The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2011-04-24

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Deal with passageway to the howling pits of Hell. Check.

I've ignored my hideous pantry a long (LONG) time.


 Which means it got worse and worse until it was no longer technically a closet but a befouled canned-goods belching sausage dressed up as a closet for Halloween.
In all my decluttering forays I  pretended this closet wasn't there because ohmygod there was never a day I was ready to look in there much less start to deal with it on a thing by thing basis.


I didn't tell the Professional Organizer about this closet. 


Why should I tell her (rhetorical)...   I had to decrapify the Apocalypse, no mystery there.

Well Ta-da!


This morning I did it.  I don't know why....  Maybe it's because my Vitamin D levels are up.  Maybe it's the Estroven I'm taking.  Maybe spring is in the air...

The whys matter not because I can see FLOOR in there and I hadn't seen one of those for years and swear,  I thought that closet had no floor but was a bottomless passageway to the howling pits of Hell.

Who knew it was linoleum?


Friday, April 29, 2011

My kingdom for a maid...

I've been working on some much needed Spring Cleaning - not just decluttering but that too - You know the kind of stuff I mean;  the down and dirtys.  And honestly, I feel like I've crawled into every nasty crevice from the Jersey Shore to Gdansk in the last four days and I've learned many things...

1.    You can make a large cat with all the hair I've found.
2.    My dog can sleep though the most  bombasticly robust cleaning ....
3.    So can my son.
D.   When a dust-covered woman falls over from exhaustion in a forest of chaos no one really can hear her...
5.    Even if there are people in the next room watching Jeopardy.
6.    Dust particles left alone knit together and form something that I am calling The Atlantic Paranormal Society about.
7.    Also I bought two more toilets that I need installed and The Atlantic Paranormal Society are only Ghost Hunters at night; by day they are plumbers so I can work the scary dust thing and the toilet installation with one service call.
h.    No matter how much I claim to, I care not a whit about the dust behind very large pieces of furniture.
9.    Ditto anything nasty that collects on ceiling fans.
10.  The only thing I've stopped cleaning for is to watch Addicted to Food over and over and over and sob my guts out.
11.  I stayed up all last night just to watch the Royal Wedding preparations...
12. Then again it might have been the repeating linguini with clam sauce.
13.  I have far too many containers containing things I was looking for forever but had no idea where they were.
14.  I have more pencils, pens and markers then a day camp.
15.   And I could pave a road to the moon with Post-It notes.
16.  My kingdom for a maid....


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jinxing spring

Winter is over

storm winter

I wrote those words instead of screaming them because I'm afraid to jinx spring.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Small healthy changes that don't involve pants

When Mom Central wrote and asked if I wanted to participate in a Smart Ones Blog Tour, oh yeah.


 I'd guesstimate a quarter of the frozen real estate in my freezer is housing Smart Ones. I have a(n objectively) small  freezer which makes the location, location, location even more precious.

Since I was already rockin' the  Smart Ones it was sort of a natural for me plus they really fit  with what I'm doing for summer....

Remember I found my Filofax?

filofax calendar

I've decided  to try and make it work (I know, again) so I pulled all her guts out last week and set about trying to figure a way to get healthy (ier) for summer. 

That above picture is a year on a page calender so I can keep track of health-related things like the Vitamin D level (post here)  - The mammo (post here)....  And the thing I had scraped off my face last week.   Don't ask , there is no post to go to.  I spared you a post about the growth on my face.

I think a year long calendar will work really well because I don't have a ton of appointments in my life so I really don't need much room but I do need to keep track of things like Doctor's appointments or the mammogram.  Now when someone asks when my last one was I don't have to say, Doh.

 No. 1 in getting healthy for summer is getting my information together!

No. 2

filofax menu

I need to avoid take-out food so I'm making a list of a quick dinners because my mind goes blank after 5.  I have about three pages so far ( I think I will refer to them when I'm flipping through sale circulars too). 

Here's the thing - When everyone is hungry and at me  like a nest of baby birds I am far too willing to throw them the phone, a menu, and my credit card for some - Peace.  If I plan ahead everyone will eat better because no matter what I make it will be healthier then the Megameatastic Pizza extra meat with a cheese filled crust and a side of wings from the local pizza place.

Okayokayokay  - I (almost) always eat a piece of that meatstrosity.    This is where my stash of frozen dinners come in handy FYI.  


I'll work on being better with this, Smart Ones has pizza.

No. 3

I've decided.  No picture of my to-do list because do you really need to see visual evidence that I need to be reminded to floss and wear sunscreen everyday? 

I decided, nay.

No. 4

Less coffee, more tea, more water.    I drink a reasonable amount of tea considering how much coffee I drink but I've decided to really go for it.  I'm cutting down on coffee and purposely upping the tea.   And I'm really upping the water.  

My plan is to get to know every bathroom within a 10 mile radius of my home. 

I'm not trying to change the world here (That would involve putting on pants) I'm just trying to make small healthy changes.  In the end I think they will add up to a BIG PAY OFF!

 If there is anything else I should add?  Let me know!

Weight Watchers Smart Ones is making it easier to stay on track with a healthy meal plan without spending time on prep work beforehand. Their products provide a variety of delicious, convenient and portion controlled meals and snacks that contain lean proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. And now they are offering two new breakfast items – like the new Egg, Sausage & Cheese Wrap and the French Toast with Turkey Sausage. Plus, the packaging tells you the Weight Watchers PointsPlus values in each serving, allowing you to conveniently plan for the day. Visit for more information.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Weight Watchers Smart Ones and received a promotional item and coupons to facilitate my review.


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