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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October Favorites - Pelle Journal

I've posted (more then) a few notebook and planner posts because for me there's something soothing about writing; the act of putting pen to paper is a balm to my soul.

Not to mention what drawing does for me - yes, doodling counts - Art works magic on my endorphins .  I draw on anything but when I find something that elevates it; it's magic.

I love technology.  I love computers and I'd marry my iPhone if it were legal but no matter how many planners and note taking apps I download they don't work for me.  I need to use ink, turn the pages... Look at what I've done, full size.   I can't just --- Click or use a virtual keyboard.  For some reason it doesn't work on my wiring.

I post my planners, doodles, and lists to my Flicker Account.  A few months ago Andrew wrote to ask it I wanted to try a Pelle Journals and of course, I said yes - Who turns down balm to one's soul?

Pelle Journals come in four sizes, I picked the medium size, and  a variety of insert papers (weights and styles).   The leather journals are handmade in the United States - As are the notebooks and the packaging.

It comes presented very nicely ( just sayin' since gift giving season is coming up!)


This is how it looks when opened.  Each notebook comes with a protective cloth bag.

Pelle packaging

The journals are lovely, fabulous logo type.


On the left is the Medium Pelle, on the right in the Midori.

pelle vs midori size

The Pelle is much easier to fit into my purse, believe me.  The color looks the same to me as the brown Midori.  


The Pelle is built to fit three notebooks and I love that.  I seriously, seriously love that.  

pelle journal side

You can never have too many notebooks plus, there are so many to choose from.  I have  the grid...


I prefer it over lines because I can color in the squares...  Yeah, don't know what to say about that except, I know...Weird.   (Pardon the big black squares over the personal info)

pelle back

This is the back side of the grid paper.  I'm showing a picture because I had an especially wet ink in a fountain pen.  While it didn't make a total mess, which is fabulous - It does shadow through on the grid paper.  

The plain (brown) notebook is wonderful for drawing, the pages are smooth and it takes colored pencil beautifully if you love to draw and doodle like me.  With a wet fountain pen you get a bit of a shadow but much less then above.  It's a pleasure to write and draw on - Your thoughts glide....

pelle todo

The linen (red) notebook is the heaviest paper and I didn't get anything on the back side of the page.  I used wet fountain pen ink, pencil and a highlighter.  This is beautiful paper - I'm thinking of trying some collage on here because I'm sure this could be art-journal paper.

pelle to do

I plan to use the red notebook as an art journal.   I think it will come out wonderfully.  Check out the website.  To order write Andrew at  The different journals available vary and I'm sure Andrew can help you out!

Oh! and P.S! I just found out he has fountain pens now because apparently feeding my notebook addiction wasn't enough.....

Leather Journal Specifications:

  • 100% high quality USA oil tanned leather (5-6oz)
  • Individually handmade in California, USA.
  • All leather journals has its own individual distressed look and feel
  • Available leather colors: Black and Brown (Expresso and Cognac coming soon as a limited edition)
  • Available sizes: Small, Medium, and Large (X-large available in 2012)
  • All leather journals are refillable which include (1) linen plain notebook but can accommodate up to (3) Pelle linen notebooks
  • Each journal has a stringed book marker and comes with a protective cloth travel bag and extra elastic band.
  • Actual journal dimension: 3-7/8” width x 5-1/4” length (Small), 4-5/8” width x 7-1/8” length (Medium), and 4-5/8” width x 8-9/16” length (Large)
  • X-Large (A5) size coming soon (2012)

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    *Pelle Journals provided me with the items *


Rose 10/26/11, 1:32 PM  

Gorgeous!! I love notebooks. That looks like an awesome set.

lee 10/26/11, 8:24 PM  

tell dude not to bring free journals and pens unless he has enough for the entire class! how rude!

Lin 10/26/11, 9:29 PM  

Seriously. You really should go to Journals Anonymous. You are so silly with these things!! :0

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