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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Natural Balance Alpha Dog or Cat food Giveaway!

***  Update ---  If you entered but the entry hasn't shown up, email me your comment.  For some reason some multiple comments aren't posting.   Because of this I will also accept comments sent to mom (at) crazysuburbanmom (dot) com as a means of entry****

My dogs make me smile   They don't have to try , just being their doggy selves brings me joy.

Greyhounds look so sweet, dignified and regal...

Unless their upside down, tongue stuck to a carpet.

Ginger, she makes me smile too.  I love the way she sleeps wrapped up in anything soft.

Or hot laundry.

She loves hot laundry better then anything, more then me I'll bet.  

Because they take care of me, I take care of them.  Ventura has been limping again on the leg with all the pins; the one that he broke racing.   I took him to the vet yesterday and...

He's in a cast again.  

After a week of immobilization the vet will reevaluate; he might need surgery on that leg again.  

They both eat Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Venison Limited Edition Diet and are doing great.  I went through a lot of foods when I first got Ventura because digestion...Not his thing.  

He threw up an edible dog bone plus everything he'd consumed that day the first night I got him and for a few weeks I thought diarrhea was normal greyhound doody.  And don't even start me on the gas thing...

 I was talking about all of this on the Greyhound Facebook page because, where else? And a woman who fosters Greyhounds told me about Natural Balance.

She told me she feeds all  her foster's Sweet Potato and Venison and hasn't ever had an issue with "The Big D".    Since I'd tried at least four other foods and seen nothing but the big D, I ran out and got a small bag.  

It worked so well I switched Ginger over too (and there is hardly ever any gas around, which is Whoa!  Really nice).  It used to be frequent plus always when he had to go in, "Ventura has to go out, he smells really bad!"

I thanked Natural Balance via their Facebook and Twitter accounts because I was so impressed (not to mention grateful.  Got any idea what it's like picking up after a 75 pound dog with 'the big D'?)   Natural Balance wrote and asked if I wanted to try their new Alpha line and give some away.  

About Alpha:  When dogs roamed the earth they hunted for their meals in the wild, pursuing the nutritional balance they crave. Natural Balance® has created ALPHA: a grain-free blend of multiple, high quality proteins, fruits and vegetables. We’ve balanced your dog’s nutritional needs with a formula that goes back to the grain-free benefits of the wild.Complete and balanced for all breeds, from puppies to adults.

MODERATE PROTEIN LEVELS: We use a unique combination of proteins combined with the novel source of garbanzo beans to provide a balanced diet for your dog’s overall well-being.

COMPLETELY GRAIN FREE: Grain-free carbohydrate sources, like sweet potatoes, provide the energy your dog needs to thrive in their natural form.

HEALTHY DIGESTION: PREBIOTICS: Prebiotics feed the beneficial bacteria that reside in a healthy digestive tract so that your dog can maintain optimal digestion.

UNIQUE: FRUITS & VEGGIES: In addition to the legume garbanzo beans - an excellent source of fiber and protein - we have also added blueberries, zucchinis and apples to help your dog achieve a harmonious balance that is both healthy and delicious.

Natural Balance sent me (well, Ventura and Ginger) some samples of Alpha dry and both of them snarfed it down without a shred of dignity.  I can't say Ventura's picky, he eats pretty much anything but Ginger's not that easy and she ate it to the last piece.  

Afterwards there were no gastric catastrophes in any form of matter; solid, liquid, or gas.   Seems the brand just agrees with their tummies big time which I kinda already knew because I've fed them both the treats and the Dog Food Rolls.

The giveaway is for 10 pounds of Alpha Premium Dog or Cat food (voucher sent to the winner by Natural Balance directly).  

This is open to the US and Canada.

The contest will run for two weeks and you can comment once a day.   

Maybe tell me what your pets do that makes you smile?  Or something unique about them.  Or tell me how much you need to try it, digestively speaking....  Ventura would like to know he's not alone in the delicate tummy department.  

