The Crazy Suburban Mom: The October 2011 Favorites continue with Nail Polish

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The October 2011 Favorites continue with Nail Polish

Shopping for Nail Polish has the same appeal as shoe and purse shopping; whether I'm bloated  is of no consequence therefore it's never a self-esteem grenade like the mother of all Prozac inducing moments, bathing suit shopping.

I've bought a metric ton of  happy, happy-moment inducing nail stuff over the summer.  Some I loved, some I gave away but bad nail polish is a lot like bad pizza; it's still better then looking at yourself swallowing a too small bathing suit bottom from behind in fitting room three-way mirror. To begin in no special order (except the first thing...)

I don't know what's in this stuff but it's amazing and more then a top-coat.  It not only dries fast but it seems to dry the polish underneath - I'm always floored when I use this and I've been able to go back to doing my nails before bed (No more blanket dents). 

I bought this and lost it a few weeks later.  I looked for a week or two and then just got another one even though I wanted to wait longer because it's expensive for me (about $9).  I just couldn't stand doing my nails without it any more.

I don't find it to be the glossiest finish, not wet looking which I would prefer, but it's perfect in every other way.

I love this color.  Even though it looks like flat grey in the bottle it's really a light seafoam green color that once on your nails makes them look lit from within.  

It probably looked great next to tans this last summer, but I wouldn't know about that. 

I got this at the beginning of the summer when I was looking for a Bubblegum pink color.  The Wild Shine line is 99 ¢ but here's the thing: LOVE the color, hate the formula.  

I even bought a second bottle thinking it might have been the bottle but nope, same application problems.  It seems like it will go on well, it's not thick or gloppy but I had to work with it a lot.  It doesn't go on even and doesn't 'spread' well.  

 The reason I'm still using it is because I bought about 8 bottles of similar pinks from other brands (more expensive) and none of them were as Bubble-gummy as this one.  When push comes to shove I just love this color.

The color swatch here makes it look like a cotton candy pink but it's not.  The color is a pinky-tan cream and it's a very nice neutral.  e.l.f. has a lot of similar colors that I like but this one has warmer undertones and  it doesn't suck the color out of my skin.  

A good nudes is hard to find and individual.  For someone who needs a warm nude give this a try, they are only $2.00.  

Something to note about e.l.f. polishes - I dropped a clear (Thank the nail polish Gods) on my wood floor and the bottle broke apart into.... pieces.  I've dropped bottles before and never had one break like that.

I wiped up what I could.  Being that I have wood laminate and it was clear I didn't want to use remover because I thought I'd wreck the floor.  Unfortunately, you can see there's polish still there if you look at the floor right.   Like I said, thank the nail polish Gods it was a clear bottle that broke.   

I'm going to suggest taking a lot of care when using e.l.f. polish and to e.l.f. - I hope they get better bottleage.

This is a pretty amazing color, a black base with small teal glitter.  The overall effect is dark plus teal.  I really like a lot of the Sinful Colors and I've never had formula issues.  They run about Two Dollars, the color choices are brilliant and they are readily available.  

These polishes are flat out fun!

This color is from Wet n' Wilds Megalast line and I have a few of these colors.  I like the formula quite a lot on all of them unlike the Wild Shine line.    The polish is a great color even though the swatch makes it look like a standard shimmery red, not so.  There are tons of blood-red shimmers in a clear black base.  

When I was looking for something like this, I bought 4 polishes - This is the only one I kept.  

If you want to add more red glitz something like Orly Star Spangled looks very Va-Va-Va-Vooom over this! Ahhh-mazing!

These are new and like nothing I've ever tried.  Facets of Fuchsia and Starry Pink are the ones I have.   There is a ton of multi-sized glitters in these (gel?) polishes and you don't need three thousand coats before you end up with more then three flecks of glitter.   You will be amazed after the first coat,  you'll want more but you'll be impressed after the first.  

Starry pink is a much softer color then shown, a light milky blue-based pink and it's on my toes at the moment.  Most people are ga-ga over the purple one and I get why but honestly, I've never seen a color like the pink before.  

This one doesn't look much like the swatch, in a good way.  The base is a metallic dark grey, and it contains holographic multi-colored glitter. There are a lot of glittery silvers around but not with colorful pops that come out when the light hits it.  Nailfabutastic!

When my search for China Glaze For Audrey didn't pan out I got this one and I love that Orly sells minis.  They aren't cheap especially but I feel like I'm not wasting so much polish when I buy them.   This is one of the Tiffany Blue polishes out there (there are a lot) and I like it very much.  

It went on well but did need at least two, three was better, coats.  I love this color because every time I look at it - I smile.

That's it for now but please tell me your favorites, there's never a bad day to buy nail polish!


Carole Anne Carr 10/18/11, 12:01 PM  

Love the polishes, I have tried to purchase some lately but never successful, finally realised that at my age the best polish of all is a clear varnish, always looks appropriate.

Hound Girl 10/18/11, 12:07 PM  

The elf nude looks very pretty.
In the winter I wear blacks and grays on my nails and love it!

Babes Mami 10/20/11, 7:13 AM  

the essie color! I kept forgetting the name of it! Now I know and can go get it.

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