The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2011-03-27

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hopefully, I'll be getting Slim-Fast....

 Day 2 using Slim-Fast bars and so far so ... Well, better then good.  I have a meal bar in the morning and one for lunch and the snack bars for snacks.  These...

 Nom. Nom.

These too.  Those are my snacks.

Haven't tried anything else; so far just those flavors because I didn't want a closet full of bars staring me in the face screaming, You failed again! In case it didn't go well but yeah. It's all really good at the moment.  For me, it's working I think because I didn't really rock the breakfast/lunch thing. Ever.  

Then I would get really hungry at  the pre-dinner Witching Hour which meant I was ravenous when I was cooking, and then eating dinner.  At best it was a drag.  At worst I ate a lot while cooking and eating dinner.  

With eating the bars during the day I'm not a beast at dinner time.   

I am eating a regular dinner.  I'm not packing it away but I at this point I'm just eating what everyone else does  because with the cost of the bars it's adding to my grocery bill; I can't add more by changing what I eat.

As an FYI and something random you don't know about me; if I get up in the middle of the night I go downstairs, into the fridge, and grab a handful of cheese.  Slices of whatever I have on hand which of late is muenster.  Hundreds of calories, I reckon.  But for the last few days I've been grabbing a snack bar at 100 calories and whoa! A huge improvement on the diet front .... And not nearly as binding.

...just sayin'

I'll let you know how it goes, guys.  Wish me lots of good thin luck!

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*  In case anyone was wondering - this post was sponsored by my muffin top, my arm flab and my back fat*


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ADD Random Wednesday....

Okay, the title...  It's because I'm feeling especially unfocused today; make that lately.  I tried all day to come up with  cohesive paragraphs.  Not happening.  Today is more in a swirling format then paragraphy.

1.  I bought Slimfast meal replacement and snack bars yesterday.  The meal bars are supposed to "Control hunger for up to 4 hours".  And okay, I've been to all-you-can-eat-buffets that couldn't make that claim but...  I'll give it a shot.    I had to do something, I'm so fat my feet just went up a size and Hello! Those puppies were not petite little flowers.  If they get any bigger I'll have to shop where drag queens buy shoes.

And I am not being funny.

2.  The organizing is going well although (despite the fact that everything in the known Universe dating back to the 70's has turned up)  my Filofax binder, Lamy Joy and Cross pens are still missing.  The nausea I feel over that is significant and twisting.

3.  I'm rereading Sylvia Plath's Journals.  I don't reread a lot of things which, hmmm - Get's me thinking I really should get rid of some books but back to Sylvia -This is considered to be her unabridged journals.  Not so sure about that for a variety of reasons but this book...

...  is so worth the time it takes to read every one of it's 768 pages.   I wish there were more.  Above that it's fascinating, it's a trip into the mind of someone who knows how to describe.  Someone who takes words instead of paint and makes pictures.  

Every time I read it I feel jealous and petty and awed.

4.  And speaking of being too fat for shoes....

I can not even tell you how good this is; fudge covered potato chip clusters, salted caramel swirl in vanilla bean ice cream.    I hope they never make a light version of this because it would be wrong.

5.  My new sink arrived (Stainless, but oh well.) so this thing...


... will soon be a thing of the past.  It's so bad I can't freecycle  it.   It's the first thing around here destined to be landfill for a long, long time.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Round-up

Random bits of excess gray matter floating around today...

1.  My Filofax is still missing and it's taken with it my Lamy and Cross pens.  I'm awash with collywobbles, I tell you.

2.  Now my (backless) phone shuts off while in use; inconvenient to the Nth power.  That makes two broken phones out of three on our plan.  I've tried to resolve my issues with AT&T via many calls to the AT&T retention department,tweets with @ATTJohnathon , an email to Mark Siegel  and Seth Bloom (Unanswered. Nice.)  all outlined in a blog post (here) but nope.  No DM trying to resolve the issue despite the fact that the blog post  was seen.   

Hey.   Did you know AT&T is planning to buy T-Mobile and that will make them the biggest phone company and they say it will benefit customers - no really, they do.  Check it out here

So here's the thing - If they didn't feel compelled to respond while being smaller what in the world would make them feel the need to respond to a single customer if they were even bigger?  

