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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nail Polish of the Day, Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Color Care in Fog

What a wonderful, flukey purchase Fog was.  Here it is against a backdrop of Ventura because I can't take enough pictures of that dog.


Fog is a white with a cast to it.  I don't have another color like this and didn't go lookin' for it.   I bought it because the polish is supposed to be ridge-filling with a soft breathable porcelain smooth finish.  

That sounds just so --- Nice. 

 And straight up, I wish I could find a thigh cream with that description, my thighs haven't been within a hundred feet of   porcelain smooth  in years.

Niceness and thighs aside, I walked around Rite-Aid for quite the while holding a couple o' few bottles trying to decide; not that they aren't pretty (Easter egg) colors but it's December, did I want Easter? 

I purchased one bottle of Fog to use as a base coat because despite it's claims (hide ridges and imperfections, and  promotes healthier-looking nails  that allows for up to 20% more oxygen to reach the nail), ridge filling was the one that appealed to me. 

 I have major ridges.  Want to see a close-up of the surface of my thumb?

Okay, I lied. That's the Grand Canyon (shot by Jon Sullivan).  

On to the polish.

Its a bit confusing and not a color I gravitate too but  know what? 

Loves it!

This picture's better; you can see that the color has a very subtle opaly glow.  You cant see it (at all) in the bottle and just FYI the more coats of polish you wear the less of that aspect I see.   It seems like it will be  an opaque cream but it's got more depth to it.   I liked it so much I didn't cover it with anything else; just added another coat.  

I only got Fog but have looked at reviews, this isn't the only color with a subtle glowy thing going on.  For me that makes the polish more then I expected but  people who expected an opaque cream were less charmed.    

The polish went on like a dream, like buttah I tell you.  I like Sally Hansen's wide brushes but if you don't you won't like this one either.  The polish does have a smooth soft look, almost silky.   Two coats covered all major ridges, three took care of the one I call Mount Kilimanjaro.

 I wish there was more then the pastel options which I dunno...  Aren't really hitting a Ho-Ho-Holiday chord for me plus, they aren't great for my skin tone.  

I'm at a loss as to why exactly and certainly can't explain it but I heart this stuff and will definitely repurchase more of this formula.

Score:  ♥ ♥ ♥  out of five hearts

As an aside about the line:

It's puzzling for a line of nail polish to come out in December in these colors and there is no information about it on Sally Hansen. 

One day there it was in a pastel *poof* from the Nail Fairy. Period.  

I finally found something this morning:

Drugstore News in an article titled:  Sally Hansen unveils spring 2012 nail color innovations says -Want nearly naked nails? Enter Smooth and Perfect Color + Care, a collection of nude nail polishes that deliver creamy color and a porcelain-smooth coverage in one polish. The formula is designed to hide ridges and imperfections, and promotes healthier-looking nails with a patented technology that allows for up to 20% more oxygen to reach the nail. The new Smooth and Perfect Color + Care collection comes in eight barely-there shades priced at $5.99 each.

Okay, that explains the Easter eggean colors and the claims.  I still find  myself verklempt over the oxygen thing; a bit of a wing-nut in my opinion.  Especially since if it allows up to 20% more O2 to get in wouldn't the point be to promote healthier nails, not healthier LOOKING nails?

Oh! Wait one more thing because this isn't War and Peace yet, I think the description hints at these not being opaque, using words like barely-there, naked, nude...  And saying they are "creamy colors", not creams.  In some of the reviews I've read people felt they weren't opaque and weren't creams, so yeah.  Sally says that too.

*The cost was $5.99 and I bought this myself.   Sesche Vite was used over top.*


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