You can also get two more entries: One by following Natural Balance on Facebook (here) and one by following them on Twitter (here) please use a separate comment for these so I don't get confused...   but the only one that is mandatory is a comment to this post.

The contest will run until December 15, 2011 9:00 pm eastern time.  


mom 12/1/11, 9:40 PM  

Waking me up with big sloppy kisses makes me smile every morning.

Lin 12/1/11, 10:00 PM  

I don't know nuthin' about dog farts and poop, but I do know I love those two!!

Poor Ventura! I can't believe there is another cast. Ugh. I hope they fix that darn leg already.

And Ginger? (*whispers*) She is my favorite.

ladydi115 12/2/11, 9:21 AM  

we have two dogs.Our bigger dog, Katie is older and she's never been a big eater. We often have to cajole her to eat and then she has gas too. I know my husband would love a food that would give him less to clean up in the yard.
Our little dog is a big fatty and loves food. Even though we measure his food and don't give him extra treats he puts on weight like crazy. I'd love to try a better food and see if it helps. thanks.

3 Peeps Designs 12/2/11, 10:18 AM  

I love that they are always so happy to see me... and I mean ALWAYS. I depend on them as much as they depend on me... they are my heart and soul, My Charlie and Apple.

3 Peeps Designs 12/2/11, 10:18 AM  

I am following Natural Balance on Facebook.

3 Peeps Designs 12/2/11, 10:19 AM  

I am following Natural Balance on Twitter too.

Kali and Aswell 12/2/11, 12:12 PM  

WeGrandma gives She you link to come and see you blog.

We do liked to eated lots of good foods!

Do you dogs eated salads? We do!

And today we eated She's onions too.

Kali and Aswell 12/2/11, 12:20 PM  

She did followed on Facebook too.

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife 12/3/11, 12:18 AM  

Geez, I have the same problem - only with a cat. Magick + cat foods = disaster. Now that I think of it, I don't think we've tried Natural Balance with him.

Kali and Aswell 12/3/11, 8:38 AM  

It is a nother day so I is commenting again for we today cuz we do liked foods.

We writed about you contest on we blog, too.

Azizah 12/3/11, 11:29 PM  

I have four kitties! One of them is a Ragdoll (he's very large) and the others sometimes have soft stool (no idea why). When a Ragdoll steps in poo, it's not pretty. We need to try anything out to fix up their digestion!

Azizah 12/3/11, 11:29 PM  

Liked Natural Balance on Facebook!

Azizah 12/3/11, 11:30 PM  

Already following Natural Balance on Twitter :) (name: @GourmetPens)

Azizah 12/4/11, 1:07 AM  

New day, new comment! My pets make me smile because they love to cuddle and be close to me (which makes me happy, especially when it's cold out)!

Babes Mami 12/4/11, 12:53 PM  

I love how my kitty turns and flips when she's playing with her toy mouse. She loves that mouse!

Babes Mami 12/4/11, 12:54 PM  

like them on fb #1

Babes Mami 12/4/11, 12:54 PM  

like them on facebook #2

Babes Mami 12/4/11, 12:54 PM  

following them on twitter #1

Babes Mami 12/4/11, 12:54 PM  

following them on twitter #2

Four Paw Savings 12/5/11, 12:12 AM  

Oh boy, I know what it's like to deal with a pet with tummy issues. My poor kitty Boots has definitely had more than his share. Finally after two rounds of meds and supplements I had a healthy kitty.

Four Paw Savings 12/5/11, 12:13 AM  

I Liked Natural Balance on facebook


Four Paw Savings 12/5/11, 12:13 AM  

I follow Natural Balance on twitter


Azizah 12/5/11, 4:48 PM  

I love how my kitties bring me toys to throw for them (two of them are big on fetching)! It's so funny to watch these little cats run after toys and bring them back in their mouths, just like dogs!

