll be using this for a while.

No, I promise.  Swear.  I know you don't believe me but it's totally true.

4.  I passed a garage sale today and only stopped because it was in a parking lot that I was already in.  Worst ever.  The few things that were okay were c'mon five dollars for a picture?  Three for a mug?  Six for your nasty old shoes.  The rest was not from your decluttering - I'm wagging my finger at you, you cheeky thing.  You emptied your garbage can onto that blanket.  I think you were a little confused - The sale was a garage sale not garbage sale.  Then again I could be mistaken.  I didn't really take a good look at the sign of yours.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Hunger you are a Cheeky Monkey!

*This post is sponsored by a pair of capri pants that sat sad and lonely until yesterday when they zipped without drama,  a wrench, or the need to lie down.*

I finished up my abridged first month on Nutrisystem today.  Abridged because I was six  Nutrisystem Peanut Butter and Jelly Lunch Bars shy of a full month. I love those things. 

I'm printing bumper stickers.


As to how Nutrisystem is going, it's all I remember but way more; more food   (more-better food, too), more healthy, more choices, more fiber, more available help options slash community slash assistance (Nutrisystem site, Facebook, and Twitter) plus I feel a heaping helping of relief just being on it. And you can't beat relief with a stick.

 I'm doing the ENTIRE program - Because it's about the food but not ALL about the food - so I take the Mindset Makeover very seriously.

This week I looked my hunger in the face and darn if it didn't stick it's tongue out at me. Cheeky monkey, that hunger.  When I overeat, I'm never hungry because I'm never empty.  When I diet I don't eat enough so I'm always hungry.

I thought about all this and realized what I feel on diets is more then hunger because hunger implies something normal. When I eat abnormally small amounts the gnawing emptiness is enormous.  It's no longer hunger, it's The Kraken.  (i.e. Able to swallow entire buffets whole or the QE2)

Which is probably why many diets have failed  me.  Mythological sea monsters don't take no for an answer.

My Nutrisystem food comes to me.  It's here, it's labeled.  I eat three meals, plus snacks and  get hungry in a normal way, the way people were meant to.  And when it's time to eat something, I eat something.  It's the right thing to do.

And it keeps away The Kraken. 

Promise to self: No more waiting so long before eating that I want to pull a chair up to a buffet or require IV fluids.

The Mindset Makeover taught me that was a good promise to make.

Okay, I knew that.

But it helps to have things like that reenforced when you're a serial dieter - Make that slow learner - which clearly I am because I've been riding the yo-yo so long it feels like home. 

As to my abridged month - And keep in mind I only do Monday through Fridays which has pluses and minuses -  I've lost twelve pounds.  And for all you people who use the metric system... Well, I have no idea what that is so I will convert to bacon instead.

I've lost 192 slices of bacon in less then a month!  

Or you could say I've lost 192 slices of fat back off my back fat.

Which has the kind of poetic appeal you don't normally find in a sentence that uses both the words back fat and fat back.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A bad taste in my mouth

About now I feel like calling it a day with rummage sales, estate sales and second hand shops.  It isn't fun anymore.  There are better prices on eBay then in a dusty basement and I don't even know what to say about that.  It's nuts.

The first notch in the overload belt was the day I overheard one woman say to her partner giving the (over-priced everything at bloated retail) estate sale,  it didn't matter if things don't sell.  "We'll just take it all back to our shop!" And I might add they were all but wringing their hands à la Snidely Whiplash.

That day I understood why prices are crazy high prices at estate sales.  The givers don't give a hoot if the stuff sold because if it doesn't Mwa-hahaha! for them!

The second thing happened at a teeny church thrift shop;  a crowded and dirty place; the kind of place you have to wash everything you buy. Eight or nine thousand times.  I don't mind that kind of place, I even like them but please, if I have to pick spiders off myself after visiting and you can't afford to fumigate at least keep the prices down.

