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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Two pens straight from the penmanship gods

Recently Philofaxy  inquired  "...which gel pens and roller ball pens work with ordinary Filofax paper?" (And the supplemental question of, which ones fit the pen loop?)

 It's at  28  comments and still getting responses because it's a great question ( The number of paper/pen combinations alone are kinda dazzling and best left to the mathematical).

  Now,  to people who don't give a day-glo patootie about writing in a Filofax to begin with, the question of which pen to use is as a bit like asking, Prior to shredding papers should they be face up or face down? And I get that....   But to someone who writes in one everyday, and more importantly, intends to go back and reference it, the pen and paper combo  is critical. 

 The pen slash paper choice will either produce a zen-like experience or a giant pain in your day-glo patootie.  

The wrong ink can ruin an important list (and the page behind it).  Pick the wrong pen to set the date for a critical meeting and the next time you look for it you may find it had dissolved in a (n) erasable poof.  Ink can be temperamental that way.  

And rail against the penmanship God's all you want but it's hard to match a fountain pen with a Filofax; many leave you not with sentences but a Rorschach test.

 Writing with a lousy pen is as much fun as texting on an iPhone. 

 Check out the ' What's in my purse' photo below.

Thought I'd change my purse so snapped a pic first

Mid-rightish-bottomish are the pens I had high hopes for:  The Pilot precise zing, Pilot parallel calligraphy, Pilot G2, Lamy aqua Safari, and the Cross Edge.

I thought I'd love them all, I only love two and really only use one.

Plus one more.

Morning: Coffee and a Filofax

The Lamy Joy.

So aptly named.  I have a thing for calligraphy pens because it makes my sub-par handwriting prettier and Joy does a great job for around $30 (At Goulet it's $28 Check them out if you haven't).  The ink doesn't bleed and feather on Filofax paper.


todo lamy

As you can see from the back side of that page, the shadowing in non-intrusive. 

lamy flip side

Here's a close up of a calendar page.

Lamy ink

and the back.

Not much aggravation coming through the back.

pilot g2 07

The Pilot G-2 07 is the one I reach for most often.


That page has Joy words on top G-2 words on bottom.

The Lamy words are more flowery, the G-2 words more practical.  If I want to highlight the Lamy words I need to give it an excessive amount of some time or I have all manner of smearage.  With the G-2 I can highlight willy-nilly.     I also have about six colors for the G2, with the Lamy I'm a bit stuck till I'm done with that color.

The G2 fits in the pen loop (A5) the Joy doesn't.  They both shadow on the back about the same.  

Both are really fun to write with.  The Joy is a great pen and it's doesn't feel scratchy or obnoxious.  The G2 is smooth, it writes like a dream on some pretty darned pedestrian paper. 

I've tried a lot of pens but keep coming back to these two.  I love them both and no, the Lamy doesn't fit into the pen loops but I still find a way to schlep it around with me.  

Now that's love.

P.S. The pen that comes in third is the $40 Cross Edge, and it writes very nice and feels very nice.  It just doesn't write quite as nice as the G2 which is much cheaper.


Lin 12/27/11, 11:13 PM  

While I'm not into the filofax thing--I do love a good writing pen. Oh, how my penmanship improves with a super thin Sharpie on cardstock! There is just something to be said for the right pen for the right paper--it just FLOWS. I think today's youth is missing out on actually writing stuff with their hands.

Amy 12/28/11, 6:52 AM  

Seriously never thought I'd find a blog post about what pens write the best. I'm a teacher, and one of my colleagues and I are addicted to finding the best writing pens. It is our life obsession, so finding this post today was like a special surprise! I'll have to check out the Lamy Joy. Never heard of it!!! Thx!

Tracy Reinhardt 12/28/11, 9:07 AM  

Lin, I so agree. As much as I wax on about Filofax the appeal has a lot to do with writing things down. I could do that in a lot of places but Filo's work for me!

Amy - The Lamy Joy is pen I bought ages ago and lost once... and about a year ago bought again. I use the 1.1 nib (I think). Lamy makes a variety of really reasonably priced pens but their pens don't write scratchy like a lot of inexpensive pens. Check out to see whats around - they have a great selection and they are really into pens with a blog and youtube channel.

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