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Friday, January 7, 2011

storing Little Debbie snack cakes, sub sandwiches, and wheels of cheese for the winter

I know.  I posted today about decluttering but I have to write something about Vitamin D.  I recently posted (here) that when my level was checked (blood test) it was low.

I've since learned that low wasn't the correct medical term because where I am, at 11 is...Okay, I don't know the precise medical term for as low as it is so I'm going to call it supercalifragilisticexpialidociously low and call it a day.

I'm bringing this up again because even though it will likely take months (and perhaps months and months and months) for my level to creep it's way back up I feel better just having taken the first Vitamin D (prescription) pill.

I had not been feeling well at all and I was really tired.  Come 6 o'clock in the evening I was all about how soon I could go to bed without someone making fun of me.  Since taking the supplement I've made it until at least 8 every night and once later then that.   I know that doesn't sound like a big deal to you but the week-end before I went to the doctor I seriously wanted to go to bed at four in the afternoon.

For the last few years I've had eczema; went to the dermatologist and he gave me a ton of things to try as I was back and forth a million times because I thought I'd lose my mind itching.

I was wrong by the way, you don't lose your mind itching; you just want too.   Nothing worked except some steroid that I use when I'm near bolting from the house screaming. 

It's better.  It's not gone but it's better for the first time is years.

Oddly, my gums look better too and they were looking pretty raggy.

But here's the most bizarre thing - if you forget about me bolting from the house screaming which yeah, pretty bizarre -   I have been unable to stop eating for months.  It's like I was hungry all the time, even when I was so full I thought I'd pop like...  Well, never mind pop like what.

Once I took the Vitamin D supplement it's like I had some sort of normal hunger/full thing thing. 

Want to know what it was like?  Pretend you're a squirrel and the day's get shorter and a message goes to you're fuzzy gray brain - Nuts, store nuts for the winter! 

And as the days get shorter and shorter; your nuts get bigger and bigger...  Um.  That doesn't sound right but you know what I mean...  It's evolution for the lean cold times ahead.

Well I think the same things happened to me in a kinda sorta way.  My Vitamin D levels dropped  and my body took this to mean less hours of sunlight - ergo the days were getting shorter and I should eat more for lean times of winter. 

Instead of this whole thing leveling off my body kept doing the human equivalent of storing nuts for the winter because my Vitamin D level kept getting lower and instead of storing nuts in a tree I was storing Little Debbie snack cakes, sub sandwiches, and wheels of cheese in my big fat ass.

I had two semesters at college I'll have you know but I'm no scientist so this may be so off the mark that researchers everywhere are pointing and laughing but, wow.  All I can say is. Wow. Oh and...

Have you had your vitamin D level checked yet?


Dining room corner declutter and the Suitcasescape

Wednesday I decluttered one side of the dining room so today I did another area.  I had a small corner near the sliding glass doors; a very small corner.  Two short walls that were blank for a metric butt ton of years because nothing fit but it looked so bare.  I tried a lot of things and I still change it up quite a bit but for today ...

dining room corner

It's an Ikea storage chest with two vintage suitcases (that hide craft supplies) sitting on top.

Recently I've been letting things go that don't have homes like the cookbooks, and the felted things I listed on Etsy but I was getting  tense about  my buttons.  Giving them away is not an option because I use them in crafts and they are precious to me; and not replaceable. 

The other thing is I need to go through them one at a time and separate out white shirt buttons; probably a third to a half of the total amount.     And other buttons I can use for something but are not statement buttons.

dining room corner

So for now they are the main Oooomph! in a Tablescape (Or would that be Suitcasescape?) The buttons are roughly sorted in groups and in glass containers.  The last two times I had company at least one person found a container of buttons so I think having them in glass all together might be appealing.  I don't know, what do you guys think?


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Way way better then a cheese danish...

Hopefully I will know more about these Danish Modern Chairs by Retro Tuesday but I had to post a picture of what I just brought home.  And I mean, just.

danish modern chair

I know, I know... The picture's not great but...

There isn't any sunlight today, another winter storm warning over New Jersey



How could I not post something about my new children...Uh. Triplets.    Um, chairs.  Two with arms and one without.

I must name them.

  I'm thinking  Sven and Thor and Ann-Margret,


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The declutter fest of 2011 continues

 Anyone still with me for the DECLUTTER FEST OF 2011?

