The Crazy Suburban Mom: Filofaxs, Apples and Ski Boots

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Filofaxs, Apples and Ski Boots

My A5 Malden Filofax arrived Friday just a couple o' few days after my A5 Finchley showed up.  Where I was once bereft of Filo's I now have an embarrassment of ringed riches.  Why I  have two can only be chalked up to my current state of amazing Filofax Karma because for a while it looked like every one I ordered was out of stock, never to be stocked again.

The new Malden, Gray A5

I know some people don't understand using a paper planner,  "So last century," they tell me....  And see my obsessive love of these things as quirky at best.  As in, "Why EVER in the world do you need one of those big, heavy things when you have an iPhone?"

 I explain it's about the elegant leather, the smooth paper... Penmanship (Remember handwriting? It's what people did before on screen keyboards.... )  I get back incredulous, blank stares; either you get it or you don't.

I love my iPhone and it's a wondrous thing but it can't replace physically writing something down with a fountain pen.  The act of writing is permanent; a statement of intention and a forever record.

I set up my Imperial Purple Finchley as soon as it arrived. It sits near me and open constantly.   It reminds me what I have to do that day and what I've accomplished.  

I used Cape May, NJ post cards as semi-dividers...

They are more 'personal' sized so I use them to divide the already divided sections and tab the top.

Sure, you can make a To-Do list on a cell phone but then you don't have an excuse to use your new fabulous Washi Masking Tape from Japan.  

Or room for bits and bobs of paper and Broadway play tickets.

I've got nothing against my iPhone, I love the thing but comparing it to a Filofax is like comparing apples and ski boots.  I love both but I wouldn't want to eat a ski boot on a stick covered with caramel.


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