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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Favorite Presents this year!

I finally got sea glass jewelry and I was floored, who knew my family read my blog???    I've wanted a ring made by Tara at Scarborough Seashells for oh, years now.  And this year I got it, and it's the most beautiful tiffany blue.  

Atomic aqua sea glass ring!

Look, I did my nails to match.   I got a pendant to match and pictures of that will be forthcoming!   Check out her etsy shop and her blog.  She does amazing work, beautifully finished.  I couldn't be happier! Thank you, Tara!  

And Ventura's favorite was this...


It's called 'The Dog Brick' by Nina Ottossen.  There are other toys to choose from but this one looked like something he'd enjoy and he does! 

And I gave my son the Universe...

Slooh is a subscription website where you can witness eclipses, transits, comets, and newly discovered supernovas... And control robotic space cameras which AMAZED HIM TO NO END!  It's very cool.  Ben is very into astronomy and ALL things like this, he is forever watching one science channel or another.  This was a way fun thing for him.   


Amy 1/1/12, 2:17 PM  

I've never heard of Slooh before, but just checked it out and it sounds pretty amazing. I have a little guy who would love this, as well. His birthday is in February. Maybe we'll try a month and see if he uses it. Thanks for the heads up! Gorgeous ring, as well! :)

Babes Mami 1/1/12, 2:52 PM  

You got and gave great gifts!! My favorite is the kitchenaid mixer Chris got me!

Happy New Year!

Lynette 1/2/12, 5:33 AM  

Oh that ring is wonderful. And the nails too cool to match. I know Ben loved his new toy...don't matter the age boys will be boys!

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