The Crazy Suburban Mom: Dragging out my Filofax

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dragging out my Filofax

A Filofax is perfect sitting untouched in the box, surrounded by tissue.

A5 Finchley, Imperial Purple

But like Marilyn Monroe said,

"Diamonds are a girls best friends and glittery stickers are bangin' on a Filo."

Okay well, Marilyn said the thing about diamonds and I added the sticker part but it's all good because Miss Finch without  bling is like Marilyn without tons of the big D.

Not wanting to deface Miss Finch I defaced the ruler instead.


My recent  Filoquisitions netted me three rulers; not one being a nice clear one.  Those are pretty great the way the are but the black ones are pure cheese so I didn't mind bejeweling it to within an inch of it's flimsy life.


I have lots to choose from.


And chose lots.

Filo ruler

How perfect are the  tiaras?

Were the tiaras.


Follow me to my notebook shelf.

I listed them for you and you can see Miss Finch is up there because her rings were too dainty to carry the kitchen sink that is my life.  I'll finish the shelf tour for you.

 more shelves

My craft, button, and zakka books.  And vintage buttons, oh! I love those things...

bottom shelf

The bottom shelf has a container with random papers.   My dog sleeps below the shelves.


Pardon his package...


Remember I changed to Mr. Malden recently?

Mr. Malden is working out great but now my  Filostud is studded with glitter, sparkly girlyphernalia, and housing random Hello Kitty erasers.

I do confess to feeling guilty about turning him into the betiared, drag queen version of a Filofax but I hope one day he comes to accept it and who knows perhaps one day he will even suggest we go shoe shopping together....


LJ 12/24/11, 12:32 AM  

Wow - so many stickers!!! Fabulous xxx

terriknits 12/24/11, 1:13 PM  

That is one content hound. I don't think I knew you had a greyhound. Are you on Ravelry?

Tracy Reinhardt 12/25/11, 1:33 PM  

Terri, I thought you did know, I found you through a greyhound video you youtube. I think I'd posted one of Ventura running, or rooing or something and was just looking around. Then found yours and then found your filo ones! I think I have a ravelry acct - but don't think I did much with it. I love to crochet and felt but havent in ages!

terriknits 12/26/11, 11:55 PM  


I am so scattered lately - I am not making the connection from user names/blog names to people names! LOL!

Poor Ventura - I hope he will not have any more trouble with that leg. He and and our Sabrina (Tyville Madison) share Molotov and HB Commander, but on Sabrina's pedigree it was all on the paternal side. Our hounds didn't have any structural injuries like that, but lots of bumps and scrapes. I don't know how much Sabrina's fairly prolific racing career played into her osteo. Apollo is arthritic but he is 11 now.

Give Ventura an ear scritch and belly rub from me ...


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