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Friday, December 30, 2011

Ms. Finch and I take umbrage to the word chunky

I found something unexpected today.  While doing a look-surf  for new posts by my favorite Filobloggers; a news story goggled into my lap .  Petula Dvorak, a columnist, published  Gadgets got your schedule scattered? Maybe it’s time to go back to paper in  The Washington Post.

While the slant of the story is Pro-Filo (et al) there is the sarcastic giggle of paper-prejudice bubbling  just below the surface:  "It isn’t the fear of technology that is driving us back to the chunky Filofaxes we stored away in a box also marked “shoulder pads” and “beepers,” writes Petula Dvorak.

FYI  Washington Post.... The word 'chunky' is never  flattering  and neither were/are/or will be at any time in the future,  shoulder pads.  

Ms. Dvorak's goes on to theorize that paper planners, or to use her term, "a brick of calendar filler papers"  "...could be a woman thing."  Ouch, Ms. Dvorak. Just ouch.

The " A woman thing"  is a nod to an article in The Telegraph she references that described the Filofax as among other things " the latest relic of the 1980s to enjoy a resurgence, following big hair [...] shoulder pads,"  categorizes smart phones as "quite masculine" and ends with "Taking out a Filofax is quite a fashion statement [for women]."

The all but buried  point of the article is that paper planners work, and work well -- But this positive message runs chaotically through a maze of shoulder pads,  big 80's hair,  and the cringe-worthy phrase, a woman thing.

I wish this story articulated the positive points about Filofaxes and  followed up with a period before it got to shoulder pads (no one needs to revisit those).   To quote the article on using paper, "It is simply the way some people are wired organizationally.  The way we understand the order of our lives."  

 Yes, Washington Post... Yes  It's not a woman thing, it's a brain thing.  We girls have them you know.  

Brains, I mean ...


Amy 12/30/11, 5:26 PM  

Tracy, I've just recently given up my paper/pen calendar and started using the Cozi app on my iPhone in earnest. However, it wasn't because the paper/pen calendar wasn't working. It was just easier for me to share appointments with my husband via our phones. That being said, I miss my calendar. I miss writing things down, crossing them out, drawing arrows for rescheduled appointments, and seeing my life written down on made it seem more...permanent...less fleeting. So, keep filofaxing away, because, "woman thing" or not, it works.

Babes Mami 12/30/11, 6:22 PM  

A paper calendar works best for me as well as a to do list but other things I keep track of better in my phone. It just depends on which things and when. :]

How dare she lump your precious in with shoulder pads!

Lin 12/30/11, 9:12 PM  

Call me old fashioned, but I still like my paper calendars--in my purse, on my wall and fridge. I don't care what apps you got--I love looking at it all at a glance and it very easy to enter it all on there.

LJ 12/31/11, 1:23 AM  

Well said - maybe she needs to take a good look at Philofaxy :o)

Rori 12/31/11, 10:51 AM  

Hear hear! You'd think you wouldn't see "woman thing" any more, wouldn't ya? :o(

Cruz Johnson 4/25/13, 12:30 AM  

I'm a guy who loves Filofaxes AND shoulder pads. Where does that leave me?

Tracy Reinhardt 4/25/13, 4:48 AM  

I think that leave you stylish, very stylish

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