The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2011-03-27

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A fracas of clean

My date with the professional organizer went very well (Alas, it was over too soon).   I'll post on it Monday when the dust settles a little; just wanted to take a break from shredding to let you know I'm still here under a mountain of cross-cut paper shrapnel, garbage waiting to go out, and a gargantuan to-do list.

Ginger is scared to death. This fracas of clean  is turning up dust bunnies bigger then her.

Ginger on Pink Chenille

She's laying low in her muffin.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

A mad dash in my underpants, thwarted

The professional organizer is coming this afternoon and guess what, I didn't clean this week.  Well, I cleaned but I didn't clean clean. Didn't want her calling the Board of Health and hanging a big ol' condemned sign on the place.  But I didn't do a Hail Mary Company's Coming Crisis Cleaning - Type thing either...

Not that anyone knows *cough* what I mean.

I wanted her to see 'the real thing...." I'm not sure how this will go.  Nothing's really set in stone and decisions will be made when she gets here about whether  things will be done while she's here, or if there will be assignments and she will come back....

Or.  Well hm,  dunno 'cause what I know about professional deculttering can be summed up as follows...


Yeah. Make what I know a big goose egg.

It's taken everything I have this morning not to do a mad dash around the house in my underpants with a 33 gallon trash bag  between my teeth double-fisting crap as fast as I can to hide the evidence of my shortcomings.


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Only in New York...

If you don't live near New York you might not have heard the story of the Egyptian Cobra that got out of the snake enclosure at the Bronx Zoo.

There are so many bizarre parts to this story.  First, the snake that went missing is not just poisonous it's, well here's the thing - It's venom can kill an elephant in three hours and a person in about fifteen minutes.  

Second, it's a young snake and only 20 inches long but zoo officials are "confident the 20-inch-long snake is contained in a nonpublic, isolated area of the building."  Confident seems like such a large word  to use for something that small and deadly - but I know very little about snakes and unlimited cell phone data plans.

And the most bizarre twist is this:


The Bronx Zoo cobra has almost 200,000 Twitter followers....

I don't know what it is but it tweaks my funny bone something awful.  


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A metric oodle of pink fluffy chenille love

The other day I posted a quick cell picture of my pink chenille blanket  (and dreamy aqua pillows).  I shot it while (guarding them with my life and) waiting to pay.  The pic is awful but I couldn't wait to document my SCORE!

pink chenille bedspread

 Today I have much better pictures, oh yeah.  I've washed it twice (OCD) and put it on my bed and I love it more then I thought possible.

pink and aqua chenille

And that's a metric oodle (and then some) of pink fluffy chenille love.  Oh. Oh. Oh. Remember this...


That's Joan.

I posted about my hamper, Joan back in October of 2009.  I found her at an estate sale.  I hemmed and hawed so long about what to do with her that I ended up not doing anything.  And that worked out perfectly because...

Pink and aqua chenille bed

Joan goes fabulously with this bedspread.

If you happened to have a hamper named Joan you need to match some bedding, weirdest thing; the little linen outlet I bought the bedspread at has a website.  The place is called the Cape May Linen Outlet and I linked the name to the page with the bedspread! 

 So if you want, and they have one left - there were maybe three - you can order a pink chenille bedspread for $7.50 like I did. And no, I'm not kidding...

  It only costs seven dollars and fifty cents!


Invigorating Clean and Fresh Breath for days...

A few weeks ago Mom Central asked if I wanted to be part of a blog tour to test out Crest Pro Health Invigorating Clean Multi-Protection Rinse. I'm always on the look-out for something to help my dental situation and in the last few years it's not just my teeth  but my gums ; which as it happens were bleeding (again) when I got the email asking if I wanted to try  Crest Pro Health Invigorating Clean Multi-Protection Rinse.   So yes,  I did very much want to try.

I will be using it twice a day for a month and I started Monday, March 28th.   I am replacing my other rinsing products this month with Crest Pro Health.  I have to say my gums aren't bleeding when I brush my teeth anymore, so Yay! and Whoopee! For how fast my gums improved because that was fast.

