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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You Filo-Tease!

I bit the bullet and ordered an A5 Filofax and all was well with the world - Until the store called two days later and told me, that Filofax should never have been listed; they don't have it... Haven't had it in a really long time...  And aren't getting anymore Filofax's.   Ever.

There was no Cherry Red Classic A5 available for $75, it was all just an awful tease.

I just -- deflated.

I don't know what to do about it because it  took me forever to finally say, I'm ordering an A5 ( than this one was half-price and leather; a nice one. ) A lot of new Filofax's aren't as nice as my old Portland Personal...

Portland filofax and cross pen

...With it's soft cushy leather and ability to lay flat on it's back.

Or even my new Pocket Bloomsbury...

filofax pocket bloomsbury and pen

...Which although brand new ($7.50 on eBay) , lays flat and is leather; inside and out.

I can keep using the personal although I find note - taking difficult.  I wish there was paper with larger line spacing, that might help but it wouldn't be that practical.  Bigger spaces equals more pages equals and even fuller book.  

The pocket is too small for an agenda although once I added a plastic credit card insert (thanks to a hole punch) it makes a pinkly fabulous wallet!

pocket bloomsbury filofax

A close up of the mini - filofax hack...
pocket bloomsbury filofax credit card holder

... Mini because really, it's not much of a hack as far as hacks go.  If there was a nice long pocket for dollars in the Bloomsbury it would be perfect; I'll rate this as quasi-perfect and just give it a go as a wallet/note jotter.

Finding a good use for it has taken a bit of the sting out of losing my A5, but just a bit.

But least I've stopped crying big ol' A5 sized tears....


Babes Mami 10/20/11, 7:14 AM  

I love that pink! Sadface for no filo. :[

amanda 10/22/11, 12:15 PM  

Love your hack! Found it looking for something to do with this Domino pocket planner I picked up at a thrift store for $2. It's obviously brand new, but the inserts are outdated. Maybe I can make mine into a wallet!

There's a sweet tutorial here for creating cash envelopes for wallet inserts... it might work for you. The template is a little big for my domino, but maybe you can make the template a little smaller and fold your dollars. :-)

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