That was rhetorical by the way.

3.  Walk away from the fridge, Tracy.  Just walk away.  I think I weigh about a thousand pounds.

4.  I just made a roast chicken, spaghetti with meat sauce, and egg drop soup for dinner.  I have no explanation. 


Monday, April 4, 2011

The Taj MaHaul a.k.a My back is killing me

I'm overwhelmed.  

The amount of stuff I need to deal with seems to have multiplied exponentially over the weekend. I can't tell you by how much because it would involve doing  this...

And that's out.

Now, I know logically there's not really  more stuff- exactly - It's just that now I know what to do with all this stuff and oh my. Just my oh my palpating heart.  

What used to sit around in neat (and not so neat piles) that I ignored and occasionally railed against has become thousands of loose ends to deal with for example:

a.  There is a crapfest of papers that need filing in  brandy, new organized files.

b.  There is (was, I did that all today) a good three feet of papers waiting to be shredded.

And 3.  The five or so 20 pound garbage bags that sit waiting to go out because at the moment there is no room left in the cans.  They are a testament - A Taj Mahaul this stuff away, if you will - of what evil lay beneath the apparent neatness around here pre-professional organizer.  Oh, my aching back.

The good news is I know exactly where the Thermacare Heat Wraps are...


Arthritis Foundation Screening for RA, New York area

 I was contacted recently by Arthritis Foundation and asked  to spread awareness about Rheumatoid Arthritis and help facilitate early diagnosis and treatment.

As a parent, we often put our children’s health above our own. But we must not forget to take care of ourselves, too. Did you know that approximately 1.3 million people in the United States are living with Rheumatoid Arthritis? 

RA is a chronic disease that can lead to long-term damage, resulting in chronic pain, loss of function and disability; however early treatment can stop joint damage.

Studies have shown that early aggressive treatment of RA can limit joint damage, which in turn limits loss of movement, decreased ability to work, higher medical costs and potential surgery. In fact, early diagnosis and treatment can help stop joint damage.

If you:

  • Have pain or swelling in 3 or more joints
  • Have stiffness in 3 or more joints
  • Feel pain in the wrists, fingers or toes
  • And have had this problem for less than 12 months

Then you might benefit from a screening to determine if you have RA.

Because Rheumatoid Arthritis is a serious disease, early diagnosis and treatment are critical to enable those affected to continue living productive lifestyles. Advancements in research and drug development, joint protection techniques and self-management techniques have made it possible for more people with RA to live healthier and more fulfilling lives."

For even more information, tips and resources, visit the Arthritis Foundation  and check out this special video Public Service Announcement here  with a toll free phone number for New York area readers.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

A fracas of clean

My date with the professional organizer went very well (Alas, it was over too soon).   I'll post on it Monday when the dust settles a little; just wanted to take a break from shredding to let you know I'm still here under a mountain of cross-cut paper shrapnel, garbage waiting to go out, and a gargantuan to-do list.

Ginger is scared to death. This fracas of clean  is turning up dust bunnies bigger then her.

Ginger on Pink Chenille

She's laying low in her muffin.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

A mad dash in my underpants, thwarted

The professional organizer is coming this afternoon and guess what, I didn't clean this week.  Well, I cleaned but I didn't clean clean. Didn't want her calling the Board of Health and hanging a big ol' condemned sign on the place.  But I didn't do a Hail Mary Company's Coming Crisis Cleaning - Type thing either...

Not that anyone knows *cough* what I mean.

I wanted her to see 'the real thing...." I'm not sure how this will go.  Nothing's really set in stone and decisions will be made when she gets here about whether  things will be done while she's here, or if there will be assignments and she will come back....

Or.  Well hm,  dunno 'cause what I know about professional deculttering can be summed up as follows...


Yeah. Make what I know a big goose egg.

It's taken everything I have this morning not to do a mad dash around the house in my underpants with a 33 gallon trash bag  between my teeth double-fisting crap as fast as I can to hide the evidence of my shortcomings.


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