Keep in mind - if you're mouth isn't a big ol' mess like mine - It kills germs, reduces plaque, helps prevent gingivitis, keeps teeth cleaner longer - compared with brushing alone, and  freshens breath.  

And you can't beat having fresh breath with a stick....

As to the product itself, it's a different color green then I've seen in this kind of product before, darker maybe.  And the flavor is hard to explain.  I googled it and someone suggested licorice which was along the lines of what I was thinking; I was stuck at clove-ish.  The interesting thing is it's not really mint, although it's mintish in character.

Yeah, I know.  Confusing.  Maybe after a month I'll have the flavor down a bit better.

When you're done your mouth definitely feels clean  and fresh in a wonderful, wonderful way and does for a long time. So long that I noticed it was longer without thinking, Is this going to work longer? I noticed because it was lasting so much longer. Huge positive.

That's it for now but I will  update later on about the state of my chompers after using  Crest Pro Health Invigorating Clean Multi-Protection Rinse.

“I wrote this review while participating in a test drive campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Crest and received a sample to facilitate my candid review. Mom Central Consulting sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Send. Help.

So despite Freecyling.  And tossing.  And giving.  I've still got this...


And this...


Oh.  And that...


And er, that.


Tucked in (and not so tucked in, in) extraneous corners.

We bit the organizer bullet and...

...called one.  We have an appointment on Friday for a little bit of um, professional help. Hopefully just organizing professional help and not actual professional professional help.

Plus not sure I can afford enough of any kind of help to make a dent in the paperwork version of Mt. Vesuvius but here we go and let's tackle the declutter merry-go-round anyway. 

My kid's dubious and his general reaction was one of hm, this...


You can't unring a bell

I have a broken AT&T phone and was planning to upgrade to an iPhone (wonder of wonders, right?) only to find that AT&T no longer has a $30 unlimited data plan.

This could be a very long post because there were many calls to the AT&T retention department,Tweets with @ATTJohnathon , an email to Mark Siegel  and Seth Bloom (Unanswered. Nice.)  and trips to the Verizon store but you know what, it all added up to squat.

AT&T retention gave me a PO Box to write, @ATTJohnathon  reminded me there was a 4 gig plan and Verizon has an unlimited plan now but really .... C'mon.  The stores aren't coughing up what the papers are which is they plan on phasing out unlimited data too, in the summer.

As I said, not going to address anything expect this, Why aren't the phone makers (Hello, Apple I meant you.....) getting into this fray.  Who the heck wants a fast phone that can stream data faster then I can down burgers if I don't have an unlimited data plan because what the heck is the point?

Why have commercials for your rockin' new phones with movie watching  if watching  movies will put me over 4 gigs.

As an FYI when I was commenting about the loss of the unlimited data plan on Twitter, @ATTJohnathon came on and cheerfully told me about the 4 gig plan to which I answered  - you can't watch a movie with 4 gig and he replied -

and I replied...

and he replied...

Oh.  That's right.  He didn't reply because I guess that's not what he does...  Actually interact with customers and address problems, I mean. It was nice that you responded @ATTJohnathon but it was a huge #Fail that you stopped responding when you no longer liked what I was saying or were prepared to deal with me.  I have been a customer with AT&T since it was Cingular - That is a very long time.  Perhaps longer then you have been with them and the interaction I had with you dropped my opinion of AT&T down a notch or two.  And how sad.  How very, very sad. 

So that puts me back at why don't the phone makers care about this and why do they keep making new and better phones and why in the world should I want one?  I have a phone that's a few years old with out a back, as follows...

back of phone

It's a mess.  It quits on me.  Drops calls and is slow.  And tell me why in the world would I change it.   No really, tell me.  Almost every phone in the store besides the smart phones has the quality of a Sesame Street Elmo Phone, it's like they are phasing out everything but the smart phones yet...

You have to pay for data plans so you what with them.  Less.  The phone companies say people used them too much, well.  Um.  Forgive me but - Duh.  But saying we will then charge more is like the internet companies now going back to the 80's of AOL when you had an hourly plan.  Who would accept that.  I didn't add a question mark to the last question because the answer is no one.

