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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mr. Malden gets a sex change

Switching from Miss Finch to Mr. Malden has been great from a space perspective; that extra 5 millimeters in the rings gives me scads more room for the insane miscellany I desperately feel the need to carry with me from room to room.    

Granted a Filofax (let alone two Filofaxi) is probably better suited to someone who  actually leaves her house but it's one of those strange  things about me; I just love these  ringed wonders and carrying it from room to room makes exquisite sense.

 Holding my Filofax, I dunno.... I feel complete and writing in one makes me feel like life isn't a bunch of loose threads waiting to wrap around my ankles and knock me to the floor.

Plus owning a Filofax makes me feel like an adult although -- I admit -- owning several makes me feel  like some sort of weird stationery groupie and oddly stalkerish.   I take solace in reading Filofax blogs and knowing I'm far from alone in this (If you don't believe me check out Philofaxy)

The only issue I have with Mr. Malden is his level of testosterone.  Look how uncomfortable he looks placed on my pink chenille bedspread.

malden a5 edge

It's partly his color, dignified gray.  

to do list malden a5

And partly that I add all kinds of girly frillage inside; pink highlighters, washi tape, pseudo fru fru handwriting ...   Since that isn't stopping, I decided to girly up Mr. Malden.

sticker goodness

I have a lot of stickers.  Not nearly enough because stickers... (purses, nail polish, and lip gloss...) you can never have enough of. 

Mr. Malden cried manly tears when I came at him with the stickers.

malden a5 side view tabs

But I did it anyway.

Malden A5 information tab

I'm starting slow...

malden a5 to do list tab

I didn't use Hello Kitty on him...


icclewu 12/6/11, 2:54 PM  

Awesome!!!!! I love the stickers!!!! xx

Insu1974 12/6/11, 3:05 PM  

Hi, where did you buy these stickers?? They are cute:)

The Crazy Suburban Mom 12/6/11, 3:24 PM  

I found the stickers at this etsy shop Arent they adorable??? Loved them so much I ordered three more sheets as soon as I got my first set!


SNARLing: 12/6/11, 4:32 PM  

heh heh. i think mr. malden is a real man so he really wouldn't care if he's wearing kawaii veggies or hello kitty as long as he's being carried around and used on a regular basis even if it is 'only' from room to room. maybe you can give him a little compensation for his troubles and put one little (or big) manly thing in there as well. maybe put a picture of the most manliest of sensitive new age guys that he can aspire to be like johnny depp or ryan gossling or someone like that. heh heh.

for my own compact chameleon, i had considered buying a zip personal so that i can also carry a bunch more pens as well as my cell phone from room to room but then decided to get a pouch instead. it's snakeskin nylon with zippered pockets for pens and cell and large enough that it also fits a large softcover moleskine and could also accommodate a personal if i ever switch. man, our filofaxes are so spoiled

The Crazy Suburban Mom 12/6/11, 4:53 PM  

Snarling, spoiled is right! One of my other 'things' is pens and the filo cant hold too many pens... or interesting pens. Anything overly thick, etc.

And I love interesting pens.

With all these filos its still in the back of my mind to buy a mini finchley for a wallet - its a sickness. flat out


Imy 12/7/11, 5:56 AM  

Thoes stickers are SOOOOOOOOOO cute :-D I love them!!! x

Vanjilla 12/8/11, 6:15 PM  

Great post, as always!

I wish I could just transfer my muffin top to my DH, lol!...

May I ask, I spotted a loooooovely today marker with flowers in your binder - did you make it or it can be bought somewhere? (blink-blink!)

And since you mentioned mini... I was always struggling with personal size, I found an A5 so much more comfortable to write in... so I never even considered getting a mini. But I did impulsively and LOVE IT AS MY WALLET! I'm sorry for the enabling! ;)

The Crazy Suburban Mom 12/8/11, 6:37 PM  

Vanjilla -- I think you're seeing washi tape from this store Thats what on the marker and it's definitely flowery!

And ack! on enabling! LOL Thats what I thought ... I actually have a pocket I got very cheap on ebay but it doesnt have the bill fold pocket so its not a great wallet!

SNARLing: 12/8/11, 9:28 PM  

i have to say, i love the minis. they're just too freakin cute. they're good as notebooks mostly, i think. the paper's the same size as the mini moleskines. i wish the us would carry the mini malden. and i'm bummed that i missed out on the mini kendal (although there is one on ebay from the uk...) from the looks of the filofaxusa page, it seems that the minis may be phasing out....GOD I HOPE NOT!!!

Vanjilla 12/10/11, 4:24 PM  

Washi tape! :) Thanks, I'll so copy it from you! (here goes another obsession of mine, I think!)
He he, I knew you would resign from the idea of a mini after my reply... and Snarling helped you, too! ;)
Pocket just didn't work as a wallet for me - believe me, even mini gets too big in this role from time to time! But I think there's one even more important feature than the full length pocket at the top: a secretarial pocket at the front (that's why I don't retire my battered Amazona, and I think Piazzas have one too...)! From your pics I assume you'd cram it lovely full of banknotes and other stuff - please, don't hate me! ;)
I'll let you know if I kick myself and do a post on my mini, just as an appetizer!

@Snarling - exactly: too freakin cute! I mostly track my expenditure in them, but use them for my notes on the go as well. I'd say that the mini is a new personal in a way, hopefully they really don't become dinosaurs!

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