The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2011-01-23

Friday, January 28, 2011

June? Hello, I miss you.

Winter has officially beaten me.  It's bad enough that it snows every nine hours, thirty two minutes.

And that it's higher then my dog - who doesn't so  much mind as she's taken to peepeeing in the house anyway.

And that I couldn't get out to get coffee yesterday and so was coffeeless  until mid-afternoon because that's how long it took to even find my car under the metric poop ton of snow...

But having to R.S.V.P. no to tour the Active Center for Health and Wellness  where I could learn about relaxation (This winter has turned me into an uncooked block of ramen noodles ) ... And anti-aging facials (The shoveling has aged me, man) ...  And massage and various lifts that I will not bother to list  because everything around here needs lifting.

I haven't got a body part that hasn't pointed to my shoes since the Bush Administration. 

Winter, that was too much.  

June?  Hello, I miss you.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Retro Tuesday to frame

When I look through my old magazines I'm always struck by how much I like the ads; like enough to frame and hang in house so I can see them over and over and over again.

Something I've never felt about modern ads which at best, I appreciate - If clever.

But do I want to re-view them?  Not so much...  Old ads are different; attractive.  Art.  And I don't feel manipulated to buy.  Buy. BuyBuyBuy...  Buy, damn you!

When I look though my old magazines I'm  attracted to the products via the ad images.  And this happens so often I wanted to share.

I love everything about this first  image, it makes me unreasonably happy.


The colors and furniture aside; look at the expression on those faces.  I want to be in that moment.


The push for 'a second phone' came on the heels of having the first phone and since a second phone was a luxury the phone company (rightly) knew  people would have to really want to be the people in the ads.  And I always do.

And I adore the style of art that I see in all second phone ads - breezy, light and colorful.  Like life is breezier (easier) with another phone. 


Vinyl slipcovers are just giggle-worthy.  Everything about them is surreal and strange.  Seeing this makes me laugh every time. 


This is the picture I think of framing most often.  It's a Formica ad from the 1940's and it rocks.  Period.  Everything about it sings.  It's perfection on every level and if I start framing ads I'm doing this one first.

Okay, now this one...


is the other side of bizarre.   I always stop to look and wonder, What the heck were they going for in this ad.  Who were they appealing to?

  That drink. That horrific drink -  Five day-glo levels of alcoholic awful shared between two people who appear to be...  I don't even know.  What can be said about the thoughts behind that man's eyes?  I would run from those thoughts.

  And her.  Does that face look  alive to you because now I'm thinking he does morgue make-up and propped his latest funereal creation upright to have a look-see.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Random things about me

1.  I read really fast.  I didn't always, the fast came sometime in high school when I couldn't stand the slow anymore and I decided fast would work better and no, I'm not kidding.  I picked up Gone With the Wind and decided I wanted to read it fast although what fast was, was vague to a slow reader.  I got through it's about thousand pages in four days which to a slow reader was lightening.

After that it got even faster.  This is on my mind because I read  three books from the library this weekend; the library being crazy practical when you read fast:

Raquel Welch: Beyond the Cleavage  I wanted to read this because I thought it was a biography but it was more hm, beauty advice and I dunno.  I liked the bio sections much more.  Much, much more.  I wouldn't give it a thumbs down actually but it wasn't what I was expecting.

The Haunting of Hill House  Yeah, no real thumbs up here either.  Kind of left me flat but no thumbs down exactly.  I'd give it a flat thumb.

Mean Mothers: Overcoming the Legacy of Hurt  Best book on a difficult subject and I've read it before.  It's hard to say read a book that will hurt but it's cathartic.  Meaningful and healing.

2.  I hate pumpkin.  I can't even contemplate eating anything pumpkin flavored.  I'd rather lick the inside of my Dyson Dirt cup.

3.  I love ramen noodles more then any other food.

4.  I wanted to go to beauty school when I was in High School, my mother wouldn't let me.

5.   Mrs. Damm and Mrs. Rump were the names of my Girl Scout troop leaders.

6.  I only went to girl scouts one year.

7. Having to say the word Rump weekly was pretty bad and being known as the Damm-Rump Troop took years to get over but camping was the scouting deal breaker.

8.  I've always wanted a refrigerator that dispenses crushed ice and am insanely jealous of people who have them.

9.  I didn't have a shrimp cocktail until I was eighteen.

10.  I've owned 2 of the cars that show up frequently on the top 10 worst ever cars lists.  And that's ever in the history of cars.  The AMC Hornet and the Renault Le Car.

11.   I'm freezing and can't stop looking at pictures of The Shore.



Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Jersey Sunday - The icicle edition

The New Jersey Sunday plan was  winter photographs, I have new ones and I about lost toes getting them.  But as I was going through them, nope.  I couldn't stand to post them - Couldn't even stand to look at them.

Kept coming back to this one.


It's so toasty.

And I've been freezing anything freezable off  and I think it has something to do with my lack of Vitamin D although coldiosity is more associated with anemia but who knows what I'm missing at this point.   I'm never cold and now I'm into sweaters; far into sweaters.

So pictures like this...


Are all I care to look at.


Today's New Jersey Sunday is about the sun.  The summer.  The beach.  Period.  And my apologies for it's lack of appropriateness but there are icicles bigger then Ginger .  Everywhere.


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