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Saturday, October 15, 2011

October 2011 e.l.f Dollar products you can't beat with a stick

I watch a lot of Youtube beauty and 'What's in my purse?' videos - I can't explain it but I can't get enough of those purse videos - It's an embarrassing addiction, some sort of crazy sickness I don't understand.

I post some (like nine) videos but unless you're interested in the inside of my planners or my dog, don't bother.

Every month people do their current favorites and I've wanted to do something like that  forever so thought I'd give it a go on my blog.

First,  some e.l.f. dollar products because I've ordered a lot of e.l.f. lately.

This is a two-sided product, each with a doe-foot applicator.  One side is the plumper and the other color.  I can't even remember what color gloss I got because although it's actually a really nice I was so blown away by the plumper I rarely use the gloss.  

I've tried more expensive plumpers and didn't notice a thing until I tried two new ones, both e.l.f. (The other is coming soon). 

The smell is, hm - Oddly medicinal but whatever... I love the way this works.  I'd buy it if it didn't have gloss attached.

This eyeliner pen in coffee is my favorite thing, hands down for my brows.  I can't say how it would be as a liner, I suspect it's better for brows because it tends to be a bit dry and light.  If you have light to medium brown brows and don't want to mess with pencils give this a try but buy more then one they tend to dry out fast. 

I've tried to use similar brown liners from other brands but I ended up looking like Groucho Marx.

Not a good look, right?

These give you a lighter, more subtle line.  Perfect!  And store them tip down.

I got these as part of nail kit never thinking of ordering these on my own.  I ended up loving them, they are amazing, really convenient and I've ordered at least three more since I got my first free one. 

 They remove polish, even the dark colors and do a very respectable job on thick polish. 

 I've found they work as well on glitter as anything else which is just challenging without a jack-hammer.

These feel really nice, they are so moisturizing.  I remember thinking, this is a dollar product?  Keep in mind they are a soft product (not a hard waxy one), more suitable for carrying in a purse then a pocket.  I think these would get overly soft in your pocket but oh!  The formula feels so nice on your lips.  

I bought the strawberry cream and the orange cream and I like them both.  With winter coming I anticipate purchasing more; for me and stocking stuffers.  

Another A! Ha! dollar item that came as part of a kit.  I used to buy a Burt's Bees product that contained almond oil and lemon butter in a little tin, I liked it very much.  Still do but it costs six times as much as this does and I like this just as much...   

What I like about both is I can carry them in my purse and use them anytime but the nice thing about this pen is I don't have to stick my hand in the tin so it's just neater.

More to come!

The current e.l.f. coupon code is Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off! Use code BOGO50 on orders $20 or more. Some exclusions may apply. Offer cannot be combined with other promotions, coupon codes, or applied to previous purchases. Ends 10/17!


Carole Anne Carr 10/16/11, 9:34 AM  

Reminded me of the six year old whose mother recently told me that the child had run out of lip gloss... :0)

Lindalou 10/16/11, 10:41 AM  

I need to try that lip plumper. Sounds great.

Alura 10/17/11, 8:42 PM  

I'd venture a guess that they use clove oil to get the plumping effect and maybe try to mask it (thus the oddly medicinal smell).

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