The day I'm referring to was when  I saw a complete set of  fairly retrofantabulous dishes.  They sat in a box with a taped on print out.  It was the eBay listing for the same (word 'same' used loosely because condition, condition condition is everything) set.   Excuse me, really?  Several hundred dollars, you want?  For a box of dishes that haven't seen the inside of a house since the Eisenhower administration, and water even longer.

There are some sets worth that risk because even a few pieces are worth a ton, not this one.

And the third came last week.  'Member I found a Blue Heaven dish at a second hand place (here). See how it looks all nice and in fairly good condition amongst my other atomic treasures.


I only got that and the crumb sweeper.  I wanted to go upstairs because the lamps and suitcases used to be upstairs.   Not anymore.  Now the "antiques" are up there.   I would've gone but it's not even open every day.

I don't know the word antiques scares me.  It sounds like a way to charge more.  And I promise that place over charges anyway.  For real, they charge for Pyrex by size and the big ones can be eight dollars in bad condition.  I mean, no one would get that on eBay.  So what could the antiques be?

I'm torn about how I feel.   On one hand I feel these places should make what they can, they are charity organizations.  On another hand many of the people who shop there are shopping there because they can't afford to shop elsewhere.  Yes, there are people looking to sell but the majority aren't.

There is a place around here called the Somerville Center Antiques in Somerville, New Jersey.  It's the kind of place where space is given to different vendors.  Over 200 vendors, I've been there and it's pretty amazing.

When I first went there I was amazed at all the things I'd never seen before but scoffed at paying retail - But you know, more and more I'm paying retail anyway.

  At  least at the Somerville Center Antiques I don't have to 'take a number' to be let in, the prices are marked and I don't have to worry some sweaty fat woman will tackle me if I sprint to the gallon jar of buttons before her.

 And none of the stores involve spiders. 

 I've just got a bad taste in my mouth over the whole thing.   It almost isn't fun anymore


Monday, May 23, 2011

My favorite nail polish color - 2011

Rite aid recently started selling Essie nail polish and it's expensive (for me); eight bucks I think.  There was a sale few a weeks back so it got me to look at them.

I thought the sale involved buying two so grabbed two but when I got to the register it was three.  I just wanted to get out of there so I paid.  I knew I could return them later if I decided it wasn't worth it.

My first choice was a teal  who's name escapes me and the other was called Absolutely Shore that looked like grout  in the bottle.

 I got it to make two for the sale because grout isn't that flattering. I can't imagine why I even picked it up - Must have been the name because it looked positively DREADFUL in the bottle.  I didn't even like it when I bought it.

I kept them and wore the teal.  Liked it well enough.   A week or so later I was in a living dangerously mood and put on the ugly polish and Holy Misjudgment.  It's gorgeous!  It's bright and nothing like that ugly flat gray it appears -  It looks like the sun glinting off  sea foam.  And I know I'm waxing poetic but it's the prettiest polish ever. (Babes Rockin Mami, you must get it if you're into greens).

 It looks like it's lit from within and I can only imagine how great it would look with a tan.  Something I will never know but just sayin'   It's in the summer collection I believe and unless you never wear any shade of green or any pastels - You. Must. Get. This.

My only fear is this is limited edition.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Watching my pores shrink is just the preamble

An aside before I start.  Although since I haven't started it's not so much an aside as a preamble.

 I planned a general * 2011 stuff I like so far * but I didn't get past Naturopathica and it was already long so everything else will be in 'Son of stuff I like in 2011'.

The first thing I tried from them was the  Sicilian Bergamot Body Lotion  (here).  Best. Lotion. Ever.   From use one I could tell it was different because THE NEXT DAY  my hands STILL felt soft, velvetier is the word that keeps coming to mind.  

Sicilian Bergamot Web

I used to be a serial hand lotion buyer.  If it was on sale, smelled good, or had a pretty bottle, I took it home.  My radar still zooms in on pretty, shiny bottles but then I think, Why? 

 Haven't bought a single hand lotion since getting this one.   

Moving on to Face stuff

I  tried some Naturopathica skin care recently.   I wasn't unhappy - exactly - with what I used; it's more that I was running in place with it; my skin wasn't getting worse but no better either.    

