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Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Filofax has a Muffin Top

With my recent  abundance of spectacular  Filofax Karma I had to pick  one to use because for a few days it felt like the Universe was raining Filo's (... And what a wonderful world THAT would be!)  

 I know some people can use multiple binders but my life's not that interesting --- So  trying to use two A5's would be like trying to live in two houses at once. 

I set up the Imperial Purple Finchley because, flat out, it got here first and patience isn't my thing. 

A week in, my Finchley looks like she's been binging on too many high caloric inserts. 

finchley a5 full to busting

Note to self:  If a Filofax could have a Muffin top this is what it would look like.

filofax finchley a5

But why?  

filofax a5 card holder

I went through Miss Finch to see what I fed her and noticed I have a lot of business cards; some because I  love the art, some that would be better served kept in my house ( But where?)  And some because they are appointment cards I haven't noted in the dated section.  

You know....It's entirely possible that  six business card holders, stuffed to busting,  might  be excessive.  

filofax a5 zip pocket fun

I also have three zip pockets with a variety of things that make me happy rather then things I 'need'.  This one has mainly stamps; stamps to  use (that is if I can ever bring myself to use the Eames Chair stamps) and stamps that came on envelopes but have such major coolatude I want to keep looking at them.  

Plus, do I really need the year- old Broadway tickets in there?  

I vote yes.

meeting tab

I use post cards as interim dividers; something that sub-divides main sections.  This Cape May postcard is in the back of another section and behind it are phone numbers specific to this section.  A main contact section doesn't work for me; this does but it does add bulk.

greyhound post card

And I noticed I throw in post cards for no rational reason, like this Greyhound Craft Show  card I went to recently, just cause I like Greyhounds.  And craft shows...  And post cards.

I'm clearly out of control and my poor Miss Finch is paying the price.

Filofax finchley A5 first page with menu art

And the front cover, whoa.  She's got some serious cleavage spilling out...

This morning I remembered something; Steve from Philofaxy reminded me to check the Malden ring size when I got it because he'd had an issue ....

 And then it occurred to me;  the Malden A5 might have bigger rings and I looked it up.  Yes, seems Miss Finchley's rings are delicate flowers at 25 mm but Mr. Malden's rings are a whopping, manly 30 mm...


malden a5 edge

My excessive ridiculousness   fit's in Mr. Malden.

I need to reevaluate my Filofax needs, wants and desires.  Decide what is critical to keep and see if there is something best kept somewhere else.

But for now, Mr. Malden, has plenty of room for all my  Filofaxean nuttiness and being the strong silent type he says nothing  beyond a crisp, satisfyingly snap at the end of each  session.



Rori 12/4/11, 1:23 PM  

Fantastic post! I love those stamps--and I love to see pictures of people who have stuffed Filofaxes--AWESOMENESS :D

The Crazy Suburban Mom 12/4/11, 1:46 PM  

Thanks Rori :) I love your posts (and videos... I actually rewatch them... I know that's weird!)


Lin 12/4/11, 9:22 PM  

That thing is really an organizer as it is sort of a purse-size cedar chest full of old memories and treasures. I love that you haul all that around with you too!

Come to think of it (while I'm teasing you about YOUR collection), I've got an address book stuffed with comics that I found funny 8000 years ago, photos of kids that I don't remember who they are, and little slips of paper with stuff on them. It hardly fits in the designated cubby in my desk anymore.

Criminy, and I'm teasing YOU???!

Lyn Goodnight 12/5/11, 1:23 PM  

I've got the answer to your business card problem -- a tiny file cabinet that's made just for them!

Could this be the answer your poor Filofax is looking for?

Kelly Marriott 12/6/11, 10:15 PM  

That mini card file is adorable!

I use the Card Cubby. I keep all those store reward cards in it. They have great colors! A new addiction...

Beverley 12/10/11, 12:47 AM  

I collect postcards and business cards and theatre tickets and . . . well you get the idea. I made them into art. Three bulletin boards (two 2'x3' & one 2'x4') and a box of sequin pins and hey! presto my office looks great. It also means that my memories and cool designs are seen everyday as opposed being in a box or an album. And my Filofax doesn't weigh 40 lbs.

lowtech 12/10/11, 6:06 AM  

Ahhh what fun! I love your writing and postcards as dividers! Lovely idea - if Percy, my Personal Chameleon can handle them...

Claire Joanne Huxham 12/11/11, 4:46 PM  

I do love it though when a Filofax gets really fat and full of stuff. But I know what you mean about those card holders. I've just weeded all mine out of my Personal and keep them in the A5 I leave at home.

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