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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Filofax, the little black dress of office supplies

I use a Filofax because it's practical.  


That's a lie.  I could if it was  maybe the law make do with a dollar-store notebook but those cheesy things don't make me wanna sing.  They also aren't made to last for decades like Filos.  This Personal Portland here...

...Is older then my kid by a decade.

 At least.

 Filofaxes are the little black dress of office supplies; right in any situation. Using it at home is as comfy as stepping into my fuzzy slippers but I can pull it out at a meeting, a doctor's office ...  anywhere.  Opening a Filofax always feels appropriate and right.

And yeah,  people at meetings look at me and say, "What a Dinosaur! I haven't seen anything like that since  Clan of the Cave Bear!"  I just smile, slip my pen from it's loop and start writing.

The whole process is easy, simple; simultaneously mindless and mindful .  Unlike onscreen keyboard-data entry which is far from meditative (although quite fun to watch and giggle at from afar.)

I get the techy appeal of tech. I sleep with an iPhone; no kidding.  Podcasts put me to sleep every night but even an iPhone has limits.

  What's that saying...  If it's not an iPhone it's not an iPhone...  Implying if you want an iPhone don't get another brand of smart phone cause you'll be sorry!

I feel that way about my Filofax(es).  If it's not a Filofax, it's not a Filofax.

Sure you can write in a dollar-store notebook but the paper won't take anything but standard ink if that and there won't be leather pen loops for your E-Cigs...

Sure you can decorate a dollar-store notebook but Filo's are perfect out of the box.


Although perfection doesn't keep me from tarting up the inside.

There's something permanent about Filofaxes. With the exception of some ring changes (and the puzzling addition of the Flex) they don't change all that much.

If you buy one you won't have to upgrade to the new Filofax 4S in six months or be made fun of by other Filophiles on the playground ( Philofaxy ) because your really, really old Filo will be coveted by other people who carry them.  And they will likely offer you more money for that dinosaur.then you paid. 

Can't say that about an iPhone.

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Steve 12/11/11, 3:39 AM  

Also when you have got it just perfect and you like everything it does... someone doesn't come along and force and update on you and move everything around with no apparent improvement to the basic functions. For that read the Twitter Mobile app...

No if I change the way I structure my Filofax it's down to me not some faceless individual geek buried in a shiny glass office building somewhere on the west coast of the USA who has no idea how satisfied I am with their product before he decided he was bored and wanted to change it.

I like changing my Filofax structure and contents, but it's evolution not revolution...

Great post... I liked the LBD angle too... very cute..

The Crazy Suburban Mom 12/11/11, 12:05 PM  

Steve, Thank you for the kind words like 'great' and all, appreciated! The last major software update of my iPhone almost lost me everything.. Its not especially improved either. It does some interesting things but theres no way to even know what they are... or how to work them until you stumble upon them. For example -- It seemed I lost the ability to do close up with the camera -- it wasn't until I saw an iphone commercial that I realized what I needed to do.

LJ 12/17/11, 12:56 AM  

So true - Filofaxes are just little pieces of heaven. So practical, and so beautiful that they always make you smile :o)

lifeconsidered 12/17/11, 6:14 AM  

I got a little spasm when I saw that tan one with the green pen. Is that a Cuban?...and what kind of pen is that?

lifeconsidered 12/17/11, 6:16 AM  

Sorry...I see now it's a Portland. I'm like a kid...I like to look at all the pictures first!

Tracy Reinhardt 12/17/11, 8:07 AM  

Lifeconsidered, The pen is a cross edge and it's fabulous. It feels wonderful and writes great and its $40 which is very reasonable

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