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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Nutrisystem Gratitude Project, join me?

Yesterday, I was thinking about all positive ways my life has changed since I started Nutrisystem and I thought I'd make a gratitude list.    According to Happy Life U:   

"Research shows that making a gratitude list everyday for just 7 days increases happiness for more than a month. Developing gratitude is one simple key to happiness that anyone can access at anytime."

Now that I have two Filofaxes there's no excuse not to make a gratitude list a day for seven days.   My plan is to make seven lists, seven different subjects, seven items a piece.

I'm calling it my Nutrisystem Gratitude Project because that's what started it all but  join me about any subjects near and dear to you.  You could commit to blog (or write) a gratitude list of your own for seven days, seven subject, seven items.   

Here we go!

1.  Even though I have many non-scale accomplishments, the scale's downward movement is something I'm grateful for!  

Yes, two more pounds!

2.   This morning I put on a denim vest and buttoned the middle button.  For months I've just been buttoning the top one or leaving it open.  As I write this the middle is buttoned... And I feel svelte like no bodies business because of that button. 

3.   I'm grateful my for a shift in attitude.  Recently I had an opportunity to go to a Holiday Party, which I guess I do every year....  but this is the first time I've said, Yes!  

In Week 9 of the Mindset Makeover I learned:  Part of a realistic, long-term approach to losing weight is realizing that your eating won't be the same every day. This is especially true at special events and holidays."

But you know, the point of that might even be that Nutrisystem thinks it's good to go to a party!  They don't say avoid life until you're at some magical weight...  They say learn to live your life.  

They even say I'll have a good time:   "Social situations are manageable—and enjoyable—if you go into them with a plan."  (And if Nutrisystem say's I'll enjoy myself, I believe it.)

4.  I' m grateful for my stash of food, ready for me when it's meal time.  I love that a months worth of food is always here.  It would be more of an effort to go off my plan then to stay on it...  And I'm very grateful for how easy it is.

5.  I'm grateful for my  Nutrisystem Low GI Cookbook because well, Yum...  Plus you know I love cookbooks plus it gives me a chance to play with my food!

6.  I'm grateful for all the support available on the site, on Facebook and Twitter.  It's the easiest plan ever but I have a teen with teen friends and when there is a house full of them and accompanying Nachos it helps to be able to boost my resolve.  I get weak in the knees over cheese sauce.

7.  I have a physical coming up and I'm so grateful that when my doctor asks me if I'm doing something about my weight I can grab her by the shoulders and yell, YES!

And if she doesn't call security at that point I'll tell her about Nutrisystem, how much I've already lost and that I eat oatmeal almost every morning...  Doctor's like to hear you eat oatmeal!

 I hope everyone will join me, if not on Nutrisystem (although check them out they have some specials new things coming up!), at least with a gratitude list.  Gratitude is something we can never have enough of!

If you want to lost weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem click HERE! or call 1-888-853-4689

*This post was sponsored  by Nutrisystem who is providing me with the food and program materials in exchange for blogging and who has my eternal gratitude!*


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