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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November Favorites - Eco Emi

Eco-Emi is the best gift I've given in long, long time.  Self-described as  "Chic eco-friendly products delivered to your door once a month" but it's more then a good for the environment thing... It's just good!  

For $15 dollars a month you get a box stuffed to busting (unlike another monthly subscription box which shall remain nameless... that I used to get but don't anymore because it wasn't stuffed to busting or fun) ... And the things inside are wrapped like gifts.   

Some things are dressed in pretty, pretty colored tissue, some in reusable fashion forward bags; this months pretty pink velour bag was fantabular (a combo of fantastic and spectacular.

This is a picture of September's packaging.

Lest you think all that attention to detail is a fluke, here's what October's box looked like.

Pumpkin confetti!  And It looked especially adorable stuck to Ginger's nose.

Sorry no shot of that, she ate the pumpkin to fast.

If  you're not into the whole  'green' aspect or think green's as much fun as a dried out Tofu Turkey, Ha!  

Just look at some of my personal favorites from past boxes...  Fortune cookie soaps (click the items for buying info)

A sample of Dr. Watson's Aloe & Green Tea Hand & Body Lotion 

A sample of Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Face Wash and Mask (okay this looked odd but I really love it.)

Acai Super Vitamin Chews

Bubble and Bee Organic Coconut & Lime Lip Balm

Read the story about how Eco-Emi got it's name (here) -  Hint: Emi is a dog's name!   I bought the subscription as a gift for someone and with the holiday's coming up I wanted to add Eco-Emi to my favorite posts.   

Giving something like this as a gift is so much fun, every month I hear all about what came and it's as fun for me as the it is for the person getting the boxes.    

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Vonlipi 11/8/11, 7:32 PM  

That sounds soooo cool! Of course they don't ship in Canada!

I would've loved to give this to my step daughter :(

The Crazy Suburban Mom 11/8/11, 7:41 PM  

They do now!

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