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Friday, December 23, 2011

Stuck on my Filofax

All you really need to plan your day is a pen and a Filofax...

lined todo

... but...

...a Filofax, pen, colored pencils, highlighters, and an obscene amount of stickers makes mundane chores tolerable.  Perhaps dare I say, fun?

The girly falala and bits of glitter make me happy.

A5 filofax to do list

I've always needed an Office-Supply 12-step program but getting a Filofax kicked that chestnut into orbit.

I've seen a similar obsessiveness about Filofaxes and stickers slash pens slash office supplies slash ad infinitum amongst others who do Filoblogging so figure I'll do my part and show a little sticker porn  for the Stationary Addicted. 

urgent sticker

The urgent sticker is from this little booklet.

The stickers are graphic and attractive (no glitter or tiaras or anything), functional I'd call them.  I got them locally but they are available online from See Jane Work.  They cost $7.50 for 288 stickers


These reinforcements are by Girl Of All Work, in Frolic.  They are called page dots and you get 144 cheerful ooops-fixing cuties in a little box, 3 designs.   They cost $5.25, a total bargain.


Recently, I changed my top tabs from words to puffy stickers. The tabs were small and hard to write on; I did it anyway and then it was unreadable.  The stickers work really well for me and it's fun.  These stickers...

came from Kawaii Tokyo.  She's in Japan, is so nice, and the shipping is really reasonable! And QUICK!  The shop doesn't have those exact stickers but similar ones are $4.50


These came from here too, I ordered three sets of those.  I'm obsessed with them.  She doesn't have these up at the moment, I think I cleaned her out!  


These stickers (and the one's in the next two pictures) came from Sugar B. Supplies.  Love  her stuff too and she ships from the US so it's even quicker!  Sugar B. has a lot of items to choose from!


Cute! 9 sheets of adorableness, seven bucks!  And she sells the Masking sticker set (below) too.

masking sticker set

I got my washi tape at Le Box Boutique 

to do list malden a5

What I love about that seller is you can pick lots of different small samples instead of paying a lot for one large roll.   I'm going back for more very soon.   

And the tape comes on these adorable, teeny wood spools.

The first step in recovery is admitting you're powerless over Filofaxes and stickers; the second is buying more.

At least that's my theory and I'm going with it.

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Babes Mami 12/23/11, 1:31 PM  

I love washi tape!!

Also, I got the food stuff today! Such a great package, samples, magnets and a tee.

Lin 12/23/11, 8:33 PM  

You are crazy addicted. I think we need an intervention...

Merry Christmas, Tracy!! I wish you and the gang a GREAT holiday! Smoochies to all!

Sandra 12/23/11, 11:01 PM  

I am in sticker goodness shock! How fun is this post and your Filofax?! Merry merry to you and yours!

LJ 12/24/11, 1:56 AM  

Want, want, want... when will See Jane Work & Girl of All Work ship to Europe? I neeeed these :o)

Must calm down, and start planning.

Merry Christmas xxx

Tracy Reinhardt 12/24/11, 9:16 AM  

Babes, you must get some of that washi tape!

Lin, guilty!

Sandra - Thank you! merry merry to you and yours as well!

LJ --- Write them! You never know!

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