The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2011-02-27

Friday, March 4, 2011

When my new floor is in I'm going to flush some burgers...

Picked out the new tile last night and it's quite a bit different, first off it's porcelain not stone.  Second it's really large and foot square tiles look even bigger in a small bathroom.  Third, now that I'm looking at it,  the online picture's anemic.

Good thing I took home a tile (Thank you, Gina!) because I can really tell what's what with it laying on the floor.  

biltmore gray

The colors are similar but I don't know if my planned color scheme  will work when all is said and done. I think retro aqua and dusty acid green are dead....  But I like the tile and I think it will go with the warm gray paint.  The accent colors are a casualty I guess; I'm thankful I didn't buy towels.

biltmore gray

Also -  I originally kept the white tile wall border because it's around the tub too and the floor was going to be pretty white but I will have to change them now (I'm not changing the ones around the tub because it's just too much and the top of my head might explode as it is.  Do you think it will look bad if I have some white tiles left?) but I'm sure changing the border isn't going to be an issue. 

I think I only need forty or so tiles and there is a big difference in the price of the new floor tiles (the new ones are a tenth the cost, I think) and labor (the new ones are less to install)...

biltmore gray

And those differences should cover cost of the forty seven tiles and leave enough  for this baby.

That is the American Standard Champion 4 Toilet and here's a video of it flushing burgers...

Not that I routinely flush burgers - Oh! There is another video at the website of someone flushing chicken nuggets - It's poetry, I tell ya.  It'll bring a tear to your eye -  I just want to know I can without needing a plunger or hearing this...

'nuff said.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

The current state of kerfufflement

I have to start all over with the bathroom and I don't even know where to go with that knowledge; except perhaps a swan dive into my Xanax bottle.   I already had so much picked out; paint: A warm gray, and even started painting several months ago.  That got cut short when I realized the floor wasn't sealed and if I - Make that when I spilled, the floor would become permanently dappled  with warm gray. 

The color scheme was set based on these river stones and this marble ... Don't remember what it's called - Door thingamabob.


The plan was that stuff above, warm gray walls with aqua accents and a few shots of some sort of green, most likely a muted acid green. 

Buh-bye to all that.

I'm picking new tiles later, somehow those tiles were never meant for use in areas with a lot of water so how they ended up in my bathroom flanking my shower and tub, a mystery. 

That puts me back to T-Minus Migraine.  I  had a hard time deciding on that combination and the awful part is I don't  have Plan B or Plan C because Plan B and C were not meant for wet areas either and how that happened I can't even imagine.

That I was doing a bathroom was no secret as in, Would you put a wood or cork floor in a bathroom, because clearly I know nothing...And when the answer was, I wouldn't...I moved on to my top three choices.  

Once choice was a glass tile not meant for floors which left the top two.  I picked one but ultimately  it didn't matter as neither was meant for wet areas which means I would have been better off with wood or cork ... Which accounts for my current state of kerfufflement. 

 So what do I do now?

No really, what?   I have to come up with something  by this evening besides a migraine and I haven't a thought in my head beyond the desire to eat compulsively.  I wonder if Candice Olsen has a 911 number....

If you have any thoughts on this, please. Oh! Please pass them my way.



Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Home Depot, you saved the Universe from a warp core breach...

  I've made progress on the flooring front.

Monday I posted pictures (here) of my Master Bathroom Tileage Drama because things weren't going very well. My brain, normally a dependable thing, was reacting badly to the floor; kind of the brain/floor equivalent to the matter / anti-matter reaction from Star Trek and I was afraid soon my brain would explode à la an exothermic dilithium crystal warp core breach and I would take half the known galaxy with me so it was time to save the Universe.

I mean my sanity.

The resolution came about via Twitter, of all places.  I've got to interject something about Twitter and yes, it makes sense so,  follow me.   A lot of companies have a Twitter presence; most of them don't use it.  Okay well, they use it but it's more like some sort of twenty-first century  message in a bottle.  Know what I mean?  Instead of tossing a message into the sea hoping someone will see it these companies are tossing an electronic Post-it into cyberspace and hoping it sticks to someone. 

Back to my floor.

Monday's post went up at 10:22 am and @HomeDepot tweeted me this:

... in about 10 minutes.  By Tuesday afternoon I got a call from my local Home Depot, my floor was going to be replaced.  Not fixed, replaced - And they'd seen the pictures I posted.  Everyone who'd called me after Monday's post, from Home Depot, had seen my pictures.

I learned something important.  If I'm in a situation like this again (workmanship issues)  I will take pictures from the get-go and bring them directly to the store; I wish I'd thought of that months ago.  Photographic images of what is, are the the clear, unemotional balance to  my spastic, high-pitched, You have no idea how this looks, it's a mess.  A total mess!

And that's where I am now.  Thursday I'm going to the store to pick another tile (don't ask) and probably a new toilet.  I had a plumber come after the tile install to fix this...

Who said, You probably need a new toilet - Are you thinking of remodeling?  After I stopped sobbing he explained that I should have done it when I got the tile cause I can't do it now. Didn't they tell you that?

 No.  But I didn't ask.

So since the tile's coming up again and will never. come. up. again; I'm going to look for a nice, quiet, toilet.  I will let you guys know how things pan out, for sure.

Thank you @HomeDepot you are Twitter perfection and many companies could take a lesson from you but most of all thank you for saving the Universe. It doesn't get much better then that.


Monday, February 28, 2011

Home Depot, don't make me call Judge Judy!

 I had a new floor put in my bathroom back in November and for the most part I was really excited...  This part freaked me out quite a lot...


