The Crazy Suburban Mom: Rooing and Roaching

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rooing and Roaching

If you don't know what rooing and roaching are, press play.


Rooing is the noise and roaching is the position.

One more class until he graduates from Adult One Obedience and the following week he's signed up for Adult Two.

I've also taught him handy little tricks like, Give me your nose!   wherein he puts his nose in my palm.  Ben says it's useless and stupid but it amuses Ventura and I endlessly.

And Ginger enjoys it as well because when I'm training him, it's like Niagara Falls was made of chicken and the poultry's flowing into the River Minipin.


Vonlipi 10/9/11, 6:45 PM  

I'm so glad Ventura is happy!

Happy Columbus Day! :)

Lin 10/9/11, 7:02 PM  

Ventura (and Ginger) sure is living the good life now!! I wonder if he ever dreamed of having such a nice home to live in.

Tell Ben that doing useless and stupid thing for amusement is all that we have when you get to be our age! :P

Theres just life 10/9/11, 9:33 PM  

And what is wrong with being amused??? Life would be really boring with out a little amusement every now and then.

Pamela Jo

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