For that matter who wants to go back to a limited text message plan.  You can't unring a bell here.  You can't begin limiting data, it's .... I don't know.  Ridiculous. 

What I don't get is why are the customers more annoyed then the phone makers, who it seems to me have a lot more to lose.  Apple, I'm talking to you.

People who get iPhones keep iPhones, there are a lot of benefits and related products; it's not just about cell phone service.  What I don't get is why isn't Apple fighting this fight for me. Who knows maybe @ATTJohnathon will answer Apple if they tweet him... Then again, maybe not. 


Monday, March 28, 2011

Wet N' Wild Clinical Serum is FabuLashous!

A while back I posted (here) about cleaning out Walgreen's entire supply of the Spring 2011 Color Icon Collection from Wet N' Wild but I don't think I talked about their new Mega Lash line.

Clinical Mascara

I bought both of those when I got the shadows.  I'm done with my trial period and am throwing eyelash shaped confetti into the air (granted, a disturbing visual) because both are in the permanent line.  I know  they are because I wrote and asked.  Wet N' Wild, bless their fabulous cosmetically-enhanced hearts, wrote me back.  I had a few questions (I'll get to that...) and how great is it when a company answers. I love that.

So.  About the lashes.  Mine were okay to begin with, I wasn't someone who  overly complained about short stubby, bald lids or anything but after they are noticeably different. 

The first thing I noticed was the lower lashes were longer especially towards the inner eye were they tended to not be long. 

The second thing that happened was the upper lashes seemed longer - like a lot longer  and they weren't really slouches to begin with. The upper lashes were hanging up over the eyelash curler by a long shot.  And I remember thinking one day, is this new?

 The last thing I noticed was all my lashes seemed thicker, much thicker. And maybe even longer again.   Like when did that happen and huh? And whoa.  And FabuLashous!  I  think I just might trip over my own eyelashes and how cool is just the thought of that. 

As you can tell this was a process that happened over time.  I wrote W N'W because I wasn't clear on how to use the serum.  First I was using it like I would a mascara, up and down my lashes and then I looked and the brush and thought, oh, no way. If that was the way I was supposed to use it, it would look like a mascara brush, right?  So I wrote and got an email back from Wet N' Wild.  Sure enough I was doing it wrong.  You are supposed to apply the serum as you would an eyeliner, not a mascara. It is side-to-side action right along the lash line, and not up and down along the lashes.   

I use the serum night and morning and the mascara during the day.  About the mascara I will say it wasn't love at first try but in all fairness that is the case with every mascara I've ever tried.  There is something about mascara.  When you first open it, I don't know - It's just never right.  Ever.  And it `takes a few days to settle in to what ever consistency it's meant to have.  

I liked this mascara more and more AS my lashes got longer and thicker through the month.  I've found myself enjoying that it doesn't take a jack-hammer and an oil spill to remove and  it doesn't have a plasticy feel like a lot of uber-duper mascaras.  If you are used to something like that you probably won't like it at first but stick with it.  There's something to be said for naturally thick lashes....

So I'm giving this stuff two Fabu-Lash'es up!

*This review was sponsored by my very, very long luxurious eyelashes.  Period.*


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pink Chenille Heaven

I just got home from Cape May, NJ.  And I mean - Just.  My suitcases are still downstairs and I haven't even swept up the sunflower seeds that are all over on my dining room floor.  There must be three or four cups of them which makes what, a thousand seeds?

But I couldn't wait one more second to post this picture. 

pink chenille bedspread

That is totally the worst picture ever of a king-sized pink chenille bedspread and four matching (because they match in a 50's retro way) aqua chenille pillows I got at this little out of the way linen outlet.

All pink king chenille bedspreads were, wait - Are you ready for the price? Seven dollars and fifty cents and I was like, holy moly break out the depends I'm going to wet my bloomers and I'll take two.  But I didn't I only bought one.  And four aqua pillows (all they had) for the stunning price of three dollars and thirty cents each.

I think it was three thirty, although that's such an odd price I'm not sure now. 

I am going to wash the bedspread first (even though it's not used) and then am so putting that on my bed a-sap. 


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