The Crazy Suburban Mom: Greyhound legs, steel rods and Natural Balance

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Greyhound legs, steel rods and Natural Balance

Last week I posted here about Ventura's ongoing leg issue (and my Natural Balance Dog Food Giveaway).  For anyone who doesn't know, Ventura is my four year old ex-racing greyhound.  Near as I can piece together  he ran 63 races and won, placed or showed in over half of them.

Considering a lot of greyhounds are adopted  at around two years when they aren't fast enough on the track; that's pretty amazing.  The dogs start out at Grade D and move up to Grade A if they can --  If not they are released to rescue or worse.

Ventura started racing in 2008, made his way to Grade A in 2009 and stayed there.

Ventura's a big boy, about 74  pounds; and fast.  Even with his leg problems he's very fast.  His size and speed probably have to do with his daddy, Kiowa Sweet Trey (80 pounds) who died in 2009. Not only did Ventura's daddy win a lot (a lot) of races, his babies have too.

In a February of 2011 race Ventura came in near last and 4 days later didn't race due to a 'vet scratch'.  Trying to piece it all together is difficult but it looks like he might have broken his leg on February 4, 2011.  He has no further stats  after February 8, 2011.

I found a picture from the Birmingham News September 2010 that I think is Ventura..

The collar reads part of his racing name and the brindle pattern looks the same.

Although he's looking way less frantic these days.

Man, I love that sweet face.

I think Ventura broke his leg on February 4, 2011.  I also think he wasn't treated until he was released to rescue in May.  By then his leg had atrophied and his foot/toes had contracted.  Not all greyhound rescues take ill or injured dogs because of the cost.  I saw the bill; Ventura's medical care was about $3000 -- Yes, that's three thousand. They put in 4 steel rods.  One had to come out very soon after I adopted him.

 Last week he stopped walking on that leg again, the vet looked at it and could feel a pin poking around. He wrapped it  to try and  stabilize the pins. Yesterday morning I had to take off the cast because it'd gotten wet and  (It's gross)  this is what I found.  Where the bump was; there was now a hole in his leg.  I could see muscle, the pin and bone.

So yesterday he had another surgery, two rods gone; two in there still.   Yesterday's rod was about  half the size of the last one.

But still scary, impressive.  

Ventura is feeling much better now that it's gone and that hole is sutured up.

I think he's actually smiling.  


SNARLing: 12/8/11, 3:52 PM  

damn. reading this stuff makes me cry but it all boils down to: such a lucky doggie to have a crazy suburban momma like you!!! may his $3000+ smile last until you're both good and old!!!

Vonlipi 12/8/11, 7:56 PM  

I swear you're the best Tracy! Ventura is so grateful and happy I can tell by his sweet smile!

We have a black stray cat hanging around the balcony that we feed. Can you bet he'll be inside before you can say Happy Hannukah?

Strays and rescued make the best pets! :)

Lin 12/8/11, 10:07 PM  

That poor dog and the others like him. He's lucky he found a good home. I hope he feels better soon. Please give him a giant smoochie from Aunt Lin.

And two for Ginger. ;)

Babes Mami 12/10/11, 5:31 PM  

ooohh puppy :[ He will be good as new soon!

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