Azizah 12/6/11, 2:20 PM  

One of my kitties is a blue-mitted ragdoll but he's mis-marked. One of mitts on his front paws goes halfway up his leg so he is a pet and could not be shown or bred. Lucky for me because I got to adopt him and he's the most ridiculous, adorable, fluffy and cuddly thing ever!

Kali and Aswell 12/6/11, 10:42 PM  

We did almost had a food 'MERGENCY!! today cuz He & She forgetted to buy we foods!

But it did not be a 'MERGENCY after all.

But we would still liked to win free foods just in case She and He forgetted again.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 12/7/11, 1:15 PM  


Gourmet Pens 12/7/11, 1:30 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Azizah 12/7/11, 1:31 PM  

I love when I go into a room and close the door behind me, and hear meows on the other side of the door, waiting for me to come back!

Azizah 12/8/11, 1:18 PM  

Today, I discovered that my mischievous Bengals had climbed up on the counters and knocked the crystal butter dish off. Of course at that point, they also ate most of it! Silly things.

Azizah 12/9/11, 3:24 PM  

Today's event was one of my Bengals finding the washing brush I use to clean my Sigg bottles. He dragged it out of the drawer it was hidden in and pulled the tufty washing sponge on the end apart!

Azizah 12/10/11, 4:59 PM  

My Ragdoll has diarrhea...It's very difficult to manage a big cat with diarrhea and three very curious kittens. Gotta get that diarrhea cleared up! Hopefully an NB diet can help!

Babes Mami 12/10/11, 5:32 PM  

Nathaniel was gone overnight last night and him and KitKit were reunited a little while in love.

Azizah 12/11/11, 1:16 AM  

My Bengals have come into our house as kittens and are in the habit of "covering" their food dishes when they're done so our Ragdoll (who has never done this before) has picked up the habit and now hilariously tries to paw at the ground to "cover" his food dishes as well! Now they all go around covering things!

Babes Mami 12/12/11, 12:05 PM  

last night the cat kept 'helping' me wrap presents by attacking the scissors and paper. She is the most UNhelpful elf!

Azizah 12/12/11, 1:51 PM  

Today's comedy: finding the paper towel roll torn apart, courtesy of my little boy Bengal. He seemed pleased with his work...

Azizah 12/13/11, 12:55 PM  

No mischief today, just a bunch of cats cuddling at my feet to be near the space heater! They're adorable and so sweet.

Babes Mami 12/13/11, 8:44 PM  

Today we gave kit kit a new toy and she has been entertaining herself forever!

Azizah 12/14/11, 1:39 AM  

The kitties are all eating their bedtime snack! However, they've also had catnip so I think tonight will be "one of those nights" where they destroy everything!

Diane 12/14/11, 1:13 PM  

My kitty Harley was the runt of the litter but is now 16lbs. He is long and tall but has a little belly. He has been maintaining his weight so as long as he doesnt start gaining again the vet is ok with his weight. Harley also loves playing in water and likes to hop in the shower as soon as we get out.

My other kitty Jewel is a rescue and she LOVES to cuddle. She always is on someones lap or cuddled up under a blanket sleeping

Azizah 12/15/11, 12:12 PM  

One kitty is currently dismantling their water fountain. She's drenched up to her shoulders!

Dutch Girls Favorite Things 12/15/11, 1:09 PM  

my one cat loves to snuggle under my chin and give me little baby kisses. Melts my heart each time he does it.:)

Dutch Girls Favorite Things 12/15/11, 1:10 PM  

following on fb-becky davis

Dutch Girls Favorite Things 12/15/11, 1:10 PM  

following on twitter
bdavisnc at gmail dot com

Katie 12/15/11, 10:34 PM  

My corgi beagle mix Molly makes me smile by smiling, she has such a cute personality, as do all my 5 cats and beagle jack russell mix who thinks she is half human

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