And I was also peeved when the work guy called from HOME DEPOT on his way to my house to inform me, Whoopsiedaisy! Home Depot miscalculated the price of the job and I'd need to cough up another few hundred smackeroos if I wanted him to pick up the supplies and hop on over and start the job.

Okay, peeved isn't the right word because I almost told work guy, Go ahead and lay your smackeroos instead of my tiles.... but I coughed instead.

The job was done and I was supposed to paint the room but a funny thing happened on the way to the painting job.


Why is that cracking around the edges I see?


And staining?


And cracking AND staining?


And I don't know what this is because it's either staining or an evil wet spot.


And now there is cracking around random tiles, mid-room.

It's warrantied but I am having a heck of a time getting something done.  The company sent an inspector who said, Oh. Floor. Wrong on so many levels... But now the company is saying, Well, that guy doesn't do tile.    

Why they sent a non-tile guy to inspect my tile, beyond me.

Plus they didn't think his pictures were close up enough.... I've done some close ups to help  

And tile company  (sent by  Home Depot)  since you're not willing to take your own inspector's opinion, heck I feel right at home giving mine.   I agree with your non-tile inspector (fyi: a monkey would).   I am pretty sure the original work guy used a grout seal and not a tile/grout seal.  He also did not allow the grout to cure adequately.  And one coat on a porous surface  is never going to cut it.  I also asked him to use a product recommended by Home Depot, which I had,  and he said I could if I wanted to, but he was pretty much using what he had.

I also think he didn't add a product needed to make the grout flexible, a flexible mortar - hence the cracking. 

My tile floor is pretty much just an unsealed, cracking, stained mess. Period.  And there might be even more going on with it underneath.   

 I have a one year warranty on the work which is being eaten up by things  like sending inspectors whose work they then decide not to value or like this weekend they made an appointment with me and when the guy is on his way they decide to cancel it because there might be "a language barrier."

Home Depot, help me with your install company before Judge Judy does, please?

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Longchamp Love

In my mammogram post I mentioned getting a new purse but didn't show pictures so everyone was kinda,

Yo.  Where's the purse?

I probably should have said I will be posting pictures,  I'm just waiting for the purse organizer to arrive because the purse I got  - And here it is now! - Sitting on my Danish Modern Freecycle score of a chair...

Longchamp LM Pinkygold on Danish Modern chair

...  is pretty much a large, cavernous tote (albeit a sweet one).  My new purse is a Longchamp LM tote  in the color Pinky Gold, size 12¼x12x7½ inch.    I'm going to put the details at the very end of this post.*

The organizer came yesterday and after deciding ( rationally how to do it as opposed to my prior version; the purse version of a dump cake ) what I needed I'm ready to start using PURSE TWO POINT OH! EM! GEE!

I decided the best way to go about showing everything would be another What's in my purse post.

longchamp lm: organized

Looking down into the purse.  Without an organizer this would the Grand Canyon filled with all manner pandemonium, havoc and gum wrappers.

purse organizer

Looking down in the purse organizer and honestly, it's not even full.   The purse is  coated fabric and I didn't want to sag the thing down.

whats in my purse?

This organizer expands (with zippers) for use with large purses.

what's in my purse?

Pockets on all sides, all around the outside and inside.  That's my V2Cig (don't hate).

whats in my purse

I always have Zicam,  It works best if you use it at the  first throat tickle.  The shoe is years old and it's a Coach key chain.  I don't know what possessed me to spend $50 on a key chain at the time but I loved it, have always loved it, and am glad I got it every time I look at it.  There's a lesson in there somewhere...

whats in my purse

Best gum ever in the history of gum.  Extra Key Lime.    Next to the gum is Tea to Go, I'm trying to drink more water.

whats in my purse

Look! I found my phone.  I think I might go from AT&T to Verizon Wireless...  Any thoughts on that? I called AT& T yesterday for their thoughts and they said they would give me a phone (one I didn't want, by the way) and charge me $18 dollars instead of $35 dollars to activate the new phone.  

"We will give you a phone you don't want and a break on what we charge you to move your own SIM card an inch and a half to keep a customer we've had for ten years..."  

whats in my purse

There is more stuff in the organizer.  My eye glass case is huge;  fits two pairs of glasses and that small Vera Bradley pouch fits V2cig accessories  ( 15% off a starter kit with code 67822 ).  I had to stop carrying around all my makeup, sigh - Because of weight not, room.

I've got earphones, bluetooth...  cellphone...  iTouch... a gigantic wallet.  Really a ton you can't see because it fits so well.  I'm iffy about whether that wallet is too big and a few other things but time will tell.

Maybe I was going about the search for the perfect purse in the wrong way, you know?  Maybe the key is more the way you are able to organize it; or if you can at all.   It seems that purse organizer was a good investment because it is very easy to move from bag to bag and it's adjustable up or down.  It has a light on it which I think could come in very handy and it's enabled me to get away from using a lot of small pouches which I tend to fill and forget about.

And I really love (love, I say) the purse.  Longchamp as a brand are classy and don't have someone else's initials hanging off a giant fob or stamped all over.

Longchamp LM Pinkygold on Danish Modern chair

There are a lot of purses I like a lot and was thinking of saving up for but I was getting a little tired of the initial thing blazoned all over or the huge initial fobs...

What ever happened to quiet, good taste?

*Longchamp is a 60 years old French company. The brand story began in 1948 when Jean Cassegrain, the father of today's President, founded the company.

The LM line was for its 60th anniversary in 2008 that Longchamp reedited this line, previously commercialized at the beginning of the 1970s. Originally designed for the Japanese market by Philippe Cassegrain, the success of this line enabled Longchamp to be recognized as a ladies’ bag designer and continue its expansion all over Asia. 


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