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Friday, November 25, 2011

Filofax Karma

For the last twenty years I've used same  Filofax.  My personal Portland has greatness about her; she feels  buttery soft,  lays flat and even when full doesn't weigh as much as an A5 ( a full one anyway).

Portland filofax and cross pen

As a calendar she's tops.  As the keeper of my To-Do and shopping lists, Great!  She's a wonderful catchall for receipts, notes, Post-its and random thoughts...   And she only takes up a small space in my (very large) purse.   

But she's not perfect ( no Filofax is, I suppose).   What's been missing  is the ability to write long, prose-type notes comfortably on pages that are 3 3/4 inches by 6 3/4 inches.   I've tried, it's awkward.   It feels like trying to write a novel on an index card.

It squishes my creativity. 

I decided to get an A5 a few months ago and then didn't; price got in the way.  The two I liked; the Malden (at $145 US) and the Finchley ($170 US) each cost  hundred plus bucks too much.  And eBay was no help, no buys to be found there.   I coveted a well-worn  A5 but that size in anything but new doesn't happen much on eBay (Perhaps once you try A5 you never go back....)

I looked every day for a bargain and at the beginning of November found an A5 Malden for $115 (with another 10% off thanks to a coupon code) and free shipping.  It was more then I wanted to pay but the best price I'd found so I ordered and then ..... Nothing.  Seems they were out of stock but I was promised they would be coming any day.

In the meantime (make that in the two plus weeks I sat around pining for my still out of stock Malden ) one of my favorite blogs, Philofaxy, posted that  Filofax Sweden (Google Chrome translates) was having a sale, a GREAT sale, and in fact the Finchley could be had for $28 dollars and change  (most of that was shipping from Sweden).  The hitch was supplies were limited.

Since my Malden didn't seem to be coming I thought I'd order the Finchley.  Surely my Karma was good enough that one would show...

A5 Filofax Box

Seven days later I had a package from Sweden.

A5 Finchley wrapped up

The unboxing was very exciting.

A5 Finchley, Imperial Purple

Imperial purple makes me feel positively royal.

The day I received my Finchley I got a note, my Malden was on it's way.  Seems my Filofax Karma is pretty excellent.  I'm going to end up with the two A5 Filo's I wanted and if I average the prices together I paid about $65 each...    

Filofax finchley A5 first page with menu art

I toyed with the idea of only keeping one of them but then thought, What are you crazy?  When am I going to get the opportunity to get (a new) one this cheap again?   So I set up the Finchley and await the Malden.

Filofax Finchely A5 inserts

Personal sized inserts fit.

Filofax finchley A5 zip pocket

Here is a personal sized insert compared to my iPhone....  But see how much more room for rambling creativity the A5 has?

Filofax finchley A5 inserts

I can't say which one I will use as a daily Filo but I'm tickled with all my new creative space!


Carole Anne Carr 11/25/11, 9:48 AM  

Wonderful serendipity!

Imy 11/25/11, 9:52 AM  

I am so happy for you :-) great blog post!!! <3 xxx

The Crazy Suburban Mom 11/25/11, 9:57 AM  

Carole Anne, Yes! I was tickled!

Imy, I was so glad! After the fiasco with the cherry classic (the place called to say they don't have it anymore) I was thrilled!

The Perpetual Student TPS 11/25/11, 11:57 AM  

Fantastic, so pleased for you? Which colour Malden did you get? :)

The Crazy Suburban Mom 11/25/11, 12:36 PM  

TPS and Imy - I'm giddy that you both posted on my blog :) I'm read both your blogs with stalkerish zeal


PS - I'll post pics of my malden when I get it!

Josh 11/25/11, 3:58 PM  

Yay! I *seriously* considered upsizing to an A5 after seeing Rene's Kendal. But decided to stick with personal to maintain portability. How cool is that to get two for such an amazing price!

LJ 12/3/11, 1:06 AM  

Beautiful filo, and who wouldn't want two A5's?


lowtech 12/3/11, 6:07 AM  

That purple is just spectacular! (Filo-lust!)

The Crazy Suburban Mom 12/3/11, 8:48 AM  

Josh, I know! I was floored!

MsPencil 12/3/11, 9:27 AM  

It is gorgeous!

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