 On second thought...One thing about  my old moisturizer was a huge minus - No sunscreen.  My dermatologist was tsk-tsk'ing about that while he cut stuff off  MY FACE to biopsy.   I promised my Doctor (and myself), cross my heart I'll use sunscreen because the whole scalpel on your face thing, pretty awful.  

Since I have sun damage (obviously) this is what I use:

sweet cherry enzyme peel

I use this once or twice a week and it's great because it takes 3 minutes and I  the smell.  It does smell like  fresh cherries and  I want to pour it over vanilla ice cream ( I don't, silly).  

It makes my skin wonderfully soft and it's the first cherry anything  that smelled like "Cherry, the fruit" not "Cherry, I've  fallen into a bottle of cough syrup".  

According to the website:  Formulated for sun damaged or mature skin, this refining mask exfoliates with Cherry and Pomegranate to promote a smooth and bright complexion.

plant serum
This serum. I love it and have a sneaking suspicion it's responsible for shrinking the pores in my T-Zone.  I can't be sure about that, it could be a combination of all the products but if I had to bet, I'd go with the serum.  It's AMAZING.  

Every once in a while I'd try a serum.  Sometimes it was a high-end gift and other times it was a drugstore brand.  I've never noticed a thing with any of them.  Plus all the ones I tried had a water-like consistency  so who knew where I put it on or where I missed?  

This has a light consistency, but it has a consistency.  The closest thing like it might be a gel makeup primer, but lighter.  I'm describing it badly, I know.   I love the lightly herbal scent.  Fresh.  And after I use it my face feels very soft.  And my pores are smaller since,  like day two.  I don't know how that's possible, but the serum is fabushrinkingtastic.

Apply a pea size amount of serum to fingertips and massage into face and neck daily at night for 30 days. Repeat every 90 days.

lavender protective moisturizer

This smells heavenly (I know I'm redundant).  I use it as a day cream but sometimes I use it at night  because the smell of lavender is  relaxing.    It has an SPF of 17 so no more TSK'ing from the dermatologist. 

 This is great alone and under make-up.  If I'm putting make-up on I don't have to wait for it to sink in, it's not greasy.  I've used some moisturizers that make putting make-up  a challenge because of the finish they leave.  

Besides the lavender it has  Turmeric Root to help reduce redness which is great, I have that too. My skin is just a big ol' mess.

Beech Tree and Ginseng Daily Moisturizer

beech tree ginseng daily

Yes, well I got this one because  of all the aging related to sun damage and aging related to age.  It works  on fine lines along with firming and tightening.  This is another one I love the smell of, it reminds me a little of the serum, herbal but not sweet.  

I use this night and even though it's a night cream it's not a big old greasy mess.  It doesn't get all over my pillows for example.  Sometimes using night creams - or any creams at night - breaks me out but this doesn't.  

None of the products broke me out but I was really impressed that using this, an anti-aging product, at night didn't.  I did  the anti-aging happy dance.

To wrap it up...

I like a lot about the Naturopathica products I tried and  flat out love the way they smell (All were scented so consider that if you normally use unscented).

There are a lot of ways to 'do' scents.  You can produce something cherry that makes your face smell much like the cheeks of a two year old that's just eaten a cherry Popsicle - Not the worst smell in the world, but it's nothing like a fresh cherry. 

 And as far as the herbal scents go, normally I don't like them because it's like being hit in the face with a bag of potpourri as you fall into a bottle of pine floor cleaner.  Naturopathica  products smell fresh and clean.  They smell natural to me, maybe that's the difference.  There was nothing overwhelming and they had a kind of, I don't know...relaxing effect.  They have changed my mind about herbal scents.

Maybe I never tried the right herbally brand before  I don't know. But these smelled as amazing as it was watching my pores shrink.

Which was really, really (No. Really.) amazing.

*Naturopathica sent me these products to try.  There was no compensation for this review nor did they ask me to do it.  ....Just trying  to do my part to rid the world of enlarged pore*


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