The Crazy Suburban Mom: Want to see a greyhound run?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Want to see a greyhound run?

Ventura can run at my dad's because he has a fenced in yard.


Vonlipi 10/28/11, 8:44 PM  

How sweet! That must mean his leg is better!

I'm so happy! A big hug to Ventura and oen for Ginger too!

Ruth 10/29/11, 2:09 AM  

Awesome! I'd love to have a dog myself...actually it sounds cheesey but I'd love to have a pack of dogs matching the breeds from the Harry Potter movies:

Sorcerer's Stone: Fang, Austrian Boarhound; Fluffy, Boxer or Rottweiler (I've heard). Prisoner of Azkaban: Padfoot/Sirius, German Shepherd; Ripper, Bulldog (English or Standard, I'm not sure). Order of the Phoenix: Padfoot/Sirius, Scottish Deerhound. I think if/when I do it I'm going to need a house with a VERY big yard (those are HUGE breeds!) and maybe a visit from the Dog Whisperer too. ;-)

Ventura looks very happy to be back to running. :-)

Lin 10/29/11, 9:42 AM  

He's beautiful!! Do you have to keep him in a fenced in yard? Or will he take off? Like, you can't just take him to the forest preserves to run, can you? Or is that bad for his leg?

Gees, I have a lot of questions today, don't I?? :D

Grampy 10/29/11, 3:13 PM  

Nice to see Ventura up and running.

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