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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spending diet

Recently I purchased my first (retail) Filofax since the 80's only to be called shortly thereafter by the store, We're not selling them anymore; did we forget to take them off the website??? Well, crap-cakes and falala on us...

No, crap-cakes and falala on me...  I'll never find a half price new one like that again. Shoot.

I've decided that was divine intervention and I'm going to go on that 'Spending Diet' I've talked about before.

The rules are:

1.   For now, it's just me on the diet; no one else in the family has to do this.  This is just for my personal discretionary spending.  
2.   It will last until November 16th, 2011.  
3.   Things like prescription medicine, Doctors...Vets.... Oh, I don't know - Maxi-pads....  are not on the diet, things like nail polish, lip balm and hand lotion are (No matter how dry my lips and hands are...)

And Filofax's are on it, for DEF sure!

I will update when I find out what the rules of a spending diet really are.  I'm not sure how this will work because I don't spend a lot but I want to do it anyway.  


Babes Mami 10/20/11, 7:19 AM  

My spending diet lately has been the 'I suppose we need food and a roof so I won't spend money' diet. But I did buy some fall clothes and boots recentyl

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