I'm moving forward with what I started in (this) post and am on to my dining room... ish.  The small table against a wall was cluttered with (mostly) cookbooks and I had at it this morning. 

It's much better now but the only reason the books fit neatly is because I culled them recently...


Yet again.

Man I hate having to do that;  letting my beloved cookbooks go.  


But looking at these pictures - you know - something funny occurs to me.  All of the cookbooks I gave away this year were new bought at ... Retail.


I still have all my vintage babies.


Hi Babies, your Mommy loves you ♥


Hey! I think my problem isn't buying cookbooks...


It's buying NEW cookbooks!

At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The basement version of Retro Tuesday

About two weeks ago my father said he was cleaning out the basement so  I should take a look see if I wanted anything before it goes.  I didn't want much that was mine; random embarrassingly bad art I did in High School (gah).   But this.  This  I wanted...

retro serving pieces 

Or these, I guess it would be.

My dad had no idea where they came from.   I am pretty sure they were wedding presents (which dates them to the late 1950's) because ...
A.  They were still boxed.

B.   My mother wouldn't have bought those kinds of things - let alone those -  in a million years...

            1.  She hated those colors above all which I am sure is why I love them so.   Immature, I know.

            2.  My parents didn't have smart dinner parties requiring serving pieces hence the boxes. Plus, she never would have bought them on her own even if they were...

           3.  Pink.  My mother's kitchen was pink; everything in there from the floor to the sink to the dishwasher was 50's pink.  

C.  She hated tchotchkes.  Even tchotchkes I made her but don't get me started on that - that's a  soul- wrenching post for a different day. 

So while I think these things...

 retro serving pieces

...are retrotfreakingfanabulous!

My mother would have seen them as horrid mustard yellow and heinous green ugly dust collectors.

And yay! I guess because sixty years later they are brand new and perfect for me to love.  Life's funny like that.

Go visit my Retro Tuesday Pal at Vonlipi's Favorites

FYI she blogs at The Pyrex Collective too which is amazing! Go look! 

Anyone else want to be a retro Tuesday pal? Send me a link....


Monday, January 3, 2011

Digital Mumbo Jumbo and my sick obsession

I decided you guys were right and I'm going sell the felted cuffs I made on Etsy.  I listed them this morning.

I've  only ever sold buttons there, oh wait no that's wrong! And I sold Tazzy bookmarks a few years ago.  Yeah.  And custom bookmarks too.  People sent me pictures of their cockatiels and told me where they would like to go and I would like, put their cockateils on L'arc de Triomphe or something like that and I kid you not about that. 

But it was very time consuming  because I spent a lot of time photoshopping the cage bars out of the pictures and I can't tell you how hard that is and I didn't charge much.   See, people sent me pictures of their birds inside of the cages - and um, you can't put a bird on top of the Seattle Space Needle behind bars.  So anyway.  I stopped doing that.

And felting involves no digital mumbo jumbo so that's good. And selling them will be nice because I can buy more wool to feed my sick obsession with felting.  So that will be good too.

Of course I will need more benedryl, calamine lotion and all that anti-itch stuff but eh.  When you're addicted what's a rash compared to getting your yarn fix?  I ask you.

No really, I am asking you....


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Shhh! Ginger's sleeping on her Christmas presant

In case you were wondering if there was anything under the tree for Ginger, you're not alone.


She was wondering too.

Now if Ginger was a person she wouldn't want socks or sweaters.  She wouldn't want movie tickets or bath salts; I think Ginger would be all up into restaurant gift cards.  Despite her small size she's an eater; or would be until she exploded if given an opportunity.  

Besides her muffins (dog beds) the only thing Ginger cares about is of the edible persuasion so we found her a giant holiday dog bone.  Oddly, you were supposed to light a(n actual) candle.  I'm glad we did not.  


We set it before her, unlit.


She grabbed it and bolted.


She walked and walked and walked all over the house hauling that huge bone. 


Until she decided she had no idea what to do with it and would defer the decision until later. 


She proceeded to do what she always does with things she wants to deal with later; bury it. Although burying a thing that size..


So no one in the Universe *cough* knows where it is and that  turned out to be quite a production requiring a lot of pillows.


Making it invisible took forever. But she was pretty focused.  These are a few of the many pictures I took of her burying the giant bone with invisible dirt.


I guess if you cover your treasures with thirty-seven pillows and the dog bed Lin made you and then go to sleep on it well, yeah.  Maybe your secret is safe.


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